02 March 2014

The Top 5 Horror Moves of 1980

The year was 1980 and with the success of the independent movie called Halloween the horror scene was about to take off in full force.  Other than that it was also the year this writer was born.  I know I know I just gave away my age.  Here are my picks for the top horror films of 1980.

 Jamie Lee Curtis was well on her way to becoming a horror scream queen.  1980 was a pretty big year for her with the release of 3 movies in the horror genre, this being one of them.  Oddly enough though this is the only one that made my list.

How can you not love this Cheezy batch of fun?  I only saw this movie last year and absolutely loved it.  The folks at Scream Factory has just announced the collector's edition Blu Ray that will be coming out later this year.  Well deserved this classic gets the Blu Ray treatment.

Maniac is not a movie I watch very often but it does have my favorite death scene of any horror movie.  For me the scene when Joe Spinell jumps up on the hood of the car in slow motion and unloads the shotgun on Tom Savini is awesome.  You really can't go wrong when Tom is at the helm of the effects.

I really could not make a list about movies in 1980 without including this classic.  One of the few movies that when I first watched it really creeped me out as a kid.  Jack Nicholson is really at his madman best in this film and still to this day is one of the best horror movies ever made.

No surprise here!  My top horror film of 1980 is Friday the 13th.  One of the films that helped start the slasher craze.  Almost picking up were Halloween left off the year before.  While this is not my favorite of the Friday franchise it still deserves to be at the top of this list for being one of the films that started it all.

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