28 February 2014

Scratches to Begin Filming in Summer 2014

"Scratches" is a upcoming American supernatural horror. The film centers on a young couple, who encounter the presence of a trouble worthy spirit they accidentally set free.


Stephanie claims tells her boyfriend Nick that she hears screams coming from or under a rock she finds in the forest.

A mysterious woman, who happens to live nearby, gives them a warning to stay away from it, but their curiosity gets the better of them and they turn over the big piece of stone. In doing so, they free something that has been locked away for many years and some unusual things start happening. Anna Winston was an eyewitness and the last person who saw the young couple before they go missing.

Inspired by the story of Anna Winston.
She was an eyewitness of the death of her younger sister in the late 1900s because of a strange change in her behavior which led the people of the small town she was living to accuse her of being possessed and witchcraft. Her sister was burned at the stake and her body locked underneath a big rock as a part of her execution. Years after her sister’s death, she encounters a young couple looking for help and claiming they are haunted by an evil spirit.

The movie is in pre-production and is set to be filmed in the New York area late summer 2014 with director Georgie Lalov.

Be sure to 'LIKE' The Scratches on Facebook for updates on the progress of the film

Official Artwork Released for The Divine Tragedies

Writer and director Jose Prendes (The Haunting of Whaley House) and producers Jon and James Kondelik are excited to announce the beginning of principal photography for their fever dream: The Divine Tragedies! As well, the official movie poster has been released for the film, to coincide with the shoot. The official poster was designed by graphic artist Devin Koehler; fans of horror can preview the poster’s mesmerizing imagery here.

The Divine Tragedies, based loosely on the famous Leopold and Loeb murder case, tells the tale of Charles Brubaker (Graham Denman, The Haunting of Whaley House) and his half-brother Thomas Lo Bianco (Jon Kondelik, Airplane Vs. Volcano), who were raised by their arthritis-twisted, alcoholic mother (Barbara Crampton). The boys concoct a deadly game to test their superior intelligence against the dimwitted masses. This game will eventually lead to murder, and when Genevieve, a beautiful single mother, enters their lives they finally find the perfect girl for their first kill. But, problems arise when they quickly discover that Detective Homer Gaul (Ken Foree), a cop with a very special gift, is hot on their trail.

Here is the first look at the exquisite poster for this mind trip of film, designed by Koehler. Producer Jon Kondelik says of the poster’s quality: “I love the poster Devin has created for us. We’ve worked with him on several projects before and he continues to amaze us with his pieces, which are lovingly created throwbacks to the days of the classic artworks from the ‘70s and ‘80s.” Editors and horror fans can see the exquisite artistic detail in the artwork here.

Filming begins today! Film fans can follow the production on its Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/divinetragediesmovie

27 February 2014

Interview with Daniel MacMunn, Creator of "A Seat on a Train"

TC: You are the creator of the television series "A Seat On A Train".  Would you like to tell our readers a little bit about the series?

DM:  I sure would. "A Seat on a Train" is a television series I created which pays homage to the old, classic "Twilight Zone" episodes. I am a huge fan of the late Rod Serling and his hit television show which aired from 1959 to 1963. I feel the world is coming to a big turning point with the internet and advanced technology. A lot of issues are being put on the forefront and I have a lot to say about them. So just like Rod Serling did, when television was a new media in everyone's house hold, I want to create stories that speak about our times, our moral issues and how technology is changing our world. Not many know this, but Rod Serling was a war hero. He fought in Japan with a military unit called "The Death Squad." It was called "The Death Squad" because of the 50% casualty rate they endured during their fighting. Well, as you can imagine, Rod Serling saw a lot of horrible things during this time of his life. He was injured twice but went back to fight every time. So when he came back to the U.S. he was very unhappy with the world and had a lot to say about it. So he created a television series to show these stories, "The Twilight Zone" obviously being the most successful. "A Seat on a Train" opens up with an old fashioned train packed with seated and standing passengers. There is only one empty seat and all the standing passengers are staring at it, anticipating who will sit next. Also, each standing passenger will appear in that season, so the audience is also wondering who is going to sit next. When one of the passengers sits in this mysterious seat, it takes them into their story, which usually points out his or her flaw and ends with a lesson learning twist.

TC: What was your inspiration for this series and what brought it together?

DM: Rod Serling was definitely my inspiration for this series and of course my lack of pleasure with things that are going on in our world today. I have a lot to say and want to have some effect on this world before I die. Unfortunately, I'm not built for politics and am more of an artist at heart. So what better way to change the world than to make stories about it, trying to bring attention to these issues I have problem with and entertaining an audience at the same time. I never get preachy and I always try to keep the story open ended at the end, where both sides of the issue get meaning from the twist. Of course there are going to be issues I am very passionate about. With those episodes you will see a more biased point of view. But in general, I don't like to get preachy or push my ideology on others, politicians can take care of that side. I just want to entertain the public and get some of my points across throughout the process.

TC: How many episodes to you plan on for the first season?

DM: The first season has 10 episodes that are written and are all ready to be filmed. I already filmed the pilot "Out of Place," which you can check out for free at www.aseatonatrain.com I also have descriptions of each episode for the whole "A Seat on a Train" 1st season on my website.

TC: Who do you have starring in the episodes?

DM:. Starring in the pilot is Rae Foster and William Hoffman, both very talented actors, as you will see when you watch "Out of Place." William plays an obsessive compulsive man named Spencer, who will not leave his condo and has to have everything in its' exact place. Rae plays Samantha, Spencer's beautiful girlfriend for five years, who has come over to dinner to basically end it with Spencer because of his newly developed obsession, which is ruining their relationship. Both actors nailed it and made "Out of Place" a very well acted piece to watch.

TC: Is there anything else you are currently working on that you would like to discuss?

DM: This show is basically my main focus. I am always coming up with ideas for new episodes. I have enough ideas to fill four seasons. So with any spare time in my busy schedule, I write new episodes. By the time this show gets picked up I'm going to have 4 seasons written it seems. I also write feature length films. I have written 7 features, two about Afghanistan, two horror scripts, a Christmas script and two dramas. I am always shopping my scripts but my main focus is on my television series because it is my true passion. It incorporates all my crazy ideas, political points of view and most important, my artistic integrity.

26 February 2014

Camille Keaton Tells All in New I Spit on Your Grave Documentary

36 years after the making of the controversial 1978 cult classic I Spit On Your Grave, actress Camille Keaton will appear on screen with director Meir Zarchi in upcoming documentary.

Day of the Woman a.k.a. I Spit On Your Grave was inspired by Meir Zarchi’s experience with a victim of rape. After stumbling upon a teenage girl in a park in the aftermath of a violent assault, Zarchi began to imagine how a woman in this situation might fantasize about revenge. Moreover, he wanted to depict to the audience the real horrors of rape.

The story follows Jennifer Hills, (played by Keaton), a magazine writer from New York City, as she retires to a secluded cabin in the woods to write her first novel. While there she is brutally assaulted, raped and left for dead. But Jennifer is alive. Emotionally destroyed, she no longer writes her novel; instead she finds herself choreographing a horrific revenge scheme to inflict punishment on her assailants.

Upon its theatrical release in 1980, the movie was described by the late prominent film critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert as “Easily the most offensive film” they had ever seen, yet hailed by others as a cinematic masterpiece. The debate continued as the movie was pulled from theaters in the United States, then branded a “video nasty” in the United Kingdom and placed on the Director of Public Prosecutions’ list of prosecutable films. Still, 36 years later the film continues to attract both praise and negative criticism and has even spawned a remake in 2010 and sequel in 2013.

Now in production, the I Spit On Your Grave 1978 Documentary will reveal some insight into the madness and the man behind it all. Created by Terry Zarchi (son of Meir Zarchi, who also played a small role in the film), this project will deliver both a personal and informative view that only someone who grew up with this movie can provide.

“Growing up with I Spit On Your Grave has inspired me to tell the story behind the story.” said Zarchi. “This is perhaps the most misunderstood film of all time and Camille Keaton’s involvement will shed some light on the many questions still surrounding the film”.

Barbara Crampton Joins Cast of The Divine Tragedies

Writer and director Jose Prendes (The Haunting of Whaley House) and producers Jon and James Kondelik are excited to announce the casting of the eternally beautiful Barbara Crampton (Your’re Next, Re-animator). Crampton joins her From Beyond co-star Ken Foree, in their new film The Divine Tragedies.

Barbara says of the film: “I am very excited to take part in Jose Prendes’s complex and disturbing film, The Divine Tragedies; deeply exploring the nature of relationships and the influence they provide while carving out our places in the world,” she says. “I am excited to play the mother of two brothers whose torturous tendencies exact horrific carnage to people they claim to both admire and love. Being reunited with one of my favorite co-stars, horror luminary Ken Foree, is an added delight!”

The Divine Tragedies, based loosely on the famous Leopold and Loeb murder case, tells the tale of Charles Brubaker (Graham Denman, The Haunting of Whaley House) and his half-brother Thomas Lo Bianco (Jon Kondelik, Airplane Vs. Volcano), who were raised by their arthritis-twisted, alcoholic Mother (Barbara Crampton). The boys concoct a deadly game to test their superior intelligence against the dimwitted masses. This game will eventually lead to murder, and when Genevieve, a beautiful single mother, enters their lives they finally find the perfect girl for their first kill. But problems arise when they quickly discover that Detective Homer Gaul (Ken Foree), a cop with a very special gift, is hot on their trail.

“Barbara is an actress that I have admired for years and I am beyond thrilled to have her on this film,” says Jose. “She glows with life and is really going to surprise people with her performance in this one. Not only does she love the material and respect it, which is the best compliment an actor can give, but she has raised the bar for us dramatically.”

*filming begins at the end of February.

Director: Jose Prendes
Producers: Jon and James Kondelik
Cast: Lynn Lowry, Ken Foree, Sean Whalen, Graham Denman and Jon Kondelik
For more info on the film visit the film’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/divinetragediesmovie

Teaser Trailer and Casting News for Upcoming Sugar Skull Girls

The Sugar Skull Girls film being produced by Potent Media has officially released a teaser trailer featuring Addy Miller (The Walking Dead) and has jump-started it's fundraising campaign on Indiegogo. The film is reminiscent combination of films like The Dark Crystal (1982) and Hocus Pocus (1993) using visual fx technology in combination with practical puppetry.

The film is about three supernatural sisters who are accidentally conjured during a ritual and escape the wrath of The Pale Witch (Carmela Hayslett) who wants nothing more than to drag them back into her world by their cute little ponytails! The film is also an assembly of old school horror actors joining together to make this fun but frightful Children's film. These actors include: Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes, The Devil's Rejects), John Amplas from Romero's Martin and Day of the Dead, and Leslie Easterbrook (The Devil's Rejects, The Afflicted).

The film will begin shooting this summer. To stay updated:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheSugarSkullGirls
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Sugarskullgrls
Official Indiegogo and Teaser: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-sugar-skull-girls/x/96270

Details and Teaser Poster Released for Upcoming 'Utero'

Writer/Director Bryan Coyne’s (Harvard Park and Incarnate) new film Utero started production this week in Los Angeles. Independently financed by Coinopflix, the movie stars Jessica Cameron who is also producing along with her Truth or Dare partner, Jonathan Higgins. Former Platinum Studios Exec (Cowboys and Aliens, Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night) Richard Marincic also serves as a producer on the film.

Utero is about “an agoraphobic unwed mother who finds her psyche unraveling as she becomes convinced that her unborn child is more monster than human.”

Coyne has directed the baseball documentary Harvard Park (which is available now on Netflix), as well as the hotly anticipated horror movie Incarnate that will make its theatrical debut in the fall.

Cameron’s latest film Truth or Dare, is playing the festival circuit and has currently won 18 awards. She is also known for such films as the Roger Corman produced Camel Spiders which is currently airing on the SyFy channel, and Steven C. Miller’s remake of Silent Night. Utero marks Cameron’s and Higgins’ second collaboration together.

Cameron had this to say about the project:
“Utero is the most cerebral script I have ever read and I cannot wait to bring it to life! It is such an intense case study on these endlessly fascinating characters. Horror fans are going to love it!”
 Director/writer Coyne added:
“Utero is a film that I have been dreaming of making for some time. It is a bare, raw, disgusting but ultimately touching story that I can’t wait to tell. I'm honored and humbled to be making this film with my demonic partners in crime, producer Rich Marincic and new partners of Truth or Dare fame Jessica Cameron and Jonathan Higgins. I couldn't be more amped bringing this evil baby to term.”
For more information on Utero, please “like” the Utero Facebook page and check out the other social media links below!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Uterofilm
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UteroFilm
Instagram: http://instagram.com/uterofilm

Syfy's Face Off Travels to Tokyo for Anime Inspired Challenge

NEW YORK – February 26, 2014 – Syfy’s acclaimed reality competition series Face Off continues its bold and extreme season as the eight remaining artists travel to the other side of the globe for a special episode shot in Tokyo, Japan. Academy-Award nominated makeup artist Kazuhiro Tsuji (Planet of the Apes, Men in Black, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) and renowned anime artist and sci-fi illustrator Hidetaka Tenjin make guest appearances in the all-new episode airing Tuesday, March 4 at 9 PM ET/PT.

In the episode, “Ego Trip Abroad,” the artists embark on the trip of a lifetime where they’ll gather inspiration for two extreme challenges celebrating the fascinating culture of Japan. After a day of exploration, they arrive at an ancient temple where host McKenzie Westmore and two-time Academy Award-nominated makeup artist Kazuhiro Tsuji are waiting to deliver their next Foundation Challenge – to create an original take on a traditional Japanese Oni, which are ogre-like Japanese demons. The next day, the artists venture off into the heart of Akihabara, Tokyo’s tech district and ground zero for anime, where they meet genius anime artist Hidetaka Tenjin. They learn their Spotlight Challenge will be to create a character based on one of Japan’s most famous exports, anime, with a surprise personal twist thrown into the mix.

The eight artist still in the competition are: Chloe Sens of Austin, TX; Corinne Foster of Whittier, CA; Daran Holt of Kansas City, MO; George Schminky of Walnut Creek, CA; Graham Schofield of Boston, MA; Niko Gonzalez of San German, Puerto Rico; Rashaad Santiago of Bronx, NY; and Tyler Green of Litchfield, CT.

Face Off is a competition/elimination series exploring the world of special-effects make-up artists and the unlimited imagination that allows them to create amazing works of living art. As a member of the multi-generational family dynasty whose name is synonymous with the make-up effects field, actress McKenzie Westmore brings expertise to her role as host of the series. Some of SFX world’s most celebrated figures return to judge the competition – Ve Neill (The Hunger Games, The Amazing Spider-Man, Pirates of the Caribbean), Glenn Hetrick (CSI: New York, The Hunger Games, Heroes) and Neville Page (Avatar, Prometheus). World-renowned makeup artist – and McKenzie’s dad – Michael Westmore is the official contestant mentor.

Face Off is a production of Mission Control Media with Dwight D. Smith, Michael Agbabian and Derek Atherton serving as executive producers.

Syfy is a media destination for imagination-based entertainment. With year round acclaimed original series, events, blockbuster movies, classic science fiction and fantasy programming, a dynamic Web site (www.Syfy.com), and a portfolio of adjacent business (Syfy Ventures), Syfy is a passport to limitless possibilities. Originally launched in 1992 as SCI FI Channel, and currently in more than 98 million homes, Syfy is a network of NBCUniversal, one of the world's leading media and entertainment companies. NBCUniversal is owned by Comcast Corporation.(Syfy. Imagine greater.)

25 February 2014

Syfy Cancels Being Human

With the second half of “Being Human’s” 4th season set to kick off, our human-at-heart characters are about to embark on a journey full of twists, turns and surprises that will culminate in a spectacular series finale on Syfy, Monday, April 7th.

Showrunner Anna Fricke and the talented producers, writers, cast and crew have done an amazing job bringing this show to life over the past four seasons and we sincerely thank them and the series’ production company Muse Entertainment for their hard work. They’ve saved the best for last with the final six episodes that revisit the story’s beginning, leading to a not-to-be-missed send-off for Aidan, Sally, Josh and Nora.

Check out a special message thank you from the cast:

The Lashman to Premiere at the 13th Annual Full Moon Horror Film Festival

Nashville, TN (02.25.2014) Red Headed Revolution Pictures has unleashed a brand new theatrical trailer for the upcoming feature length horror film The Lashman directed by Cameron McCasland.

The Lashman is a tale of terror. When five friends set out for a weekend excursion, they soon realize their campfire tales have turned into their worst nightmares.

The Lashman stars Stacey Dixon, Shawn C. Phillips, David Vaughn, Jeremy Jones, Kaylee Williams, Tim Emery, Lee Vervoort, David Chattham, Terry Gragg, Todd Bush, Alea Jordan, Joe Downing and Larry Underwood. The movie was shot on location in western Kentucky.

The Lashman marks the feature length film debut of Cameron McCasland who wrote, produced, and directed the movie. McCasland honed his film making skills in television directing music videos as well as the award winning made for TV movie, The Dreadful Hallowgreen Special, and Go Green With Dr. Gangrene series of short films.

Almost 4 years in the making this theatrical trailer offers the first real glimpses of McCaslands backwoods boogeyman. As well as the first listen to the newly minted score composed and performed by Thomas Berdinski. McCasland said of the movie. “We know people have waited a long time to see this film. We took our time putting it together, and I think we have made something really special. I am looking forward to unleashing The Lashman into the world. Fans of Slasher movies, and legendary fright tales are really going to dig this one.”

The Lashman is set for a world premiere Saturday April 19th 2014 at the 13th Annual Full Moon Horror Film Festival In Nashville, TN Members of the cast and crew will be on hand for a Q&A following the screening. The Lashman is currently booking dates on the festival circuit, and setting out for a touring roadshow. For more information on the premiere screening please visit http://www.fullmooninc.net

You can find the Lashman on facebook at facebook.com/lashmanmovie or on twitter @LashmanFilm

Cameron McCasland is an Emmy nominated writer and director and recipient of the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award. McCasland currently resides in Nashville, TN with his girlfriend and 2 daughters.

Big Bad Wolf Coming to DVD March 4th

A while back, I had the good fortune to be able to watch and review an independent film called Huff. It seems that film has been given a new name, Big Bad Wolf, and will be heading to DVD next month.

From the press release:

Horizon Movies is proud to announce that it will release the controversial horror-thriller BIG BAD WOLF on DVD on March 4th. Charlie O'Connell, from TV's "The Bachelor", stars as a depraved serial killer tormenting his three teenage step-daughters in this twisted take on "The Three Little Pigs". BIG BAD WOLF was shown in limited screenings at regional horror conventions and film festivals, and won the Best Special Effects award at the 2012 Fright Night Film Fest, where it was also a finalist for Best Picture and Best Actor. It was also an Official Selection at the Burbank International Film Festival and Texas Frightmare Weekend.

The DVD streets on March 4th from Horizon Movies, with a SRP of $26.95, and will feature extra interviews and the trailer.

Also in the cast are Playboy cover model Natasha Alam, Mayra Leal (Machete), and cult genre favorite Clint Howard (The Lords of Salem, Apollo 13, Evilspeak).

In this dark adaptation of The Three Little Pigs, Huff (Charlie O'Connell, "The Bachelor") is an abusive stepfather to three teenage girls living in rural Southern California. Huff is on the verge of a lucrative drug deal that will finally allow him to escape his miserable life and retire to Mexico in style with his sexy mistress, Laci (Natasha Alam, True Blood).

Huff's plan begins to unravel when his battered wife, Lorelei (Elina Madison), sends her three daughters away with Huff's drug money to seek better lives for themselves. This triggers a chain reaction of violence, murder and rage-induced asthma attacks as Huff attempts to locate the three runaways and recover his money. He will huff and puff and tear their lives down.

23 February 2014

Night Train To Terror (1985) - REVIEW

If you have been surfing the horror movies on Blu ray and DVD on Amazon.com lately you will have surely stumbled across the recently released Blu Ray/DVD combo of Night Train To Terror.  I recently looked this up and saw it was an 80's slasher movie that slipped through my plain sight and I have never even heard of.  After reading the description I saw it was Anthology horror and ordered this one immediately.  What could go wrong with Anthology horror from the 80's?

This film contains 3 separate stories with a wrap around.  The Wrap around is God (Ferdie Mayne) and Satan (Tony Giorgio) are on a train reviewing 3 cases of events and deciding which people got to heaven and which to hell.  On this said train is a local du wop 80's band (to best describe it) that is continuously dancing and playing the same song over, and over and over and over again.

I know that is not much of a description but that's really all there is to the movie.  I could get descriptive about each story and would not mind to do so if all of them were not such a piece of shit.  The wrap around story is not really bad and sadly is probably the most interesting thing about the whole film.  The only one of the stories I care to mention is the first one entitled "Case of Harry Billings".  What makes this one a little unique is that it's actually a movie that never got released that was cut down to be one of the stories in this film.  You can definitely tell too!  This one was edited in a way that jumps all over the place to the fact you have no  clue what the fuck is going on.  The acting was horrible and the effects were as laughable as the acting.

My other big gripe about this was the Blu Ray transfer is probably the most awful and horrific that I have seen to date.  I have seen some pretty fuzzy ones and not so good transfers but this is fucking awful.  On the second segment blue dots keep flashing on the screen and I don't just mean one or two I mean they fill the entire screen.  It's really fuckin annoying.  I only finished the movie because I sat through it already I may as well see how it ends.  So in closing I say save you money it costs 16 bucks for the Blu Ray combo and honestly to me its not work 5 bucks.  As always stay twisted everyone!

21 February 2014

Lynn Lowry and Sean Whalen Join Ken Foree in The Divine Tragedies

The famous Leopold and Loeb ransom and murder case is being brought to the screen with The Divine Tragedies. This twisted tale of stalking, kidnapping and violent murder has been re-envisioned by director and writer Jose Prendes (The Haunting of Whaley House). A true tale of wits, the production team, including brothers and producers James and Jon Kondelik, are pleased to announce the attachment of actors Lynn Lowry and Sean Whalen to their terrifying tale. Actor Ken Foree has already announced his participation in the film, with more famous horror personalities set to be included soon.

The Leopold and Loeb murder case has been sensationalized in film previously. Alfred Hitchcock used this famous trial in his famous thriller Rope (1948). And, Prendes has his own interpretation of the case. In the story of The Divine Tragedies, Charles (Graham Denman) and his half-brother Thomas (Jon Kondelik) concoct a deadly game to test their superior intelligence against the dimwitted masses. This game will eventually lead to murder. And when Genevieve, a beautiful single mother, enters their lives they finally find the perfect girl for their first kill. But, problems arise when they quickly discover that Detective Homer Gaul (Ken Foree) is hot on their trail.


Fans of horror will recognize both Sean Whalen and Lynn Lowry from previous horror roles. Sean Whalen has had appearances in such tales as Wes Craven’s The People Under the Stairs (1991) and more recently in Hatchet 3 (2013). Director Prendes says of Sean and his character: “I wrote this really bizarre and sleazy character, who just so happened to have some endearing qualities and I always had Sean in mind for it.” As well, actress Lynn Lowry has appeared in dozens of horror titles. Her most prominent roles include The Crazies (1973, 2010) and Cat People (1982). Lowry has had several recent appearances in the horror genre and she has collaborated with Prendes previously in The Haunting of Whaley House (2012). Prendes says of Lowry: “Lynn is simply wonderful. She is the kind of actor that draws us in and makes us care. She easily changes the dynamic of a scene. I am honoured to be working with one of my favourite actresses again.” The production crew behind The Divine Tragedies is proud to bring Sean Whalen and Lynn Lowry on board one of this year’s most thrilling murder tales – The Divine Tragedies!
*filming begins at the end of February, 2014.

Director: Jose Prendes.
Producers: Jon and James Kondelik.
Cast: Lynn Lowry, Ken Foree, Sean Whalen, Graham Denman and Jon Kondelik.

For more info on the film visit the film’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/divinetragediesmovie

Extreme Film Auteur Andrey Iskanov Seeks Funding

If you do a Google search on something like “Most Disturbing Films Ever” or “100 Most Brutal Films” or “List of Most Extreme Films” you will inevitably find a list that has the film “Philosophy of A Knife” as the Number One film. If not number one, it will surely be in the top 20. Russian director Andrey Iskanov made a four-hour epic true story of the Japanese atrocities committed against Chinese citizens in what were the equivalent of Japanese Concentration Camps. His film captured all of the brutality of this, and for this reason “POAK” is considered the most brutal, extreme, violent, and sick film ever made.

For the past 6 years, Andrey has been working on his latest epic film, “INGRESSION”. Several years ago he unleashed an unfinished version of the film to the world under the title “The Tourist”. Despite the fact that Andrey felt it was incomplete, the film played at many European Film Festivals and won awards. It is a brilliant, but incomplete film. Andrey first needs to upgrade the quality by remastering the film, and then he needs to film more scenes to make the film the complete and epic masterpiece it was meant to be.

Unfortunately, Andrey Iskanov is such an uncompromising film-maker that he has difficulty getting financial backing, and currently does not have the funds to finish shooting his masterpiece.

That is why Andrey Iskanov is asking for your help.

After midnight tonight on Friday February 29, 2014, Andrey’s indiegogo campaign goes live. He is not asking for $100,000. Or $50,000. Or even half of that. Andrey simply needs $15,000 to finish the film. He needs to pay the dedicated actors in his films who are forced to undergo extreme and unpleasant experiences. He needs to pay for the film and the processing of the film. Very simple things. The film is already so close to complete.

To see a preview of the indiegogo campaign, please go here: http://www.indiegogo.com/project/preview/c1e6b326

To see a preview of the video on youtube go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVLnudJC2Xk

The campaign is being managed by David L Tamarin, an entertainment attorney, producer, and writer.

Andrey Iskanov and the film-loving community of the world thank you for your support.

To The Flame Movie Contest

WRITER/DIRECTOR ALEX WEBB’s previous film HOVE featured Oscar-winner Olympia
Dukakis and went to the Montreal, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Cleveland and Boston World
Film Festivals. Webb is bringing his neo-noir thriller, TO THE FLAME, to the big screen in

TO THE FLAME: Kyle is going nowhere fast in his sub-par, suburban community college film
class until he stumbles upon his disturbed but entertaining neighbors, Dick and Barb. Kyle
decides to try and interview them for the class assignment hoping to impress his sexy classmate,
Penny. Kyle and Penny are quickly pulled down into Dick and Barb’s dark and twisted world.

Shirleyann Kaladjian (LAW AND ORDER: SVU, A DIRTY SHAME).

  • GRAND PRIZE: Trip to NYC to appear (recognizably!) in the final scene of the film and then go to the wrap party! (R/T air to NYC, hotel 2 nights) (One)
  • FIRST PRIZE: Exclusive Wrap Party Cap with TO THE FLAME logo! (Five)
  • SECOND PRIZE: Exclusive Download of film when completed in 2015! (Ten)
WHAT: New feature thriller from Alex Webb in 2015, FREE MOVIE SWAG CONTEST

WHERE: totheflamemovie@gmail.com

WHEN: Now until April 10, 2014

HOW: Send an email with your name, address and phone number to
totheflamemovie@gmail.com, put CONTEST and your last name in the subject window.

19 February 2014

Misfits Team up with Fright-Rags for Shirt Collaboration

There's no such thing as too much horror business when it comes to horror punk legends the Misfits and horror apparel specialists Fright-Rags! The match made in Hell has resulted in several limited edition products that will be released over the next few months.

The first of the collaborations is a special edition T-shirt dubbed "Fiend from Crystal Lake." The design crosses the band's iconic fiend skull logo with Jason Voorhee's signature hockey mask. It's available on super soft 100% cotton T-shirts, girl shirts and zip-up hoodies.

"Fiend from Crystal Lake" is available for pre-order now on Fright-Rags.com. It will remain for sale until 10am EST on Friday, February 28. Orders are expected to ship in early April.

Visit Fright-Rags.com for shirts from such classic films as Halloween, Escape from New York, Re-Animator and many more, and keep an eye on the site for more Misfits collaborations in the near future.

16 February 2014

Top 5 Horror Sequels

Anyone who knows me and my taste for movies knows I absolutely love a good sequel.  I could make this list probably about 20 movies long but I decided to narrow it down to my top 5.  My choices by no means are predictable and only one is part of a major franchise.  It's not really about how good the movie is, it's the fun factor that matters the most.

There is a new sheriff in town named Sean Braddock (Andrew Robinson) and he is looking for a new start for his family witch some small town living opposed to the big city of New York.  His daughter Jenny (Ami Dolenz) gets mixed up with the wrong crowd and they conjure up the Pumpkinhead demon that is now out for revenge.

The 1994 follow up to Night of the Demons with only one returning cast member Amelia Kinkade to reprise her role of the demon Angela Franklin.  More kids look to have a little Halloween party at Hull House and discover that all the stories are true.  Angela still haunts the house and no one is going to get out alive if she has something to do with it.

This installment of the Puppet Master franchise is the first of many prequel's in the series of movies.  This one follows Andre Toulon (Guy Rolfe) as he and his wife Elsa (Sarah Douglas) run a children's puppet show with their magic puppets.  Only problem is they live in Nazi Germany and he has made an enemy out of Major Kraus (Richard Lynch) who burns down his place and captures Andre Toulon.  Andre takes his revenge and wages war on the Nazi's.

Angela Baker (Pamela Springsteen) is back again after her failed stint at Camp Rolling Hills as a counselor.  Now she goes back to the same camp under new ownership as a camper this time.  There are plenty of naughty kids there to keep her occupied for the weekend at least.  Will Angela get away with it again?
Last but certainly not least we have Jason Lives.  Jason comes back for the first time from 6 feet under as he is dug up by Tommy Jarvis (Thom Matthews).  Jason is back again and he is now a zombie and harder to stop than ever as he strikes terror back in what is now called Camp Forest Green.  Tommy is looking to put an end to his rampage once and for all but it may be too late.

Well there you go my top 5 and like I said before there are so many I could have used in this list but these are my favorites.  It's worth mentioning the two movies that were really close to making this list but didn't are Halloween II and Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3.  Stay twisted everyone!

15 February 2014

Not so Killer Endings **SPOILERS**

Twist endings can be traced as far back as Alfred Hitchcock with Psycho and probably further back than that but do we really need to get that into it to get the point of this article across? Not really.

The ability to suck an audience in so deep that they never see the plot twist coming at the end is not only the sign of a great movie but a great film maker as well. It's not often that I'm surprised by the ending of a film so I take note when it happens and give credit where credit is due. Adam Green and Joel David Moore did it with Spiral. Sitting and watching it, I was pretty pissed that I was able to figure it all out about half way through only to be surprised at the ending.

As with anything in life, you can't have the good without going through some of the bad. There's nothing worse than investing your time and brain power watching and trying to figure out the ending of a film only to be disappointed that the killer is some minuscule character that's spent a total of maybe 10 minutes on screen. Now, we here at Twisted Central don't normally do spoilers but most of these are older films and if you haven't seen them yet, well then don't say I didn't warn you.

With that said and in no particular order here are my picks for films with a not so killer ending.


When Scream came out in 1996, Wes Craven was credited with breathing new life into the slasher genre. I won't disagree with that. I enjoyed Scream immensely and it definitely had the twist ending that viewers enjoyed. Unfortunately Scream 2 wasn't as successful with it's ending. 

As in typical Scream fashion, we're introduced to a cast of characters to choose from. The usual suspects, Gale Weathers, Randy, Dewey, Cotton Weary and the newbies, Mickey, Derek, Hallie and the overly exuberant sorority sisters Lois and Murphy. Lots to choose from when Ghostface shows up and starts slicing and dicing around the college campus. With not a lot to go on and different suspects showing up at every turn, the reveal was disappointing and the secondary reveal was even more disappointing.

Sidney finds Derek tied to a cross and suspended over the theater stage. Not knowing this was done by his fraternity brothers as punishment for giving his letters (?) to his girl, she tries to release him. It's then that we're introduced to the first killer… DUN, DUN, DUN, it's Mickey. Can you say let down? He's been in a few minor scenes and I don't know about you but he definitely wasn't on my radar as the killer. Now we know from experience that there's usually two killers and just as Mickey spends about five minutes trying to convince Sidney that Derek is the second killer before shooting him in the heart. And that's when the really real second killer comes along… Gale Weathers… wait, no, make that Debbie Salt. Who?!? That's right, the meddling reporter who showed up in maybe four scenes prior. Wah, wah, wah. 

Again, another sequel that tries to keep up with it's predecessor but fails miserably. Another college campus full of suspects to choose from. Who will it be this time? The twin of the guy who killed himself because he was so distraught over his film grade? The arrogant film student riding the coat tails of his famous father? Maybe the know it all guy who's all pissed that main character Amy "stole his genre". 

Nope… none of the above. The big reveal comes about ten minutes before the end of the movie. This is where we find out Professor Solomon is the killer and he did it because he wanted to steal suicide guy's film and pass it off as his own so he had to get rid of everyone else who worked on it so no one would ever know.  Thus in the the last ten minutes, he spends more time on screen than he did the whole 97 minutes of the rest of the film. Can you say "Let down"?

Audiences were introduced to Jason Voorhees in 1981 when Friday the 13th Part 2 hit the theaters. For years he stalked and slaughtered unsuspecting camp counselors and horny teens out weekend getaways. He was the face of evil for years. That is until 1985 came around and Paramount rolled out A New Beginning. 

Tommy Jarvis is on his way to a secluded half way house in hopes of forgetting his past and regaining what's left of his life. It's not long before nut case Vic takes an axe to poor little unsuspecting Joey. Along comes the ambulance to pick up the pieces (literally) and from that point on, Jason wreaks havoc among the other wayward souls and then some. When the final showdown takes place and Jason goes flying from the loft of the barn onto some nasty little spikes below. And guess what… it's not really Jason. It's Roy the ambulance driver that showed up in the beginning only to realize that his son Joey was the one that was hacked to death. This apparently sends him into a homicidal rage so he takes on the persona of Jason to exact his revenge. Lost yet? Yeah, me too. This is probably one of the worst cases of a "Not so Killer Ending". In my opinion anyway. 

A modern day twist on an old urban legend that says if you stop on the train tracks with your car in neutral, while a train is coming, the ghosts of the children killed in a bus accident decades before will push your car from the tracks leaving fingerprints on your powdered bumper (run on sentence much). Now, that's all fine and good and has a tendency to be a decent little ghost story but it unfortunately doesn't end up that way. Now if there's ever a movie that has a lot going on, it's this one. Ghosts and rapists and slashers, oh my! 

Melanie gets out of rehab and moves back in with her mom, dad and sister in the town they moved to while she was away. Within a few minutes of the movie starting, we're told about the legend of the dead children and it's then that we get a glimpse of little ghost Julie. It's funny how those ghosts pick the newbie of the town to reveal themselves to. You know the one that just got out of rehab so even if she tells someone what's going on, they immediately think she's back on drugs. Forgive me, I'm rambling. So, Melanie is convinced that little ghost Julie is trying to tell her something and takes it upon herself to get to the bottom of whatever wrong doings occurred in the past. She apparently pisses off the wrong person/ghost and as it goes in horror films, people start getting dead. That's all fine and good, that's why we watch these things right? That is until you realize it's not ghostly killings at all. It's a person doing all the killing and I'm not kidding when I tell you this but… it's Sally Kirkland. That's right, the 65 year old sister of little ghost Julie is running around in a train conductors uniform overpowering in shape teens, jumping on cars and killing anyone she believes to be a threat to her daddy's old train station. Ok, maybe THIS is the worst cases of a "Not so Killer Ending". 

The Wisher is actually a guilty pleasure of mine. I've seen it so many times that it's one of those films I turn on for background noise when I don't wanna get too sucked into watching something. Yes, that probably makes it sound like I don't like it but I do. 

Mary is addicted to horror films. She is also a sleep walker and frequently has nightmares leading her dad to forbid her to continue to watch horror movies. When the box office hit 'The Wisher' comes to a theater near her, it's too much to pass up so Mary sneaks off with her friends to see it. Though she can't seem to stomach watching the whole film, she soon realizes that any time she wishes for something, it comes true. Could Mary just be stuck in the middle of a really bad dream or could it be creepy ass Drew Lachey who has a little crush on her making her wishes come true. Perhaps it's the school psychologist she confides in and tells everything to? Nope, again, none of the above. It ends up being nerdy guy Shane who is in all of three scenes before being outed as the killer. Apparently 'The Wisher' has some subliminal messages spliced into the reel that turns overly sensitive teens into wish masters. 

These are just a few of the films I can think of at the moment that went wrong with the killer reveals. However,  don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that these are all movies I dislike. I find most of them to be quite entertaining in their own right even with the rather disappointing endings. What movie killers disappointed you and why?

14 February 2014

Founders Day Concept Trailer Premieres Online - PRESS RELEASES

Founders Day’ Concept Trailer Premieres Online

Hartford, CT - MainFrame Pictures is proud to announce the release of the official concept trailer for their forthcoming feature film Founders Day. Principal photography on the trailer took place entirely in the state of Connecticut from August 14-18, 2013. Production included 18 actors, 20 crew members, and dozens of extras from across the northeast.

The trailer is viewable at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xx6CX4eP6vw

In Founders Day, the quaint, suburban town of Fairfield is shaken by the shocking murder of high school student, Melissa Thompson. The prime suspect is jailed, and the residents look to the town's bicentennial celebration to provide a sense of strength and normalcy. When more bodies turn up, however, the citizens of Fairfield grow increasingly suspicious of one another. With no clear motive, everyone is a suspect.

Founders Day is written, directed and produced by Erik C. Bloomquist, a Connecticut-based actor and filmmaker. His recent film Midnight Brew, starring Kyle Edward Cranston and Greta Quezada, recently played the Trinity Film Festival and took home the Screener’s Choice Award. Another project, Laundry Night, will soon enter its third year on international television on ShortsHD TV.

Bloomquist and his team expect to shoot Founders Day in Connecticut in Autumn 2014 and release the film in Autumn 2015.

External Links

Official Website: www.FoundersDayMovie.com
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/FoundersDayMovie
Twitter: www.Twitter.com/FoundersDayFilm
Instagram: www.Instagram.com/FoundersDayMovie
YouTube: www.YouTube.com/FoundersDay

The Horror Anthology Series "The Dead Hour" is Back! - PRESS RELEASE

After a year's hiatus, the third season of the horror anthology series "The Dead Hour" has finally arrived. The show has launched it's first episode of the new season entitled "Hunted", a dark thriller about a group of eager young workers looking to climb the corporate ladder, but get sucked into a deadly game for their lives instead.

Four more episodes will follow later this year to round out the season.

"The Dead Hour" is an online indie horror anthology series now in its third season. The show centers around a mysterious and sexy radio DJ who brings her audience dark and twisted stories each week. All webisodes from seasons 1 & 2 of the critically acclaimed series can be seen for free at www.thedeadhour.com

12 February 2014

Top 10 Horror Movies to watch on Valentines Day

For a horror movie fan the most important part of Valentine's Day isn't figuring out where to eat, it's figuring out what Valentine themed horror movie you and your loved one is going to watch.  Well here is a list of our top 10 you may want to consider popping in your DVD player.

Valentine (2001)

Out of Place 2013 - REVIEW

Let me start this review by apologizing to Daniel MacMunn, the writer/director of Out of Place. You see, I received this DVD long ago but it somehow got mixed up with some others that I'd already watched and reviewed and so I didn't watch it until recently... my apologies Daniel.

'Out of Place' is the first episode of MacMunn's series 'A Seat on a Train'. The gist of it is... there is a single seat on a train that once someone sits in it, the occupant is warped into a another reality. One much like their own but with a few dramatic differences. Each segment concludes with a Twilight Zone'ish twist ending.

This episode centers around Spencer (William Hoffman III), a writer who immerses himself so deep into his work that he's cut himself off from the rest of the world. He's become obsessed with keeping everything in it's place, so much so that it's threatening his relationship with his long term girlfriend Samantha (Rae Foster). After Samantha walks out on a romantic dinner he has prepared, he soon becomes a victim of his own obsessive behavior when random objects around his condo mysteriously shift out of place when he's not looking.

I was pleasantly surprised by 'Out of Place'. It's not often that you come across a film that says it's reminiscent to the Twilight Zone that actually is. The film is well acted. Hoffman does a superb job as the obsessive compulsive Spencer. Foster is also great as the girlfriend who's been pushed to her limit trying to deal with the changes in the man she loves. MacMunn does a fantastic job of creating well developed characters that are easy to sympathize with.

The film is well written, well shot and has a very clean look and feel. It's the perfect mix of a melodrama and a thriller that will leave audiences with an unsettling feeling. Let me make something clear, this is NOT a horror film. It's not scary and there is no blood or gore but it doesn't need it. The substance, content and characters of the film are enough to make it worth watching.

So, have a seat... no, not there... and take a look at Out of Place and enjoy. When you're done, check out the website and catch a glimpse of what 's ahead for MacMunn and the series 'A Seat on a Train'.

The Divine Tragedies Announces the Casting of Ken Foree

Writer/Director Jose Prendes (The Haunting of Whaley House) and producers Jon and James Kondelik are excited to welcome the badass Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead, Lords of Salem) to the cast of their new film.

“Ken is not only a good, hard-working actor, but has such an iconic presence that he makes everything cool,” says Prendes. “We sent the script to him and he got back to us the very next day with a simple: ‘I’m in’. We are beyond thrilled to have him on board.”

The Divine Tragedies, based loosely on the famous Leopold and Loeb murder case, tells the tale of Charles Brubaker (Graham Denman, The Haunting of Whaley House) and his half-brother Thomas Lo Bianco (Jon Kondelik, Airplane Vs. Volcano), who concoct a deadly game to test their superior intelligence against the dimwitted masses. This game will eventually lead to murder. And when Genevieve, a beautiful single mother, enters their lives they finally find the perfect girl for their first kill. But problems arise when they quickly discover that Detective Homer Gaul (Ken Foree), a cop with a very special gift, is hot on their trail.

“Jose Prendes, is one of the most promising up and coming directors,” say Ken. “I'm looking forward to our collaboration and working with the producers on this exciting film. I'm very anxious for shooting to begin. I know it will be a wonderful, creative adventure for all of us.”

Filming begins at the end of February.

Cassette Death will Terrify You - PRESS RELEASE

Pop culture blog/art shop Strange Kids Club has launched a crowdfunding campaign in support of Cassette Death, the forthcoming issue of SK Comics Magazine. Genetically engineered to offend, entertain and excite your inner child, SK Comics Magazine combines indie comic art with articles that explore the seedy underbelly of pop culture nostalgia.

Fellow strange kids can view the new artwork (attached), watch a teaser trailer for the issue on YouTube and back the project on Kickstarter.


Chock full of irreverent, nostalgic and humorous content, Cassette Death is the the first ever full-length Strange Kid comic. Also included within the pages of SK Comics Magazine are an in-depth interview with iconic artist/toy designer James Groman (Madballs, My Pet Monster), twisted parodies of films such as Hellraiser, The Thing and The Gate and much more!

This issue features contributions from such talented artists and writers as Dean Rankine (Mad Magazine), Aaron Alexovich (Invader Zim), Chris Savino (Dexter's Labratory), Glen Brogan (Cartoon Network), Mike Wasion (Fangoria), Benito Gomez (Tales from the Bully Pulpit) and Strange Kids Club's own Rondal Scott, among others.

In a week's time, the Kickstarter campaign has raised more than half of its $6,000 goal. In addition to physical and digital issues of the book, rewards to those who support the project include shirts, toys and advertising space. Successful funding will be put toward paying the contributors and operational costs in order to publish the issue. The magazine is already 75% complete, with the final product expected to be released in April.

For more information and to back the project, Cassette Death can be found on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/1eMPosp

About Strange Kids Club:
Strange Kids Club is a pop culture infused blog and art shop full of retro geekdom - a daily dose of adolescent enthusiasm. From reviews on monster movies, classic wrestling, comics and unbelievably cool toys to exclusive interviews with emerging artists and the latest news in nerd subculture - we've got you covered.

Artwork is attached for media use. Strange Kids Club editor-in-chief and publisher Rondall Scott III is available for interview opportunities.