31 July 2012


DefTone Pictures Studios is proud to announce the premiere of the first theatrical trailer for their hotly anticipated sci-fi horror film Ombis.

DefTone Pictures Studios Ombis is a 1950's styled science fiction movie set in modern times. It's the tale of an invasion of an alien virus which lands via meteorite in the small town of Metzburgh. Metzburgh is a former industrial town whose glory days are long past but whose residents are carrying on with their daily lives: loving each other and living life as best they can. In the midst of this idealistic backdrop, enter the hideous virus Ombis which is intent on taking over the planet Earth and changing its residents into a host for a new species.
The only thing that can stop Ombis is Nemesis, an alien from the same home planet as the virus who was sent here to contain the alien scourge. The Nemesis’ disregard for the human race puts him in a position to ensure that the Ombis virus will be eradicated since he doesn’t care about collateral damage and will use any means necessary to destroy his enemy. The real story of Ombis, however, is the human struggle of the residents of Metzburgh: to fight for their village and for their very survival.

With principal photography wrapping up, the movie is now in the beginning stages of editing which is being undertaken by Christopher Burns Jr. and Adam R Steigert. Michael Sciabarrasi, executive producer and actor (Mayor Logan) in the film, released this statement about the status of the production: "Ombis is a very effect-heavy film and I am proud that Adam [Steigert], our director, made sure not to use CGI for all the effects and kept many of the effects in the film practical. It makes our actors able to bring that much more to the table when they could interact with the effects, not just a green screen."

Ombis is based on a short story by Adam R Steigert and was written for screen by Janeen Avery, Mark Mendola, Terry Kimmel and Steigert. The cast features Richard Satterwhite (Sheriff Thomas Brackett), Sara Manzella (Lucy), Jason John Beebe (Mark), Alexander Sloan McBryde (Mr. Gray), Michael Sciabarrasi (Mayor Logan), and co-stars Lynn Lowry (News Anchor), Aryn Fitzgerald (Haley), Richard Winiatowski (Nemesis), Brenda Rickert (Sara) and Daniel George (Blake).

Now that the filming of Ombis is coming to an end, DefTone Pictures Studios has already lined up its’ next project: a short film written by and starring Ombis actor Jason John Beebe entitled To Release a Soul. The film also stars model Meylssa Jade in her first lead film role. Adam R Steigert has confirmed he will be directing the short which will be filming in September of this year. To Release a Soul is a character study of the interaction between a serial killer and his intended victim and what motivates each of them. The target release date is March 30th, 2013.

Ombis Theatrical Trailer: http://youtu.be/IWWMs9UPnRE

Ombis 2013 Teaser 2: http://youtu.be/0vw7_YSYjyg

Ombis Behind the Scenes look: http://youtu.be/RHMFQthpWbA

26 July 2012

Breaking Glass Pictures Picks Up Corey Feldman's 6 Degrees of Hell

Domestic distributor Breaking Glass Pictures (5 Star Day, The Fields, The Living Wake) has snapped up the indie horror film 6 Degrees of Hell for North America. The deal was struck last week between CEO Rich Wolff and Fabrication Films SVP Miriam Elchanan, a follow-up to the successful release of The Fields earlier this year. Directed by Joe Raffa (local hit You'll Know My Name), the film stars Corey Feldman (The Lost Boys, The Goonies), Jill Whelan ("The Love Boat"), Brian Anthony Wilson (Limitless), Faust Checho (The Fields), newcomers Nikki Bell, Kyle Patrick Brennan, Ashley Sumner, Nicole Cinaglia, David J. Bonner and Raffa himself.

In Northeast Pennsylvania, "Uncle Jack's Hotel of Horror" is besieged by a dark presence after two friends of "Uncle" Jack, Chris and Kellen, unwittingly release a deadly evil by transporting local psychic Mary Wilkins' collection of haunted objects as props for the popular tourist attraction. At the same time, a local TV ghost hunter, confronts an evil that has haunted him all his life-one he believes is responsible for his sister's death years ago.

His search puts him in the path of a rogue police chief and June-a girl who seems to be the eye of this supernatural perfect storm. They all find themselves connected to the old hotel while the threads of their own personal horrors draw paranormal investigator Kyle Brenner (Feldman) to pull all the threads together...

Looking forward to another release with Breaking Glass, writer/producer Harrison Smith said, "We're excited about 6 Degrees of Hell because it makes horror fun again. It's a horror film with Easter eggs, there's so much horror history in it. It's intelligent, fun horror with solid characters and respect for the genre."

Wolff echoed his sentiments, saying "6 Degrees is an excellent film, and the second in what will hopefully be many successful collaborations between Breaking Glass, Fabrication, and Harrison. It is a perfect match."

Developments on the title have been closely watched, with an astonishing 101,000 followers on the 6 Degrees of Hell official Facebook and over 1.5 million trailer views on YouTube.

There is a celebratory theatrical screening scheduled in the shooting location, the Pocono Mountains, on August 24th 2012. Corey Feldman, various cast and crew and Breaking Glass Pictures staff will attend and celebrate both the ongoing success of The Fields and the acquiring of 6 Degrees Of Hell.

The DVD will hit shelves on October 30, the day before Halloween.

Brutal 2012 - REVIEW

As an aspiring film maker myself, it gets harder and harder for me to do these Indie film reviews. It's a monumental amount of work that goes into making a film that I've witnessed first hand. Not only that but to then turn around and put it out to the public is tantamount to ripping your chest open and exposing your heart to people that may or may not accept and appreciate what you've done. I have a huge amount of respect for people that can pull a film together so it's really tough when someone submits something that they're so passionate about then you as a reviewer have to pull it apart and critique it. I don't make any apologies for my reviews, I call them like I see them and I'm fairly certain that anyone who has ever read my stuff is fully aware of that fact. BUT, that still doesn't make my job any easier.

This is normally the part of my review where I give a synopsis of the film but I'm going to forgo that this time because it's a rather complex plot and I don't want to spoil it in any way. Brutal is the kind of film that knowing too much when you're going in will ruin it for you. So you'll just have to watch it to find out what it's about.  

The performances in Brutal were way above par for an Indie film. Michael Baldwin, who's been out of the circuit for twelve years now, gives a stunning performance as Carl Gibson, the target of Brutal's (Michael Patrick Stevens) rage. He embodies the character with ease and delivers the angst and desperation in such a believable way that it doesn't take long for the viewer to connect with him. Stevens, who also wrote and directed the film, was phenomenal as Brutal. He played menacing and murderous frighteningly well.  Did I also mention that this is his film making debut?? To watch it, you'd never know it. There's a lot of actors in this film but for the most part they are just briefly on screen so instead of going through one by one, I'll just say that every single one of them did a fantastic job. 

Stevens definitely has a talent for film making. The dialogue (especially towards the end) was very well written and fit perfectly with each scene. A film can suffer from really bad dialogue but that never happens here. He also did a great job directing this film. Most of the film takes place in a small cramped basement and the mood that Stevens set here is nothing short of claustrophobic. It's frightening to try and wrap your brain around the evil that is happening in this tiny space. The images that we're given make us want to look away but you just can't bring yourself to do it because it's just that good. The effects are done very well and it's so great to see a film maker use practical effects. It takes more time and attention to detail but it's so worth it when the end result is one like that of Brutal.

Alan Howarth created an original score for this film that is to die for. It's creepy and foreboding and ominous and every other scary word you can imagine. It does exactly what it's suppose to do which is accompany the scene and help propel the story forward without over powering it. 

At first glance, this will seem like your average Hostel type torture porn film but it is so much more than that. Stevens gives the audience what they want but then goes ten steps further and gives you something completely unexpected from a film like this. It's great to see such hard work pay off in such an amazing way and I am so in love with this film that I will sing it's praises to whoever will listen. I know it's been a hard road for Stevens and his crew but I have confidence that audiences will watch this film and love it as much as I do. Great work guys!!! 

24 July 2012

Controversial Indie Film "Little Big Boy: The Death Stalker" Gets DVD Release

Controversial independent horror comedy "LITTLE BIG BOY: THE DEATH STALKER MURDERS" (formerly "Little Big Boy: The Rise and Fall of Jimmy Duncan") is finally getting a proper DVD release. The film has been in the works for a long time but controversy have so far prohibited it from coming out. This is about to change now, as the film will be released onto DVD on August 21 from Worldwide Multimedia, http://wwmm.info/

“Little Big Boy” tells the story of acclaimed horror film director Jimmy Duncan, infamous for his psychotic temper and his unique brand of exploitative movies. Having witnessed the murder of his mother at the age of seven, Duncan grew up in an orphanage and then worked his way up in the movie industry. Caught up in the downward spiral of his own success, surrounded by movie reviewers who refused to acknowledge his obvious talent, starlet wannabes with zero ability to act, producers with little patience, and those who will exploit anyone to become famous in a soul eating industry, we follow Jimmy while he is working on his latest feature film “Death Stalker.” The shoot quickly turns into a descent into insanity when his leading lady leaves the production halfway through shooting the film. Haunted by his childhood experiences, Duncan finds himself in an abyss from which there is no return.

Featuring Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman; April Monique Burril (Chainsaw Sally, Good Sisters); Monique Dupree (Satan Hates You, Spirit); Megan Sacco (Avantgarde); Amy Lynn Best (A Feast of Flesh, Splatter Movie); Rachel Grubb (Terror Overload, Strip Club Slasher); Brandon Slagle (Methodic, Mega Shark vs Crocosourus); David C. Hayes (Blood Moon Rising, Slices); Keith Collins (Non Compos Mentis, Killer Hoo-Ha!); Manoush (Amelie from Montmatre, Le Petite Morte); Gry Bay (All About Anna); Melany Denise (Westbrick Murders); reality stars/celebrity models Katrine Poulsen and Jessica Sky; and many others. The role as Jimmy’s daughter is played by teenage talent Nicolette Michaela. In addition to brief cameos by Playboy models Angelina Leigh and Nikki Magnusson. The troubled film maker Jimmy Duncan is played by Kim Sønderholm who also directed the film, while his younger self is played by Danish actor-rapper Toke Lars Bjarke, well known for his performance in 2011's Best Foreign Picture Academy Award Winner and Golden Globe Winner "In A Better World".

Director Kim Sønderholm about the film "The "Little Big Boy" project started out as an experiment very much inspired by the documentary "Overnight" about the making of "Boondock Saints". I found that film very interesting and thoughts about making a fictional documentary - or mockumentary if you will - started buzzing around in my head. I wanted to infuse some of the somewhat toe crumbling humor known from sitcoms such as "The Office" and before I knew it I had a script and started shooting and luckily a lot of great people were keen on the idea - without them I would never have succeeded.
It's probably gonna cause a lot of controversy and I know a lot of people are instantly gonna be turned off by it and hate it automatically, but I also know the opposite to be true - I know a lot of people are gonna find it hysterical and hopefully even thought provocating. I know I had a blast making the film although it's very different from anything you've probably ever seen and I hope that enthusiasm shines through. Having said that, this is a one-off for me, at this point I don't know if I will ever direct another film but if I do, it will be back to straight fiction for me. As fun as this film has been to make, as big was the nightmare - especially getting it released to the public, a task that has taken me well over two and a half years. But I am happy to say I finally found a distribution company I felt could carry the task with grace and take it in the right direction. So... Without further due - make sure you get the film - out August 21! ..and enjoy!"

Horror Short Film Contest Set To Invade Bucket City

Dr. Gangrene and Culture Cringe Give You The Heebee Jeebees.

Nashville horror host Dr. Gangrene is teaming with Culture Cringe for the First Annual Heebie Jeebies Horror Short Film Festival. The one night event will showcase horror short films made locally in the middle Tennessee area as well as around the globe.

Dr. Gangrene said of the festival, “I'm excited to partner with Culture Cringe for the Heebie Jeebies film festival. They've been doing some exciting events in Murfreesboro, and their energy and enthusiasm will help make this an exciting event!”

Films will be screened September 29th 2012 at 3 Brothers Deli and Brewhouse located in the heart of Murfreesboro Tennesee, followed by an Award Scaremony honoring the best of the festival. Awards will be given for Best Director, Actor, Actress, Funniest Short, Scariest Short, Best Music Video, a best young film maker award and the Grand Prize of the festival will presented with the coveted Cringie Statue. Winners will also be included on a dvd release from Shackle Island Studios and Culture Cringe and aired on THE CW on Dr. Gangrene Presents television program.

Alongside Dr. Gangrene the festival is being curated by Benjamin Kaboom of Culture Cringe and film maker Cameron McCasland. McCasland said of the films being selected to screen, “I think everyone involved with Heebie Jeebies likes the idea of No Budget Lo-Fi film making. People just picking up a camera and shooting something that scares them, inspires them, makes them laugh, whatever. We want something different. It doesn’t have to be slick to make a good movie. I honestly just love the idea of friends running around in back yards and city streets making monster movies for the hell of it. Thats the stuff I want to see! ”

Films must be 22 minutes in length or less, horror themed, and meet TV decency standards. The contest is open to U.S. and Canadian citizens. Submissions must be received by August 22, 2012 A full list of rules can be found at http://heebiejeebiesfilmfest.blogspot.com

Culture Cringe is a label specializing in LO-FI media releases of indie musical artists and films on cassette tape, vhs, and a handcrafted self published zine. Culture Cringe podcast all things strange from Bucket City, Murfreesboro TN, Culture Cringe continues to put on shows and events in offbeat places with a focus on keeping things local and weird. For more information check out culturecringe.com

Larry Underwood is an award winning writer and television producer. Outside of his role of Dr. Gangrene , he writes a regular column for Scary Monsters Magazine and daily musings in his Tales From The Lab Blog at DrGangrene.com.

Cameron McCasland is an Emmy nominated film maker from Edgewood Texas who has called Nashville home since 2001. His work has been seen on MTV, CMT, The CW, and film festivals around the globe. His upcoming feature film “The Lashman” is due out later this year.

23 July 2012

Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! 2006 - REVIEW

In the world of horror films, nothing is really sacred... In 1984 Silent Night, Deadly Night gave Santa a bad name. In 1972 Blood Freak gave us all second thoughts about having turkey for Thanksgiving and in 1978 John Carpenter brought the boogeyman to life in Halloween. So is it really that hard to imagine that the Easter Bunny could be turned? Now, before you get the wrong idea, I'm not talking about films with real ravenous bunnies or giant mutant bunnies that invade podunk towns and eat everyone. I'm talking about a story that revolves around the Easter holiday and has a slasher dressed in a bunny suit. I know this isn't the first one to do it and I'm certain it won't be the last but it is the subject of this particular post so......

Remington (Timothy Muskatell), a murderous grifter cons his way into a mother's heart, putting on a fatherly facade to her cherished son, Nicholas (Ricardo Gray). But the second she leaves for work, a torrent of abuse rains upon the gentle boy. Remington heads out for some hookers and invites his dilettante-child molester-drug-dealer buddy over to abuse Nicholas. In the meantime, the only comfort the boy gets is in confiding with his new pet bunny. Debauchery is at hand but Nicholas is nowhere to be found but someone wearing the mask of the beloved holiday hopper shows up ready to deliver a blood-splattered night of unspeakable carnage.

The only problem I had with the acting in this film came from Charlotte Marie, it seemed a little wooden to me. BUT, it could've been intentional given the character she was embodying. Muskatell does a fabulous job. as usual and Gray was pretty awesome as the simple minded Nicholas. His character was endearing and believable. Trent Haaga, for the amount of screen time he received, also did a great job. I'm still trying to figure out who it is he reminds me of. At any rate, turns out he's not only a helluva director (Chop) but he's also good actor as well. The rest of the cast had pretty short roles but all played a part in moving the story forward. Stamp was effectively disgusting as the handicapped pedophile. Szychowski and Ward worked well together as the duo of hookers Remington picks up.

This is the kind of film a gore hound will love. I know it's weird to hear, hell it's actually kind of weird to say, but it's appropriately gory. I've seen so many films that were gory just for the sake of being gory but this is definitely not one of them and the effects were done really well. When you can do a close up of someone getting their guts ripped into by a skill saw and make it look believable, you've nailed it. Trust me, that wasn't the only blood you get out of this one. There's brain matter and guts and tons and tons of bloody goodness. As an amateur special effects makeup artist, I have to say that after seeing this film... Margaux Frankel is the SHIT!

The biggest problem I had with this one is that it was just too dark. As the story progresses and night falls, it gets so dark that at times, all I could do was listen to what was going on. That's a big no-no for me. I get it that it's night and the power was cut but it was just way too dark. That said, I thought writer/director Chad Ferrin did a good job setting the atmosphere and tone of the film. There is also a nice twist at the end that I didn't see coming, which is a plus for any film of this type. If I can figure it out within the first five minutes, it's a waste of time for me but he got me with this one. I would recommend this film to any "true" horror fan because it is a really fun film. It's well paced and will definitely give the viewer a new outlook on the Easter Bunny. Afterward, you'll be looking up the rest of Ferrin's work to watch, I know I did. HINT: Someone's Knocking at the Door is available on Netflix as I type.

17 July 2012


"Brutal" starring A. Michael Baldwin of Don Coscarelli's "Phantasm" franchise is now completed – and looking for distribution.

Baldwin waited 12 years for the right film to to come along to make his return to the big screen. The whole world sees him as Mike Pearson from "Phantasm", a very iconic part. Many film makers who grew up as fans have offered him lead roles in their movies but he turned them down. He was never going to return to the film industry and act again, unless he could find another iconic & memorable role, that would separate him from "Phantasm". That role finally came when he read the script for "Brutal".

The music for "Brutal" is composed by John Carpenter's (Halloween) partner of over a decade, Mr. Alan Howarth. Alan has worked on some of the biggest films of all-time, Halloween 2-6, Star Trek 1-6, The Thing, and many, many more. Alan completely transformed "Brutal" with the soundtrack just like John Carpenter did with Halloween 35 years before.

Darla Rae, co-director, is an award winning director who got her start in film as an actress in John Carpenter's Halloween. Finally, special effect make-up was by Christina Kortum, who also works on the hit T.V. show "Grimm"

For more information please check out the website http://www.brutalmovie.net/

"Brutal" in IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2129932/

Also please check out the documentary about “BRUTAL” here: http://youtu.be/uraiu1sJg1A

For further information or screeners, please contact Michael Patrick Stevens at zadokfilms@hotmail.com

Empress Vampire 2010 - PRESS RELEASE

New from Sick Puppy Pictures and Ange Maya Pictures is the campy, kick-ass EMPRESS VAMPIRE. Empress Vampire is one of the hottest, most erotic vampire movies to come along in decades. You won’t find any lovelorn, brooding vampires sparkling in the sun and pining for human teens in this film. This is old school vampirism at its best.

Luscious, exotic, and beautiful Ange Maya (former porn queen Ange Venus,
Blood Scarab) delivers a breakout, tour de force performance as Aleta, the Empress Vampire. Aleta’s story begins when her voluptuous, breast-baring vampire brood returns from a hunt with the gift of an innocent virgin (Megan Cordero, American Nudist) to satiate the Empress’ voracious lust for sex, blood, and flesh. While the Empress and her body-painted vampire spawn dance in celebration of the gift, her topless hand maidens bathe the virgin, preparing the girl to be offered, naked, for an orgiastic gauntlet of sex, mutilation, and death.

Political intrigue is added to the backdrop when cunning Secretary of Defense Arthur Hayes (Tom Cochrcape! From Robot Island) plots to recruit Aleta as a super assassin to take out enemies of the state. He dispatches FBI Agent Dan Higgins (Beau Nelson, Zombie Drugs) to find the Empress and make contact. When Agent Higgins discovers vampire hunter Ivor Helsing (Garrett Brawith, The Legend of Bloody Jack, Dexter) and psychic medium Ariana (Romanian actress Laura Contenescue, Caravaggio and My Mother the Pope) are also tracking Aleta, He recruits the pair to assist him.

As Agent Higgins, Ivor, and Ariana pursue the Empress, events take a perilous turn when they realize that they are no longer the hunters, but the hunted.

Empress Vampire is a strikingly different experience with flashback scenes to ancient China to witness the creation of vampirism (in Mandarin with English subtitles) and to the Transylvanian border with Romania in the 1800s, where the modern vampire mythology was born. Added to the mix is a song and dance number by talented composer, Doug Tidstrand (Long-Distance Princess ) between vampires and Secret Service Agents and the Empress and the Secretary of Defense, creating an incredibly rich tapestry to lavish the senses.

Filmmaker Phil Condit has poured his lifelong love of horror films into Empress Vampire, one of the sexiest and scariest female vampire movie ever made, to make sure you have one wild, roller coaster of a ride and a rip-roaring, horror film-viewing experience.

Enter the darkness!

12 July 2012

Friday the 13th the Series 1987-1990 (TV Show) - RETROSPECTIVE

In 1987 Paramount pushed the limits of Horror on prime time with their new hit TV series entitled Friday the 13th.  Probably half the people (including myself at the ripe age of 7) were thinking they were bringing the movie series with Jason Voorhees to a weekly show.  That was not the case and actually the show had nothing to do with the movie franchise at all.  Actually it was a pretty clever ploy to get people to watch.  When it came down to it Friday the 13th the Series was an excellent show and did not need to have a link to the movie franchise to become successful.  With a rather unknown cast and bringing subject matter to prime time that had not been done before.  When the show was taken off the air after 3 seasons it was not because the ratings were low or because one of the main cast had left.  It was because of protesting from religious groups and Paramount and Frank Mancuso Jr felt in this case it was better to give in rather to start a Holy war.  The show was cancelled abruptly before the 3rd season was finished.

The main cast consisted of simply 3 people: Mickey Foster (Louise Robey), Ryan Dallion (John D Le May), and Jack Marshack (Chris Wiggins).  The premise of the show was Mickey and Ryan inherited an antique shop  from their Uncle Lewis whom they did not know while he was alive.  They have a run in with Jack Marshack one of Lewis's old friends and the person who supplied his antiques. Jack clues Mickey and Ryan in on the fact that Lewis made a deal with the devil and all of his antiques were cursed.  Having just sold a ton of stuff off, now Ryan, Mickey  and Jack have to track down everything that has been sold and put it back in the stores vault.  The Vault is the only place that can keep the evil away from everything. Ryan is all about wanting to do this for a living but Mickey not so much.  She has a fiance to get back to and a whole other life, but she reluctantly agrees to stay on so the three of them can track down all the items in Lewis's manifest of sales.

SEASON 1:  Premiering on Sept. 28th, 1987 with the episode entitled "The Inheritance".  This episode explores the death of Uncle Lewis and the emergence of Mickey and Ryan.  Ryan being an immature college dropout who is giddy to have his own store and Mickey a stuck up, prissy brat looking to just sell everything off and rid herself of this burden.  Throughout the season starting in episode six the 3 of them have to deal with the spirit of the Evil Uncle Lewis trying to stop them from undoing everything he did.  Notable episodes that are a must watch in this season are: Shadow Boxer, Scarecrow, The Baron's Bride, and The Quilt of Hathor.  The Quilt of Hathor is my personal favorite from this season.  It is a 2 parter that takes place in an Amish community with Mickey and Ryan trying to recover a cursed quilt with the markings and colors of the devil. Whoever sleeps under it gets to kill their enemy in their dream.

SEASON 2:  Premiering on Sept 26th , 1988 with "Doorway to Hell". This episode deals with Uncle Lewis once again.  This episode is the final time they deal with him directly.  He is mentioned throughout the series but they seemed to have abandoned the storyline for later episodes.  Lewis lures Mickey and Ryan to a house he owned that he is going to use as his portal back to the world of the living if he can get all 3 of them there for his master Lucifer.  This was a great way to kick off another great season of Friday. Later in the season we see the introduction of a new character to help them at the store by the name of Johnny (Steve Monarque).  Must watch episodes from season 2 are: Heads I Live Tails You Die, 13 O'Clock, The Playhouse,  and Wedding Bell Blues.  Wedding Bell Blues is my favorite out of the season and it is also the episode that introduces Johnny.

SEASON 3:  Premiering on Oct 7th, 1989 with a 2 hour show entitled "The Prophecies".  This episode is probably the best of all of the ones from seasons 1 and 2. A very intense 2 hours that takes place mainly in France were all 4 of them have to battle a preist of Satan fulfilling the prophecies for the arrival of Satan.  This is also were we see the departure of John D LeMay's character.  While this is the last season for the show it was still going strong in the ratings, but when it was moved to an 8 O'clock time slot it was a prime target for religious groups.  While they could have fought to keep this on the air, Paramount chose not to fight this battle and cancel the show with not even the full season being aired.  While the show did lose alot of momentum when John left it was able to recover with some great episodes.  Must watch episodes are: The Prophecies, Crippled Inside, Bad Penny, Year of the Monkey, and The Charnel Pit.  My favorite from the last season is The Prophecies even though it was the last for the character of Ryan Dallion. 

Friday the 13th the Series really is my favorite TV series of all time.  I have all 3 seasons on dvd and  have watched them endlessly.  Almost as much as the Sci Fi channel and the Chiller channel used to play them.  Every now and then you can find an episode on one of these 2 channels but not often anymore.  There had been rumblings on the internet at one time that they planned on having the final episode artifact to find would be a hockey mask.  Leading them to the most brutal mass murderer in history.  Wonder who that could have been?  I'll give you 3 guesses!  Stay Twisted everyone!

07 July 2012


A Trick is an exhilarating thrill ride and new spin on, "A wolf in sheep's clothing." We meet Valarie as she comes toe to toe with a seemingly gentle do-gooder, but she quickly learns, there is a bit more to this “gentleman” than meets the eye.

A Trick will begin a film-festival run through late 2012 through the beginning of 2013 before it's aimed indie-tv release hits in mid-2013.

The Film is directed by: Michael J. Mitchell
Written by Cliff Goldsmith & Michael J. Mitchell
Created by Cliff Goldsmith
Produced by: Josh Hodgins, Michael J. Mitchell, Cliff Goldsmith, Victoria Urbina, Zeferino Urbina-Sanchez, and Verenice Mendez
Associate Producers: Erik A. Williams, Brandon Russell, Michael George, and Hunter Bosley.
Director of Photography: Brandon S. Russell
Starring: Cliff Goldsmith as Max and Cassandra Henry as Valarie.

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ATrickforValarie
Official Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Atrickmovie
Light Productions Website: http://lightfilmsproduction.webs.com
Light Productions Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Light-Productions/
To view footage about the film and for people to learn how to support it: http://lightfilmsproduction.webs.com/atrick.htm

03 July 2012

Breaking Glass Pictures Presents the Social Media Premiere of The Fields

PHILADELPHIA (2 July 2012) - Today Breaking Glass Pictures is proud to present for the first time via their new social network platform, THE FIELDS, available for instant rental and download. This award winning title is now instantly available at: http://thefieldsmovie.net/

Set in 1973, The Fields is an intense tale based on a true and gripping story of a young boy and his family terrorized by an unseen presence in their Pennsylvania cornfields. Mixing elements of the horror, thriller, and gothic genres, it combines an unpredictable plotline and shocking ending, keeping audiences continually in suspense. Acclaimed stars Cloris Leachman & Tara Reid produce chilling performances that have added to the festival circuit award wins (Best Feature Film, Best Original Screenplay, Best Actress, Best Director).

"By using this new technology within our platform everyone can watch quality streaming directly on their iPhone, iPad, computer, television or even on Facebook" said Richard Wolff, Breaking Glass Pictures CEO.

The technology is territory specific and provides SD/HD streaming and download directly to the public through http://thefieldsmovie.net/and embeddable on Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress and Tumblr. All for the small cost of USD $4.99 for rent and USD $12.99 download to own.

Wolff is eager to give back to those who have contributed to Breaking Glass' success. "In today's age, everything is on the Internet. From sites like Indiewire to Facebook, Twitter and the countless critics and bloggers that sacrifice their time to support our catalog, everyone contributes. Our new platform offers an opportunity for all registered users to embed the player and make 10% commission on sales. Partners simply go to http://thefieldsmovie.net/ click on the players share button and follow the onscreen instructions."

SYNOPSIS: Steven is a young boy sent to live in the Pennsylvania countryside with his grandparents while his mother (Tara Reid, American Pie) and father work through their marital troubles. Though his grandmother (Academy/Emmy Award winner Cloris Leachman) and grandfather are happy to host him, they warn Steven not to enter the cornfields next to their house. Meanwhile, Steven hears news of the notorious Manson family and their gruesome killing spree. He develops a morbid fascination with the murderous cult and at the same time he can't help but be drawn into the mysterious cornfields. Eventually he goes against his grandparents' wishes and enters the fields -- where he finds a dead body, though no one believes him. Then, menacing noises begin haunting the family from outside at night and the two family dogs go missing. Though Steven's family tries to protect him, whatever's lurking in the fields is about to make their lives a living nightmare.

Not to be missed, reviews are giving The Fields four stars, with:
The Independent Critic hailing it as: "a heady and complex thriller."

Film Threat: "American gothic suspense at its subtle best."

Blunt Film: "Brilliant. This film is gonna scare the b'jesus out of you."
Erie Film Festival - Won Best Directors, Best Actress for Leachman
Terror Film Festival - Won Best Feature, Best Actress for Leachman, Best Emerging Actor for Ormond
Philadelphia Terror Film Festival - Won Best Picture, Sound Design, Score, Emerging Actor for Ormond
Buffalo Niagara Film Festival - Won Best Picture

About Breaking Glass Pictures

Founded in 2009 by Richard Wolff and Richard Ross - two entertainment industry veterans - Breaking Glass Pictures is a cutting edge, globally connected media company based in Philadelphia, PA. It focuses on the distribution of films that push the envelope.

With its three film labels: Breaking Glass Pictures, QC Cinema, and Vicious Circle Films, the company takes a targeted approach to the independent, LGBT, documentary, and horror genres. In addition to theatrical, Blu-ray/DVD and VOD releases, Breaking Glass also takes many of their titles overseas, acting as international sales agent at film markets and negotiations, with strong ties in Australia, the UK, France, Germany, and Asia. Thirty Breaking Glass titles were represented at the Cannes Film Festival this year.

Highlights from the Breaking Glass film roster include the popular 2011 theatrical release 5 Star Day (starring Cam Gigandet and Jena Malone), the hit thriller The Fields (starring Academy Award ® winner Cloris Leachman and Tara Reid), the critically acclaimed Easier with Practice (Winner of Best First Feature at the Independent Spirit Awards; starring The Hurt Locker's Brian Geraghty), the Oscar-shortlisted documentary The Lottery, and famed director Casper Andreas' crowd-pleasing film festival hits The Big Gay Musical and Violet Tendencies.

Cementing its commitment to provocative cinema, Breaking Glass Pictures is poised to release cult film director Steve Balderson's latest feature Casserole Club (former Backstreet Boy Kevin Scott Richardson in a breakout role), and the critically acclaimed thriller Scalene (starring Margo Martindale of TV's Justified and Dexter).

Since opening their doors, Breaking Glass Pictures has released more titles (averaging four a month) than the vast majority of its contemporaries. With a packed release schedule through the upcoming months, the company is expanding and gaining notoriety as it moves toward its fourth year of operation. Fans of movies that offer truly independent content have a new, dependable source for quality cinema, and thanks to the company's commitment to Philadelphia, the film industry may have to put the city on the map as fertile ground for a new film market.

02 July 2012

Smiley Gets a Release Date

LOS ANGELES, CA- Fever Productions announces October 11th, 2012, as the day and date release for the much anticipated horror-thriller SMILEY. The film, which will have a highly innovative, new distribution plan, was directed by YouTube sensation Michael J. Gallagher (“Totally Sketch”) and was co-written by Gallagher and Glasgow Phillips (“South Park”). Michael Wormser (Some Guy Who Kills People) is the producer. Gallagher and his YouTube partners on “Totally Sketch,” as well as the other performers in the film, have an enormous fan base to call on with over 11 million subscribers, 2.2 billion views and 4 million plus fans on Facebook/Twitter. The trailer has accumulated over 11 million views since its debut.

After learning of an urban legend in which a demented serial killer named “Smiley” can be summoned through the Internet, mentally fragile Ashley (Caitland Gerard from Magic Mike and The Social Network) must decide whether she is losing her mind or becoming Smiley’s next victim. The film also stars Melanie Papalia (“Endgame”), Shane Dawson (“Shane Dawson’s TV”) and Andrew James Allen (“Make It or Break It”), with Toby Turner (“The Annoying Orange”), Roger Bart (“Desperate Housewives”), Keith David (The Thing) and Liza Weil (“Scandal”) rounding out the cast.

SMILEY will be made directly available to a massive global fan base by using a new hybrid approach for distribution. To see the film in theaters, the producers will be utilizing Tugg, Inc. (“Tugg”), a web-platform that lets audiences choose the films that play in their local theater. With Tugg, fans will be able to buy tickets to premiere screenings throughout the U.S. on October 11th and October 31st. Tickets for the premiere screenings will go sale on Monday, July 16th, and fans will be able to request to host their own screenings soon after.

Starting Friday, June 29th, fans will be able to pre-order SMILEY to stream on demand through the film’s website, for a reduced price of five dollars. The buyers will also be prompted to select between a PG-13 or R-rated Director’s Cut of the film. At 12:01 am on October 11th, audiences will receive an email notification that SMILEY is now available to stream over their computers, smart TV’s, smart phones and tablets in the U.S. and most international markets through Redux’s Artists platform, which enables artists and filmmakers to sell video content directly to their audience across every screen. The film streams exclusively on Redux between October 11th and October 31st.

In addition to the Tugg and Redux roll out, the film will be available on more traditional platforms including DVD, Blu-ray, iTunes, Redbox and cable VOD at a later date.

Earlier today, June 29th, Gallagher and the filmmakers appeared at the Anaheim Convention Center at VidCon to deliver a presentation about the release in front of thousands of fans. They also announced two contests, one that will give away invitations to the Hollywood premiere of the film, and a second to allow up to 10 fans to make a cameo appearance in the final cut of the film, which is still in post- production.

Said director Michael Gallagher:
“We wanted to ensure SMILEY would be made available on the same day to fans worldwide. The love and support for the film has given us the confidence to move forward with an innovative release strategy, which puts the audience in the driver’s seat. If they want to see the film in theaters, they can demand it. If they want to watch it at home, they can stream it on any video device. They can even choose between a PG-13 version and an R-rated Director’s Cut. Also, because we are doing it independently, we are able to keep the costs low and the process simple. We hope to create a new model that puts the fans first and lets their interest in the film drive the distribution, not the other way around." 
For more information on the film, contests, upcoming screenings, and to pre-order it today, visit Smiley online!

The Tall Man International Trailer and Poster Released

 Looks like Jessica Biel is going back to her horror roots in The Tall Man, a film that centers around a sort of urban legend known as The Tall Man who abducts children. A rather "meh" synopsis of the film but with a director like Pascal Laugier (Martyrs) how can a true genre fan not be a little hyped up about this one? We'll see I guess. It's slated for release August 31 and also stars Stephen McHattie, Jakob Davies, William B. Davis, Samantha Ferris and Jodelle Ferland.