28 November 2011

Dallas Morning News Shuns Homeless Animals

In attempt to get the word out on an upcoming charity event, we sent out multiple press releases to a number of local media outlets. The usual rigmarole is that you'll get some bites from people requesting more information or you'll just be ignored... yes, they'll ignore a charity event because let's face it, unless you have some high powered company or high profile celebrity, they just don't care. Sucks, but it's the truth. BUT, the response we got this morning from the major local newspaper in town, The Dallas Morning News, is down right shameful. The media outlet who claims in this article to focus on community, actually put us on the "REMOVE" list. Yes, you read that right... the "REMOVE" list. It's not like we were advertising for some out of country charity, all proceeds from this event will go to Operation Kindness, a LOCAL charity.

The Red Carpet Event, being hosted by yours truly on December 9th & 10th at The Angelika – Dallas - has one goal in mind – raise awareness for, and bring a little Holiday Happiness to the animals without homes during this holiday season.

The film, All American Zombie Drugs – a Comedic Social Satire, is an award winning independent film with cast members making the hike from Hollywood on their own dime in support of the cause.

BTW, I checked their entertainment headlines for the day. It seems Jamie Foxx will be in town, Justin Bieber and the cast of Glee are releasing a Christmas album, Demi Lovato gave a great performance at the Verizon Theatre and Let's Rock Elmo is a top toy. This folks......... is the news.

Dallas Morning News provides a means for their viewers to submit news topics to the editors, and rather than showing the least bit of respect by just not responding, “Remove Emails” is a clear indication that their motivation isn’t for the community of Dallas, but rather for their own well-being. So, on behalf of myself and... well... just myself, I'd like to say a great big SHAME ON YOU! Actually, I'd like to say a lot more than that but I actually care about this charity so I'll bite my tongue for once. I'm sure they won't miss my piddly little dollar and however much they charge... oh who am I kidding, I didn't read their shit anyway.

17 November 2011

All American Zombie Drugs And Twisted Central Team Up For Operation Kindness

All American Zombie Drugs is heading to Dallas for a two-day showing at the Angelika Theater; a Twisted Central hosted event in support of the local animal shelter Operation Kindness.

All American Zombie Drugs is a hilarious comedic social satire put together by filmmakers Beau Nelson and Alex Ballar. Sebastian (Beau Nelson - The Artist, Madoff: Made Off With America) and Vinny (Wolfgang Weber) are burn-outs going nowhere in small town Suburbia, USA. Still riding the high left over from their high school days, they start a business manufacturing the only thing they have ever been good at, drugs.

With the help of Sebastian’s jealous girlfriend Kara (Susan Graham) and her rich Goth friend Melissa (Natalie Irby), our two slackers take on the local Mob, angry geek-frat-boys, Vinny’s dead brother Michael (Alex Ballar – War Wolves, Sasquatch Mountain) and Zombies.

For two days only, December 9th and 10th at 8pm, Twisted Central will be sponsoring the event at The Angelika Theater in Dallas, TX in support of North Texas’ Oldest and Largest No-Kill Animal Shelter, Operation Kindness. All proceeds go directly to support animal humanity. Operation Kindness will be in attendance with animals from the shelter prior to the showing, then join the Director, Alex Ballar, and actors Beau Nelson and Wolfgang Weber for a Q&A following the showing each night.

The film, nominated for Best Comedy, Best Cinematography and Winner of Best Art Direction at the AOF Int’l Festival has been compared to Dude Where’s My Car meets Pineapple Express with Zombies; special appearances by Brian Thomas Smith (Big Bang Theory) and David Reynolds (The Hills Have Eyes, House of 1000 Corpses).

Twisted Central (TwistedCentral.com) is run by Dallas-area local native, Tammy Dupal. Together we hope to raise awareness and help save the homeless animals in the world.