18 November 2014

The Second Trailer Released for "The Dooms Chapel Horror" - PRESS RELEASE

The Dooms Chapel Horror is a creature feature with heart. This tale of terror recently had its World Premiere, in Paducah Kentucky. Here, the film played at the River’s Edge Film Festival, to a packed house. This indie horror feature tells a tale of revenge. And, the film centrally stars: Bill Oberst Jr. (Deadly Revisions), Shaun Gerardo (X-Men: First Class), Wendy Keeling (Revelation Trail) and Joshua Mark Robinson (Burning Kentucky). The filmmakers, director John William Holt and writer Jason Turner, are pleased to release a second, much bloodier trailer for The Dooms Chapel Horror right here!

This extended trailer shows the conflicts housed within Kaler Mills. Kyle (Austin Madding) returns to his hometown, after being absent for ten years. He is there to put a family tragedy to rest. Blamed for the death of his brother, Ryan (William Ryan Watson, Stoker), he hopes to clear his name, by proving that his brother’s death was an accident. But, something in the woods promises to take even more from Kyle.

The Dooms Chapel Horror debuted on the big screen to a packed crowd. The World Premiere of the film was sold-out as producer, Christopher Bower, brought the film back to where it was filmed. Most recently, the film has taken part in the American Film Market, where it was shown to over a dozen distributors. This film is expected to release in 2015.

The official trailer for the film is available here:
A downloadable version of the trailer is available here:

The official synopsis: “A horrific family tragedy, a town that lays blame, a boy who wants revenge. The Dooms Chapel Horror rises to unleash its terrible vengeance on the tight-knit, southern town of Kaler Mills.

Blamed for the death of his celebrated older brother, young Kyle Cole is tormented by members of the community, to the point of no return. A secret meeting at the compound of a mysterious and dangerous man named Jordan sets the fate of the town...only to be put on hold as Kyle's parents, succumbing to their grief, abruptly send Kyle away to be raised by distant relatives.

Now, years later, Kyle is a young man on the verge of graduating from college. He is joined by his girlfriend Mandy and Tanner, a young documentary filmmaker, as he travels back to Kaler Mills. He hopes to find peace with his mother and father and to finally deal with the events that caused him so much sadness and anger as a boy. But, his parents are not the only ones waiting for Kyle's return. The table is still set and Jordan, his adopted son Samuel and the dark, ancient creation of Kyle's vengeance have been waiting...and they are hungry!

Fan pages for the film can be found here:

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16 November 2014

Topy 5 Horror Moives of 1989

The last year of just a fantastic decade for horror films.  The slasher films start to wain and die off but there are still a ton of great horror films in this year.  Although I have to say it is the worst year for 3 big franchises: Halloween 5, Friday the 13th Part 8 and Nightmare on Elms St part 5.  All 3 in my opinion are flops.  Each one had a giant success with the prev installments but could not sustain it.  Spoiler here!  None of those 3 make my top 5 list.

Stephen King the master!  This is one of my favorite King movie and one of the few films that actually scared me and gave me nightmares multiple nights in a row.  Very deserving of #5 on this list.

It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I am a Full Moon nut.  This it the one that started the Full Moon success that lasted through most of the 90's.  I don't care for this one as much as the sequels but I love it all the same.  No real notable actors in this one but a nice cameo by Barbara Crampton.

A controversial film to say the least but not because of the film itself but what went on behind the curtains.  Unfortunately this one will probably not see another release on DVD or BluRay.  If it did I would be surprised.  If you have never seen it I recommend it, you can watch the full movie on You Tube.  The quality is not great but unless you were lucky enough to get a copy that never really hit the shelves then it is the only way.

The 2nd sequel to the 1983 masterpiece starring Bruce's little sister Pamela Springsteen as our Transgender killer.  While this was filmed at the same time as Part II it was not released till a year later.  My favorite of the series honestly.

One of my favorite movies that is severely underrated.  Steve Miner, who is well recognized in the horror world, did a fantastic job with this film.  Not only is it creepy as shit but Julian Sands turns in an outstanding performance of a very evil warlock.  So yes this is my #1 of 1989!

09 November 2014

The Convention Documentary Fantasm Hits DVD on November 11th - PRESS RELEASE

Horror convention documentary Fantasm will be released on DVD on November 11th. It's currently available for pre-order at a discounted price via fantasm.storenvy.com.

In addition to the feature-length documentary, this limited edition DVD includes the original student film, extended interviews, bloopers, "Dinner at the Kuchta's," trailers and the Kickstarter video.

Fantasm is on sale for $13 until the November 11th release, after which the price will increase. It's also available signed by director Kyle Kuchta - at no additional cost - during the pre-order period only. Posters are on sale as well.

"I'm excited that Fantasm will finally be out and available," says Kuchta. "What started as a student film grew into so much more, and I'm grateful for all the love and support over the past two years."

In an effort to understand his own fascination with the genre, horror fanatic Kyle Kuchta embarked on a journey to six horror conventions throughout the united states. Through interviews with actors, directors, horror experts and fellow fans at conventions, Kyle discovered that it’s not only the love of the genre that makes these gatherings so special, but it’s the sense of community.

Fantasm features insight from such notable names as Tom Atkins (Escape from New York), Heather Langenkamp (A Nightmare on Elm Street), Lloyd Kaufman (The Toxic Avenger), Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2), Richard Johnson (The Haunting) and more, alongside the dedicate fans who attend horror conventions.

Kuchta will celebrate the release of Fantasm with a free screening and release party at Jumpcut Cafe in Studio City, CA on Saturday, November 8th. Event details can be found here.

Special features:
Original student film
Extended interviews
"Dinner at the Kuchta's" featurette
Kickstarter video

Pre-order Fantasm on DVD now: fantasm.storenvy.com

Completion Nearing for "Granny's House" Starring Bill Oberst Jr - PRESS RELEASE

Director Les Mahoney (Available) has nearly completed post-production on the indie horror, thriller feature At Granny`s House. This film stars Rachel Alig (Bikini Spring Break), Glenda Morgan Brown (“The West Wing”), Mahoney(Coldwood) and indie horror favorite Bill Oberst Jr. (of the Emmy-winning Takethislollipop.com and Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies).

This title is of a loving caregiver whose dark secret makes Granny’s house a macabre place of death - and love. Shot entirely in a rural town in Colorado, At Granny’s House is a dark Hitchcockian thriller that will make audiences wonder what is going on, behind closed doors in small-town America.

The first teaser trailer for the film was recently released. In it, we see Alig with her ever-present syringe. Oberst, Morgan Brown and a mysterious dishevelled man (held captive in an austere room) are also shown.

While details of the movie are still shrouded in mystery, it is certain that those who enter Granny’s house will never be the same.

The film`s trailer is here:

As well, the trailer can be downloaded here:

Release Date: TBA.

Director: Les Mahoney.

Cast: Bill Oberst Jr., Rachel Alig, Laura Lee and Nissa Von Reiter

The film`s homepage is available here:

At Granny`s House on Facebook:

04 November 2014

Bill Oberst Jr. Receives Lon Chaney Award for Outstanding Achievement in Independent Horror Films

Actor Bill Oberst Jr. has received the "Lon Chaney Award for Outstanding Achievement in Independent Horror Films," at the FANtastic Horror Film Festival (FHFF) in San Diego. Ron Chaney, the great-grandson of Lon Chaney and the grandson of Lon Chaney Jr., was on hand along with Lon Chaney’s great-great-granddaughters Jaclynn and Jennifer to present Oberst with this first-ever award.

Festival organizers kept the award a secret to surprise Oberst, who has often cited Lon Chaney as a major influence and expressed a desire to play The Man Of A Thousand Faces on stage or screen. The actor was nearly speechless as Ron Chaney called him forward at the FHFF Awards Banquet. "My inner 14 year-old horror kid is in overdrive right now," he said. "Without the Chaney family there would be no horror genre."

Ron Chaney, speaking for the family, thanked the FHFF crowd for helping to keep the Chaney cinematic legacy alive. "We are honored to be here tonight to present this first ever Lon Chaney Award in the spirit and in the memory of my grandfather and great-grandfather," he said.Chaney is President & CEO of Chaney Entertainment, Inc. which manages licensing rights to the two Lons, and maintains The Official Chaney Site and store at: http://lonchaney.com/ 

More on the FANtastic Horror Film Festival is at http://www.fhffsd.org/

More on Bill Oberst Jr.'s work is at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2454994/

Psychological Horror Eggs Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Los Angeles, California - Director Ryan Stockstad has partnered with producer Gui Pereira to make the short horror movie “Eggs.” Lynn Lowry and Duane Whitaker will star in this short, which was written by Stockstad and Jon Rosenberg. The filmmakers have launched a campaign on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter to raise $30,000 of the project's budget.

"’Eggs’ is a psychological horror movie about loneliness and madness taken to extreme consequences," said Ryan Stockstad, founder of Crowned Prince Productions. "It's about what can happen when otherwise good people ignore the suffering of others."

Screenwriter Jon Rosenberg adds: "what makes ‘Eggs’ truly frightening is that it could happen. And it actually does. It culminates in a bloody finale that is not too far removed from what you hear about almost every day on the evening news."

Casting on this short film has already begun. Actress Lynn Lowry will star. Lowry is a respected horror icon having appeared in over 25 horror movies, including David Cronenberg's first feature film Shivers(1975), the George A. Romero classic The Crazies (1973), the enduring cult classic I Drink Your Blood (1970). Lowry says of her upcoming appearance in “Eggs:” "I'm certain this short film will win plenty of awards. It's one of the most unique scripts I've ever read."

As well, prolific actor Duane Whitaker has also been cast. Whitaker is perhaps best known for his performance in Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction (1994) as Maynard, the menacing proprietor of the “Mason Dixon Pawn Shop.” He has also appeared in From Dusk Till Dawn 2 (1999), which he also co-wrote and also in The Devil’s Rejects (2005). Whitaker says of his appearance in Stockstad’s latest: "a project this good is rare. I can't wait to see it made!" And, “Eggs” will begin shooting later this year.

The filmmakers have chosen to raise funds on Kickstarter to better retain their creative freedom and reach a larger section of horror movie fans than might otherwise be available to them. In exchange for financial pledges, they're offering a number of valuable rewards, including DVDs, Blu-rays, t-shirts, posters, books, autographs, invitations to private events, producer credits, and more!

The official synopsis: “A lonely woman in a small town is hearing voices. With her family all either dead or gone, it isn't long before she begins to believe that her dead son is speaking to her. This motivates her to take action for the first time in years, but without the support of people who care for her, things go very, very badly.”

”Eggs” was recently chosen by the Kickstarter staff to be listed as a Kickstarter Staff Pick. The campaign will run now through November 7th, 2014. For more information, please visit:


Deadly Revisions Lands Distribution with SGL Entertaiment

SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce that it has acquired the award winning film “Deadly Revisions”. This psychological, horror, thriller stars Emmy Award Winning Actor Bill Oberst Jr. Best Known for a Daytime Emmy Award Winning performance in “Take This Lollipop” and a Ratings Winning role on CBS-TV’s “Criminal Minds”.

SYNOPSIS: Horror writer and filmmaker Grafton Torn awakens from a coma to find himself with a large section of his memory missing. To aide in the doctor’s orders of rest and relaxation, good friend Deter offers Grafton his remote lakeside cabin. There, with the help of a hypnotherapist and medication, Grafton tries to piece together the missing memories… Scrambling for answers, Grafton must face his own creations including a hooded figure, a possessed doll, a zombie and more, before DEADLY REVISIONS rushes to its shocking conclusion and Grafton realizes the line between reality and madness is as thin as a sheet of blank paper.

The film stars: Bill Oberst Jr., Mikhail Blokh, Cindy Merrill, Lise Hart and Dawna Lee Heising

Bill Oberst Jr.

Cindy Merrill

Lise Hart

Mikhail Blokh
Deadly Revisions was Written, Directed and Produced by Gregory Blair who won for “Best Director” at the EOTM’s. The movie will be available in early 2015 on Blu-ray, DVD, Cable TV and all of the top VOD Video On Demand Platforms such as iTunes Movies, Amazon Prime, Google Play, M-GO, Bigstar TV and others via SGL Entertainment, along with our partners MVD Visual and Indie Rights Movies. SGL Entertainment, headed up by Jeffrey A. Swanson and Damien Dante is a worldwide major independent film distribution company.

Gregory Blair
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