16 November 2014

Topy 5 Horror Moives of 1989

The last year of just a fantastic decade for horror films.  The slasher films start to wain and die off but there are still a ton of great horror films in this year.  Although I have to say it is the worst year for 3 big franchises: Halloween 5, Friday the 13th Part 8 and Nightmare on Elms St part 5.  All 3 in my opinion are flops.  Each one had a giant success with the prev installments but could not sustain it.  Spoiler here!  None of those 3 make my top 5 list.

Stephen King the master!  This is one of my favorite King movie and one of the few films that actually scared me and gave me nightmares multiple nights in a row.  Very deserving of #5 on this list.

It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I am a Full Moon nut.  This it the one that started the Full Moon success that lasted through most of the 90's.  I don't care for this one as much as the sequels but I love it all the same.  No real notable actors in this one but a nice cameo by Barbara Crampton.

A controversial film to say the least but not because of the film itself but what went on behind the curtains.  Unfortunately this one will probably not see another release on DVD or BluRay.  If it did I would be surprised.  If you have never seen it I recommend it, you can watch the full movie on You Tube.  The quality is not great but unless you were lucky enough to get a copy that never really hit the shelves then it is the only way.

The 2nd sequel to the 1983 masterpiece starring Bruce's little sister Pamela Springsteen as our Transgender killer.  While this was filmed at the same time as Part II it was not released till a year later.  My favorite of the series honestly.

One of my favorite movies that is severely underrated.  Steve Miner, who is well recognized in the horror world, did a fantastic job with this film.  Not only is it creepy as shit but Julian Sands turns in an outstanding performance of a very evil warlock.  So yes this is my #1 of 1989!

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