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26 October 2016

OSCAR Qualified Short Film Night of the Slasher Now Available for Worldwide Viewing

(Hollywood, CA) – October 26th, 2016 – With over 160 festival selections including SXSW, and 40 award wins, Night of the Slasher, written and directed by Shant Hamassian, has just been released as Vimeo’s first horror Staff Pick Premiere and it’s OSCAR® qualified.


Night of the Slasher is a 'shot-in-one-take' film about a teenage girl who must commit horror movie sins by drinking alcohol, doing drugs, and having sex in order to lure a masked killer and exact revenge.

The film is a proof-of-concept for a full-length feature. Hamassian’s goal is to rethink slasher films from a low-brow art to a high profile cinematic piece.

“Night of the Slasher transcends genres, from horror to slasher to teen drama. The timing is perfect for the project now as more and more doors have opened for my work and these types of bold stories. We’re presently in discussions with serious industry players in regards to the feature becoming a reality,” explains Hamassian.

Dozens of horror publications including Fangoria, Substream Magazine, and Dread Central, among many others, wrote news articles that went viral, circulating in over 3 million facebook feeds. The film has been one of the highest rated horror shorts as reference movie site Horror Freak News placed it as #1 Horror Short of 2015.

Things escalated further for the project when it was accepted to SXSW and was quickly on many movie sites must-lists.

The original 80s style rock song in the film, “Dying For Love”, written by Jeff Phillips, Matt Cheadle, and performed by Grayce will be available soon at this link:


Starring Lily Berlina (the Slasher girl), Scott Javore (the Bait), and Adam Lesar (the Killer), Night of the Slasher is written and directed by Shant Hamassian, produced by Adam Lesar, Eve Constance, and Shant Hamassian. Cinematography by Eli Tahan, Visual FX by Alessandro Schiassi & Michaelangelo Frisoni, and Music by Simon Michel.

Shant Hamassian grew up in Calabasas, California and attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. He has directed music videos, comedic sketches, as well various shorts that have won awards and played internationally in the film festival circuit. His horror script Neville, made the 2011 Bloodlist and his comedy script, Just Rewind received a high recommendation letter from a former UTA partner.

To find out more about Night of the Slasher, full list of awards, and its tour calendar, please check the official website

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31 Days of Horror Day 26 RWD 2015 - REVIEW

Anyone who has followed along with TC for any amount of time, knows that I am not a fan of found footage films. It's an oversaturated subgenre littered with subpar films that will always be (either by filmmakers themselves or media) held in comparison to The Blair Witch Project but rarely exceed it's greatness. Don't get me wrong, there are some FF films that I enjoy, [Rec]Grave Encounters and The Hunted, are good examples. However, those are rare finds in the almost infinite flow of these types of films.

Chris (Adam Hartley) and Ricky (Matt Stuertz) are two wannabe filmmakers who host a web series called "Ghost Goofs". The series has them hunting ghosts but not to talk to them or help them cross over, it's to prank them (yes you read that right). The two head off into the woods to investigate the legend of a family man turned cannibal while stranded in the middle of nowhere. Turns out Chris scheduled the wrong dates for their interview subjects so they instead go wandering around the woods in search of a different story. What they find instead is themselves.

Sounds like the plot to a John Hughes coming of age film, no? Well, it's far, far from it. Now, I'm not advocating hand holding by a filmmaker. I'm not asking them to divulge every teeny bit of info so the audience can follow along; BUT the audience does need to know what's going on. They need to be able to connect with some aspect of the film in order to enjoy it. By introducing RWD with a line like "Blair Witch move over", directors Hartley and Stuertz set major hurdles for themselves. If you're going to place your film in the league of what is arguably one of the best FF films of the entire subgenre, you better deliver. Unfortunately RWD doesn't.

When you have a cast of two that have to carry an entire film, those characters need to be built in a way where they're, at the very least, likable. At first, Chris and Ricky just come off as two goofballs doing what they love but twenty or so minutes into the film, they turn into giant self centered douche bags and you really just want them to die. There is this epic event going on around them and the best the writers can come up with is to have them prank themselves. It literally makes no sense and in turn causes the whole story to fall apart. I do applaud them for coming up with an original idea however there just wasn't enough substance there to sustain it for it's 77 minute run time. In my opinion, 57 minutes or so of this film could've been left on the cutting room floor and RWD would've made a pretty stellar short film.

25 October 2016

31 Days of Horror Day 25 House of Purgatory 2016 - REVIEW

We've all heard the stories about those haunted houses where you get your money back if you make it through the entire thing. The one that I've heard the most about is called The 13th Floor and while there IS a haunted house in San Antonio with that name, you do not get your money back if you complete the tour. I myself have never been to one and I don't know anybody else who has either. I have a hard time believing that there is one anywhere that is so scary, they make the majority of their money off of people who can't make it through. But alas, this is how legends are formed.

It's a story that has existed throughout the Midwest for years - a haunted attraction that repays a portion of the admittance fee for every floor patrons are brave enough to complete. The haunted house is supposedly so terrifying, however, that nobody has ever made it all the way through to the end. On Halloween night, four Wisconsin teenagers go looking for this supposed urban legend. What they find is the House of Purgatory - the source of all the stories. Once inside the house, the teens quickly realize the house is more than a mere haunted attraction. The house somehow knows the things each of the kids keep hidden, and forces each of them to come face to face with the secrets they keep.

One thing the film has going for it is an outstanding cast. Anne LeightonLaura CooverBrad FryAaron Galvin and an unrecognizable Brian Krause do a great job of bringing their characters to life. Unfortunately, first time director Tyler Christensen made the decision to portray the characters as high school students which this particular cast can't pull off. No, I not bashing their ages so before someone starts with the blah, blah, blah, I'm simply pointing out that they are not believable as high school students. Aside from that, the film has a solid cast. Also, the first half hour of the movie focuses on building the characters of three of girls but when it comes time to head to the haunted house, two of the girls stay behind and three new characters come in. Personally I think that first thirty minutes would've been better spent focusing on the characters that would actually be the focal point of the film.

The film has an interesting premise, It doesn't go the usual haunted house slasher movie route but more like a thriller that takes a glimpse into a hell of your own making. I mean that's kind of what purgatory is, right? Once the film finds it's footing, it holds up rather well. The sets inside the haunted house are very well done and the coloring gives it the perfect haunted house vibe. Without going into too much detail (no spoilers), I will say that I took a bit of an issue with some of the "hell of your own making" storylines. However, House of Purgatory, while not incredibly original, is a good watch and manages to tell a well rounded story in it's short 75 minute run time.

Cast of Christmas Horror All Through the House to Sign at Dark Delicacies

Los Angeles, CA – Prepare to unwrap some Christmas fear this Halloween. On Sunday, October 30 at 2:00pm the cast and crew from the Santa slasher ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE will be doing a Blu-ray signing at Dark Delicacies, 3512 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA 91505; (818) 556-6660. Blu-ray copies can be purchased at:

The Dark Delicacies signing features Scream Queens Jessica Cameron, Ashley Mary Nunes, Johanna Rae, Natalie Montera, Kelsey Karlsted, and Tamra Garrett. Also attending are actors Melynda Kiring, Lito Velasco, Cathy Garrett, Lyndon Laveaux and Jason Ray Schumacher, along with writer/director Todd Nunes and producers Stephen Readmond and Christopher Stanley.

The Christmas-themed horror film ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE made its U.S. debut on all major VOD platforms October 4, 2016 and is released by Gravitas Ventures. VOD Platforms include: iTunes, Vudu, Google Play, Playstation 4, Amazon Instant Video, and Microsoft Xbox. The DVD/Blu-ray version is available on Amazon.

Hot off the festival circuit, ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE has received 20 nominations and nine awards including: Best Slasher, Best Editing, and Audience Choice Award (RIP Horror Film Festival, Hollywood, CA), Best Director (Hardcore Horror Fest, Chicago, IL), Best Local Feature (Another Hole in the Head, San Francisco, CA), and Best Supporting Actress (Action on Film Festival, Monrovia, CA).

ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE stars Ashley Mary Nunes (SYFY’S Robot Combat League), Jessica Cameron (Truth or Dare), Jennifer Wenger (Tales of Halloween), and Lito Velasco (Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy). The film’s gory special effects were created by Tommy Pietch of SYFY’S Face Off and Star Trek: Renegades.

Official Synopsis: Fifteen years ago, a peaceful Christmas neighborhood was engulfed by fear when five-year-old Jamie Garrett was mysteriously taken from her bedroom, never to be seen again. Now on Christmas break, Rachel Kimmel comes home from college to find her neighborhood struck again by a reign of terror. A violent killer is hiding behind a grisly Santa mask, leaving a bloody trail of slaughtered women and castrated men on the steps of the Garrett house. Rachel finds herself in a horrifying nightmare as she discovers the twisted secret behind the mask.

Critical Praise: “Nunes does a fantastic job of making sure to keep the blood flowing and having each kill be distinctive and superb in its own way.” – The Movie Sleuth

“All Through the House is the perfect stocking stuffer, the perfect present under the tree. It’s an unpredictable gore fest filled with holiday cheer and unadulterated horror” – Horror Society

ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE was shot in 21 days in the summer of 2014 in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Lake Arrowhead, CA. Director/Writer Todd Nunes is currently at work on his next horror film Death Ward 13, a remake of the cult classic Don’t Look in the Basement.

Full Cast: Ashley Mary Nunes, Jessica Cameron, Melynda Kiring, Jennifer Wenger, Lito Velasco, Natalie Montera, Jason Rayer, Johanna Rae (Natural Born Filmmakers), Cathy Garrett, Matt Poeschl (“Entourage”), Danica Riner, Kelsey Carlstedt, Lyndon Laveaux, Justice Lee, Sarah Miller, Milijana Riner, Noah Boylen, John Nunes, and Sky Boyle.

Vampyres and The Perfect Husband Now on VOD

VAMPYRES is now out on VOD. The remake of the 1970s Euro Trash classic of the same name has been enthusiastically received:

“This erotic horror film is chock-full of the bloodiest vampire lesbianism and should satisfy even the most pernickety of horror fans.” Cinehouse
“A guilty pleasure if ever there was one, and far more enjoyable and to-the-point than Vampyros Lesbos. – EFilmCritic
“An excitingly titillating adaptation that really captures the 70s lesbian vampire film vibe with an exquisite modern twist.” – WeAreIndieHorror
“Blood-letting and endless nudity…that make the film feel authentically like a vintage Euro-horror movie. And for that we applaud it.” – ComingSoon
“Breasts are bared, blood flows like rain, wine is consumed, and sex is had…will anyone be able to escape the sexy embrace of these vicious vamps?” – TheOutreEye
“A homage to 1970s erotic Euro horror at its best.” – SearchMyTrash
“Genuine horror…I was pleased to see the special effects for the blood-letting was quite entertaining.” – RottingZombie
“Sometimes it’s just not safe to pick up chicks!” – MrSkin
“An arousing visual experience…The audience is fixed as voyeurs to spectacles of carnage and eroticism.” – DecayMag
“Definitely a remake worth seeing, and so very appropriate for the Halloween season.” – CoffeeCoffee&MoreCoffee
“There was a lot of nudity in Vampyres. A LOT of nudity.” – LeglessCorpse
“You want kissing and sex and blood? You’ve got it in spades. Bring on the sequel.” – TheSlaughteredBird

Vampyres is now available on the Dish Network as well as the following VOD outlets:

Amazon Video

Also just out today is The Perfect Husband, a thriller/horror tale about a loving couple and their bloody descent into domestic hell.

"Thrilling and exciting." - WeAreIndieHorror
“Terrifying and suspenseful...This is a great movie, no doubt about it!” – The Flick Fanatic’s Companion
"A genuinely entertaining flick that’s brutal, bloody, unnerving and visually satisfying." -
“"A twist that shocks the senses. - HorrorTalk
“A solid and entertaining horror flick…it’s worth checking out.”- The
“A delirious frenzy of brutal bloodlust and psychological terror with one heck of a big twist." - McBastard's Mausoleum
"Effective...gripping." - Digital Journal
"A disturbing psychological thriller…a finely crafted film with real weight behind it."
"Effectively unsettling." Rock!Shock!Pop!
“Well made, bloody violent and carried by great performances. Well worth your time." Celluloid Terror
"A whirlwind combination of exciting cinematography, ideas, and brutal violence …will make you want a shower afterward.” - The Nerd Mentality
"I highly recommend this one. It’s a great take on hoary genre tropes that bring some real squirm-in-your-seat thrills!" Famous Monsters of Filmland
"A display of torture porn that could have been written by the Marquis de Sade." -
"stylish, beautiful and brutal piece...certainly a contender for indie horror of the year.” - Firstscreamtothelast

The Perfect Husband is now available on the Dish Network as well as the following VOD outlets:
Amazon Video

Slasher Feature Playing with Dolls: Bloodlust Sets its Sights on VOD this November 1st

Indie horror director Rene Perez is set to follow-up his 2015 film, Playing with Dolls, with the sequel Playing with Dolls: Bloodlust. Set for a launch this November, Playing with Dolls: Bloodlust focuses on a desperate single mom and the promise of quick cash. The reality is that Stina (Karin Brauns) has been tricked into performing for a reclusive sadist. The film stars: Richard Tyson (Black Hawk Down), Karin Brauns and Colin Bryant. A preview of the film’s Video-on-demand launch is hosted here.

The film has already been launched in foreign territories, including Germany. In North America, the film will be available on iTunes and Amazon, on November 1st. The film will be released in an unrated version, so fans can see the true brutality of this low budget slasher. Available in Ultra HD - 4K, Playing with Dolls: Bloodlust is set to turn home entertainment screens red, with one of this year’s goriest horror releases!

Official synopsis: A group of aspiring actors are chosen for a reality horror TV show. In the show, they must survive being chased by a killer. The program is filmed with scores of tiny cameras, in a cabin and the surrounding forest. What the contestants don't know is that this murderer is a real killer and the television program is a ruse. Deep in an underground bunker, a psychotic voyeur watches as life and death play out for his amusement. The only prize, here, is survival!

Available here for pre-order, here

The film’s trailer

More on the film will be posted at iDiC Entertainment:

Found Footage Thriller Hell House LLC Releases Two New Clips

In anticipation of HELL HOUSE LLC’s Tuesday, November 1st release date, Terror Films has released two new clips from the film, titled: “Searching the Basement” and “Where’s Tony?”

The film is set to be released across major digital platforms including: Amazon Instant, YouTube, Xbox, VUDU, Sony PlayStation, Vimeo On Demand, Google Play and iTunes, where it’s currently available for pre-sell:

The award winning film, which was an Official Selection at Fear Fete and Telluride Horror Show, stars: Danny Bellini, Ryan Jennifer, Gore Abrams, Jared Hacker, Adam Schneider and features: Alice Bahlke, Jeb Kreager, and Theodore Bouloukos.

Official synopsis: Five years after an unexplained malfunction causes the death of 15 tour-goers and staff on opening night of a Halloween haunted house tour (Hell House), a documentary crew travels back to the scene of the tragedy to investigate the events of that night. During an interview with one of the original staff members, they are given never-before-seen footage taken of the haunted house. The footage reveals the terrifying truth about what really happened on the opening night of Hell House!

“Where’s Tony?” Clip: 

“Searching the Basement” Clip:

Official Trailer:

Official Facebook page

For more information visit