30 September 2022

Black Phone (2021)- REVIEW


Well, well, well.  After another hiatus, just a few years, we are back to tackle some movie reviews that we think you guys would want to know about.  It's not that we lost our passion for horror or writing, life just happens sometimes and you find yourself with less and less time to do the things you really want to focus on.  Adulting is fucking bullshit!  I know I can speak for myself and Tammy when I say we missed you guys and we are going to try and deliver the experience and news that we used to back in the day.  All that being said, lets take a look at Black Phone.

 Set in 1978, in Denver, Co there is a child abductor on the loose.  Kids are disappearing with not many clues left behind and anyone who is taken is never found again.  The only thing being left behind at the scene are black balloons.  Finney Blake, our main character, finds himself as one of the abducted locked in a basement and being looked after by a masked man who is deeply disturbed.

The only things that are in this basement is a mattress on the floor and a black phone on the wall.  Calls soon start coming in from this phone from previous victims of the kidnapper.  Each one giving some kind of clue trying to help Finney get out of this nightmare.

I really think Blumhouse knocked this one out of the park.  They came up with something that is suspenseful and original which isn't something that horror movies have been able to produce on a regular basis in the past 10 years. 

Ethan Hawke gives a great performance as always.  I don't think I have seen him in a movie that I didn't like.  The creepy kidnapper, he just nails it.  He even creeped me out a few times and that is a hard thing to do.  The acting in general was good, good story and atmosphere.  I highly recommend checking this one out if you haven't already.  

There you have it.  Straight from my mouth to your computer screen.  I believe this is still in theaters or maybe on its way out by now but it is streaming on Peacock, which is where i saw it.  There are so many streaming services out there right now making it easier and easier to see everything you could ever want to and maybe some things you wish you hadn't.  This is one you definitely want to see. Till next time.  

Stay Twisted everyone!!



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