31 December 2015

The Final Girls 2015 - REVIEW

I figured I could get in one more review for 2015 before we reign in 2016.  Being a huge slasher fan I was really excited for a new slasher movie to sink my teeth into.  This one has kind of a plot that I was not expecting and still is a slasher film in a way but is a little bit more than that.

Sitting in the car waiting for her mom  to come out of an audition is Max (Taissa Farmiga).  Nancy (Malin Akerman) comes out from the audition hoping it would be a success and regretting that the only film people remember her for is the cult slasher hit "Camp Bloodbath".  Distracted from the road ahead of her Nancy has an auto accident.  Max is ok but Nancy dies.  Shortly after  Max and her friends go to a screening of her moms movie.  Someone in the audience is after them and sends terror throughout the theater, as well as a fire.  Max cuts through the screen to get out of the theater but instead her and her friends are now in the movie with her mom!!

Like I said I was not expecting a plot that put real people into a movie.  Really cool the way they incorporated all the characters.  It's a little like Last Action Hero except it's actually a good movie.  The movie they are in is a ripoff of Friday the 13th but for slasher fans you will feel right at home.  I really don't have any big complaints about this movie in fact I loved it.  I loved the originality and trying something different.  Taissa Farmiga really stands out in this one for me.  She has come a long way since American Horror Story season 1 where I really did not like her at all.  Although, I loved her in Season 3.

The cast is rounded out nicely and all performances were pretty tip top in my book.  There wasn't any performance I really didn't like and if you can guess I am going to recommend that all horror fans watch this film immediately.  Which is why I am going to rate this one 9/10 stars.  Not too shabby for a direct to dvd/blu ray release.  Stay twisted everyone and have a Happy New Year. 

12 December 2015

A Christmas Horror Story 2015 - REVIEW

Tis the season for Santa Claus and who could forget Krampus??  I did not even know about the legend of Krampus till this year with this film, A Christmas Horror Story, and also the movie out in theaters now Krampus.  I mean what is better than a Christmas demon and anthology horror wrapped into one?  Christmas horror movies always hold a special place in my heart.  Some of my favorite horror movies revolve around Christmas and I'm hoping this one will just add to the list.

With this being anthology horror there is not just one plot.  Each tale is wrapped around by Dangerous Dan (William Shatner) a radio DJ who is trying to get everyone into the holiday spirit all while guzzling down a bottle of Whiskey.  Each tale of Holiday terror is equally creepy and terrifying.  Here you will find zombie elves, Krampus stalking a family in the woods, and Santa battling head to head with Krampus.  Who will win the battle?

I have to say I really, really, really enjoyed this movie alot more than I thought I was going to.  The wraparound story was pretty good but the stories are what really drove this.  No real big name actors to mention here but the movie was very well made and acted.  I really thought this deserved a theatrical release but I guess 2 movies dealing with the same subject matter may have been a little much. I really can't find anything that I really didn't like here.  It keeps you on your toes all throughout.  Even a few twists and turns to fuck your mind a little.  I really can't reveal too much because I don't believe in spoiling the movie for anyone.

I do have to highly suggest you run out and pick this one up or rent it if that's what you prefer.  When it comes to rating this one it is rather easy I would give this one 8 out of 10 stars.  Very much deserving of the high marks.  As always stay twisted everyone and Merry Christmas!!

09 December 2015

I Am Alone 2015 - REVIEW

In a time where found footage and reality TV are all the rage, it's getting harder and harder to find anything enjoyable about either one. Usually found footage is full of jumbled images, horrid audio and vomit inducing footage and I'm pretty sure I don't even need to get into the farce that is reality TV... *cough* Don't Be Tardy *cough*. Relax, I only saw about 5 minutes of it ONCE and that was more than enough for me. Point is that when filmmakers find something "catchy"... found footage... it gets done and done over and over again until viewers just scroll right passed it. I tend to do it quite often these days simply because it is so over done and for the most part not well. Which brings me to I Am Alone.

Survivalist and reality TV star Jacob Fitts (Gareth David-Lloyd) sets out to document his seven day adventure in the Rockies for episode 413 of his TV show, I Am Alone. Unbeknownst to him, a deadly virus has taken over the nearby community of Montrose, CO where his crew Mason Riley (Gunner Wright) and Adam Levine (Rory Zacher) have set up to interview locals and capture additional footage. With day one coming to a close and Jacob settling in for the night, he is attacked and bitten by one of the infected and is forced to try and complete his journey and rendezvous with his team before he is overcome by the virus. As chaos spreads rapidly throughout the town, camera man Mason is taken into CDC custody where Dr. Marlow (Marshal Hilton) reviews his footage in the hope that they can discover why it took Jacob longer than everyone else to be consumed by the virus.

Gareth David-Lloyd has won several best actor awards for his portrayal of Jacob Fitts and rightfully so. His depiction of a man thrust into an unimaginable situation was both gripping and captivating; most notably while he was watching videos sent to him from his wife. His on screen presence is a refreshing addition to the independent film community.
The film also had solid performances by Wright, Zacher and Hilton.

Filmed mostly with GoPro cameras attached to the actors and surveillance footage, I Am Alone displays some remarkably good cinematography and clean shots. Working in conjunction with the real town of Montrose, CO and a large amount of locals who stepped up as extras didn't seem to intimidate director Robert A. Palmer one bit. With only a couple of short films on his resume, he seems to have delved into I Am Alone with steady feet to create an authentic and emotional film that captures the human side of a zombie apocalypse. Accompanied by a score that is reminiscent to that of 28 Days Later, the film manages to keep the pace fairly well.

However the film is not without it's flaws. Some of the dialogue becomes trite and watered down toward the end and the scenes inside the CDC bunker, while relevant to story progression, are distracting and a bit intrusive at times. Also, the main point of the film being the evolution of the virus within Fitts is hard to comprehend when the viewer isn't given information on how long it took to overtake everyone else (unless I missed it). Nevertheless, I Am Alone is most definitely worth a watch, especially by those who are fans of the zombie and found footage sub genres.

The Chosen Now Available on Netflix

Los Angeles, California–On July 24th, Terror Films released its first horror film, The Chosen in a co-distribution partnership with Supergravity Pictures. The film was released on various platforms, including iTunes where it has remained in the top 100 of all horror films for over 8 weeks. As of December 1st, the film is now available through an exclusive SVod deal on Netflix and will be available at Redbox starting December 15th.

The film centers around Cameron (Kian Lawley), a directionless 19 year-old destined to never leave his hometown. He is thrust into the role of hero when his 10 year-old niece, Angie (Mykayla Sohn), becomes possessed by the mythical demon Lilith. With only six days to break the demon's grip on the child, Cameron, with the help of his sister (Angelica Chitwood), must perform the unthinkable task of systematically killing his family members. He must do this in order to rid his niece of the demon and bring peace to his fractured household.

First time feature film director, Ben Jehoshua stated “the story behind The Chosen was sparked when I was sitting at breakfast with my friend and co-writer, Barry Jay Stich. We were talking about our favorite horror films of all time, which led to the topic of our families and how often you hear people say, ‘I’d do anything for my family.’ But then I asked myself, would they really? That was our starting point. My brother Judah, who is an occult fan, suggested the Lilith storyline. We’re Jewish and wanted to explore our own mythology rather than Christian possession or the Greek themes that so often make their way into Horror films dealing with possession.”

Terror Films’ Joe Dain, Miles Fineburg and Jim Klock produced the film and The Chosen stars Kian Lawley, Elizabeth Keener, Angelica Chitwood, Mykayla Sohn, Barbara Goodson, Chris Gann, Casey James Knight, Emily Killian, Dayna Devon, Harv Popick and Penelope Richards.

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/137642361

Downloadable version: https://app.box.com/s/3bnk5v61ew0pn72n6m4bba0mncq3c9t5

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/the-chosen/id1035045930


RedBox on December 15th: http://www.redbox.com/movies/the-chosen

Ourbreak: The Mutation Volume Two Now Available

Outbreak: The Mutation, Volume Two in the Trend-Bucking Zombie Trilogy, Releases a Deadly, Unstoppable Zombie Horde on the World—Hailed as “A Frightening, Violent, and Gory Un-Dead Story”

Masterfully crafted by Scott Shoyer, The Mutation, the powerful second volume in the Outbreak trilogy, continues to break the stagnant mold of zombie fiction as it ensnare and brings readers along in a deadly last chance attempt to save the world from complete annihilation. The Mutation takes place two years after a deadly virus swept across the world. Not only does Shoyer have his readers follow two groups of people as they fight for survival, but he again takes readers where they have never been before—this time on a horrifying trip inside the minds of the deadly zombies themselves. The Mutation is intense, violent, and brings the genre back from the dead.

For Immediate Release
Austin, Texas – While nobody will deny zombie fiction’s huge surge in popularity, both readers and critics alike are currently crying out for wholly unique, mould-breaking narratives that don’t succumb to the recycling of the same old ideas. Thankfully, Scott Shoyer has stepped up to the plate with gusto.

Volume one of Shoyer’s Outbreak trilogy has already injected literally new blood into the market. In The Hunger, readers were captivated as a seemingly innocent day at the zoo led to a violent and world-threatening zombie apocalypse. In volume two, The Mutation, Shoyer further explores the world that he created in volume one and details how two groups of survivors are coping with their fight for survival. In true Shoyer style, he now explores new territory by taking the reader on a horrifying trip inside the minds of the deadly zombies themselves.

Zombies have overrun the world making human beings an endangered species. The zombies are getting stronger, smarter, and deadlier. The remaining human survivors are finding it more and more difficult to fight them off. Amidst this apocalyptic war, two separate groups of survivors are drawn to the small, seemingly dead town of Spicewood, Texas—but for very different reasons. There is Walt and his group of ex-addicts, and Wilder and Butsko, two of the only characters who made it out of The Hunger alive. Each group believes that what lies in Spicewood, Texas could alter the course of the war with the dead. But what they couldn't know is that what also lies in Spicewood, Texas might be the source of the outbreak itself and the very end to all life on earth.

“The Mutation continues to explore the world I created in The Hunger,” explains the author, founder of the popular AnythingHorror.com website and community. “In the first volume I traced the origin of the outbreak back to those lovable creatures that live all around us—animals. Readers loved the source of the outbreak. But now the virus has mutated, and The Mutation will take readers into the same world, but with seemingly unstoppable zombies who have gotten stronger, smarter, and deadlier.”

Continuing, “The Outbreak trilogy was designed from the ground up to give the zombie genre something new. As strange as it sounds, zombie fiction can often have a distinct lack of zombies, with the human drama taking center stage and dragging readers away from what they really want—zombie action. I promise my readers that the violence, gore, and horror will keep coming at them hard and fast, while also having interesting, strong characters that drive the narrative forward.”

It is a creative cocktail that appears to be working; readers have come out in force with rave reviews for volume one, Outbreak: The Hunger. For example, one Amazon customer comments, “This was an exhilarating read. The author brings a new and terrifying twist to the zombie horror genre. I read this book in one nail-biting sitting. The unimaginable horrors of this story will keep me up for many nights and will have me looking at my beloved pets with a wary eye. Great read.”

Early praise for Outbreak: The Mutation suggests Shoyer has successfully continued what he started in The Hunger. David Bernstein, author of Toxic Behemoth, writes, “Shoyer raises the stakes with his second book in the Outbreak series, giving us an even smarter, deadlier and harder to kill enemy. Loaded with brutal violence and military action and an ending that took me by total surprise, Outbreak: The Mutation is a must read!”

Joe McKinney, award-winning author of Dead City and The Dead Won’t Die writes, “Scott Shoyer steps into the ring swinging as he continues with the next harrowing volume in the Outbreak series. As I've come to expect from him, he handles his action with a sure hand, both violent and furious, and his characters with unrelenting viciousness.”

Outbreak: The Hunger and Outbreak: The Mutation are both published by Severed Press. Outbreak: The Mutation is available on amazon.com in both eBook and paperback.

For more information about the author and his other published works, visit his Author Page on Amazon.

About the author, in his own words:
I’m a horror writer who is also a life long fan. I draw inspiration from everyday situations and then put them through my twisted filter to hopefully shock, disgust, and entertain you.

I find my heaviest influences from the writings of H.P. Lovecraft and Clive Barker. With my Outbreak trilogy I get to write about the sub-genre I grew up on—zombies—and while doing so I get to add my unique twist to it. In addition to zombies, I also love writing about more human monsters and I have many more ideas for novels, short stories, novellas, and scripts. I recently wrote a short script for a brutal, violent Joker-Batman confrontation, and I am currently writing a series of novellas that are heavily influenced by Lovecraft. I’ve created my own Lovecraftian world full of nightmarish creatures and madness—including horrible things that live in the darkness.

In addition to my two Outbreak novels, I currently have four short stories published in four different horror anthologies. You can check out all my writings on my Amazon Author Page.

Contact: Scott Shoyer / scott@anythinghorror.com

29 November 2015

Jessica Cameron's "Mania" To Screen in Los Angeles, Sydney and Portland - PRESS RELEASE

Jessica Cameron's sophomore film Mania continues to rack up festival awards and screenings with three new dates announced.

   Jessica Cameron's first film Truth or Dare won 34 awards throughout the course of a long and successful festival run. Mania is still fresh off its September launch at The Arizona Underground Film Festival, but it's already snagged two best picture awards at Arizona and The RIP Film Festival in Hollywood, and a best actress award at RIP for Ellie Church. Mania is set to receive its fourth award at The Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival when it wins best narrative feature at the end of November.

If you are in Los Angeles on Thanksgiving weekend, make sure to check out Mania's second LA screening at the Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival. Mania had its LA premier on Halloween night at the RIP Film Festival to a large and enthusiastic crowd. Mania screens at the LAUFF Saturday November 28th at The Complex Theater, 6476 Santa Monica Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90036. Get your tickets here: http://laufilmfest.com/Tickets.html

Then on December 5th, Mania is set to have its Sydney premier at the Dendy Cinema Newtown as part of A Night of Horror Film Festival, the longest running horror film festival in Australia. If you are going to be in Sydney early December, you can buy your tickets here: http://www.anightofhorror.com/2015program#/mania/

 Finally, Mania is set to screen at The Portland Underground Film Festival December 4th at 8:00. A full festival pass is only $30, and there are a lot of other great films playing as well as Mania. Get you tickets for The Portland Underground Film Festival here: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/pdxtreme-fest-tickets- 1 (865)985-3123

 Mania is produced by Mem Ferda, who also brought us Jessica Cameron's first film Truth or Dare, which shocked audiences worldwide with its extreme, relentless violence. Mania is just as uncompromising as its predecessor, but the violence of Cameron's first film is replaced with a lesbian sexuality that is just as relentless, and just as shocking as Truth or Dare's extreme gore. Viewer discretion is advised.

If you haven't already, check out the teaser trailer for mania, which has already received over 23,000 views: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00HqChbfEkw



29 September 2015

The Green Inferno - 2015 REVIEW

Like most horror fans I went on opening weekend to see the long anticipated film from the twisted mind of Eli Roth called The Green Inferno.  The film was supposed to come out last year but ran into some financial troubles and finally in Sept of 2015 we see this movie released.  The hype has been building for over a year and being tagged as Eli's homage to Cannibal Holocaust.  Horror fans have been in a frenzy to see what greatness he has put on the screen this time, or is it total garbage and a huge let down?

Justine (Lorenza Izzo) is a freshman in college and is asked to join an activists group on campus called ACT.  She joins a meeting and makes a smartass remark and in turn is asked to leave by the leader of the group Alejandro (Ariel Levy).  She convinces him to let her back in the group, he agrees and she is now back on the trip to the Amazon to try and save a rainforest.  They do succeed in stopping the bulldozers but on the way back their plane crashes in the rainforest and they are all quickly captured by a nearby cannibal tribe.  What happens after their capture is something from your worst nightmare.

The Green Inferno in my opinion was waaaaay over hyped due to the delay to theaters and the anticipation was killing me.  I did enjoy most of the film but there are a couple things that I didn't really enjoy.  First, Eli laid down too much story before anything exciting happened.  It was a bit slow for the first 45 mins of the film or so.  It isn't till around the 45 min mark that the movie finally starts to unfold and pick up.  The second thing that bothered me a bit were the deaths.  Aside from one of them the rest weren't really worthy of Eli's imagination and talent for gruesome deaths. 

If you are looking for anything close to a movie to be raised up next to Cannibal Holocaust then you will be severely disappointed.  The average movie goer that is not really into the horror genre will probably think the guts and gore are a bit much but the hardcore horror fan will leave wanting more.  Overall I did like the film just think it had the potential to be much better than it was.  I would rate this one 6 out of 10 stars.

02 August 2015

A Behind The Scenes Look at "Behind the Walls" - PRESS RELEASE

The Kondelik Brothers, Jon and James, are set to direct their first film, in the horror genre. The film is titled Behind the Walls and their story takes a different look at the haunted house sub-genre. The film will look at events from the perspective of the home. As well, the film is in post-production. And, the film stars: Vanessa Angel (“Weird Science”), Hutch Dano (Zombeavers, 2014), Reggie Lee (NBC’s “GRIMM”), Lew Temple (AMC’s “The Walking Dead”) and Bailey Spry (It Follows, 2014). This experienced horror cast will bring true terror to the screen, later this year.

Behind the Walls marks their first film under the twin brothers’ Dual Visions banner with more to come on their slate. “We aim to put a new spin on a familiar genre,” says James Kondelik, “bringing the audience into a new head space.” Jon Kondelik added: “We’ve often referred to this film as ‘Intimate Horror.’ Whereas, everything from the pacing, to the performances and tone feels very personal.”

Official Synopsis: “Years it has waited. Now, someone has moved in. Through the eyes of the evil within, we witness a broken family desperately seeking a new beginning, in a new home. But this house lives, watches and wants them to stay-FOREVER.”

*a trailer is coming soon!

Directors: John and James Kondelik.

Cast: Vanessa Angel, Hutch Dano, Reggie Lee, Lew Temple and Bailey Spry.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/behindthewallsmovie/timeline

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BehindWallsFilm

Homepage: http://www.thekondelikbrothers.com/films/behind-the-walls/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/behindwallsfilm/

17 July 2015

It Follows 2015 - REVIEW

I figured I would see what all the hype is with It Follows.  Mostly heard mixed reviews but saw a few people who completely loved this film.  I decided to go into this one without reading a full review or a synopsis of the film.  Looked at the cast and hadn't heard of one of the actors in the film.  Oh well, lets give it a go.

It Follows starts off with the action right away.  A girl runs away from what seemingly is nothing and drives to the beach.  The next morning she is on her back dead in the sand.  We then go to Jay (Maika Monroe) who has a date with Hugh (Jake Weary), a guys she has been seeing.  They go to the movies and he keeps seeing someone following him so they leave,  Jay knew he was acting strange but goes out the next night with him and has sex in his car.  This is revealed he has now past the supernatural follower onto her.  Now she is being followed by a supernatural being that wants to kill her!!!

I wouldn't say I didn't like this film but I thought it moved a bit slow for my taste.  Not that I don't like a slow burn every now and again I just really couldn't get into this one fully.  I thought it did a good job of building suspense at times and there are a few moments when I was genuinely creeped out.  It Follows is very original and there is something to be said about that now a days.  The acting wasn't bad but wasn't anything to write home about.

To sum it up I would recommend a viewing of this.  Probably not worth buying it but on the other hand it's on sale for only  12.99 on blu ray just about everywhere.  I did see a few just downright bad reviews and I really don't agree.  I probably won't view it again anytime soon but really not a bad flick.  I would rate this one 6 out of 10 stars.  Stay twisted everyone!!

28 June 2015

"Reckless" Set To Release on DVD - PRESS RELEASE

Street date: 7/14/15

DVD UPC: 854555004903

DVD SRP: $19.99

Synopsis: Everyone’s heard of inferior American remakes of European films, but this is a real twist: a superior European (Dutch) remake of an English-language (British) film that even improves on the original! RECKLESS [Bloedlink] is a riveting retelling of a story first explored in the 2009 thriller The Disappearance of Alice Creed, but director Joram Lürsen’s new version is even more stylish, sexually charged, and tightly wound than its source of inspiration. Laura Temming wakes up to find herself bound to a bed in a sound-insulated vacant apartment. Two masked men strip the clothes from her body, place her in a track suit, and take photos that will be used to obtain ransom money from Laura’s wealthy father. As the clock ticks, Laura discovers that she may have a relationship with one of the kidnappers that she never expected…and that the two men hold a secret that one could not have expected. With more twists than one could imagine, RECKLESS is ingeniously seductive.

25 June 2015

The Lazarus Effect 2015 - REVIEW

I was really excited to see this film even though it wasn't in theaters very long and it did not really get favorable reviews.  The cast alone intrigued me to this film along with what seemed like a pretty decent story.  Hell, I would welcome anything at this point that isn't a remake or something that has already been done before.

Zoe (Olivia Wilde) and Frank (Mark Duplass) lead a team in a lab researching a way to bring back the dead.  They are successful in bringing back a dog that was deceased.  The University found out about what they were exactly working on and they were shut down and all of their equipment was confiscated.  They decide to sneak in that same night and do one more experiment.  From there all hell breaks loose and they realize what they are doing is not to be fucked with!

To say I was disappointed with this film would be close to a correct statement.  I did not hate it totally but it became very predictable and after a while it just seemed like I was watching a remake of Flatliners.  Not only was the story not really original it seemed like it was thrown together quickly and really just slapped on the screen.  The cast was great but the script is not.  Olivia Wilde was great and Evan Peters from American Horror Story fame was pretty awesome as well.  I will say there are some pretty cool death scenes but the lack of a solid script really did this movie in.  I understand why it did not receive favorable reviews now.

I really wanted to love this movie but in the end I could not.  So now is the time to rate this one.  Hmmm well since i didn't totally hate the film I will give this one 5 out of 10 stars but no more than 5.  This is worth at least one viewing but don't buy this one it just isn't worth the 15 bucks.  Stay twisted everyone!!

10 June 2015

"The Treatment" Set to Release 07/07/15


Order date: 6/16/15

Street date: 7/07/15

DVD SRP: $24.99
BLU SRP: $29.99

Synopsis: THE TREATMENT is an unsettling Belgian murder mystery that gets under your skin and stays there. A nail-biting suspense yarn based on one of a series of best-selling novels by British crime writer Mo Hayder, the film is not an old-fashioned Agatha Christie-type whodunit, but its gritty themes of sexual violence and pedophilia give it a raw, contemporary intensity that places it in the same company as the “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” book and film series. Police inspector Nick Cafmeyer is investigating a case where a mother and father have been bound and beaten, and their young son is missing. An obsessive loner, Cafmeyer discovers that there are other similar cases – tragedies where the parents were forced by a psychopath to harm their own children, who then vanish. For the inspector, this triggers memories of his own brother’s abduction as a child, and the possibility that he may still be alive somewhere. Grim and wholly engrossing, THE TREATMENT is a thriller with an edge.

Bonus Features: Premiere Featurette, Deleted Scenes, Trailer

01 June 2015

The Horrors of AutoCorrect Streaming Free on Eli Roth's Crypt TV

What happens when an old school slasher faces off with a tech-savvy teen? Find out in The Horrors of AutoCorrect!

The 6-minute horror/comedy short is now available for free viewing online exclusively from Crypt TV, the digital genre studio co-founded by Hostel and Cabin Fever director Eli Roth. It has amassed more than 20,000 views on Facebook in less than a day.

Watch The Horrors of AutoCorrect: http://bit.ly/horrorsautocorrect

The short film stars Nick Principe (Laid to Rest, Hatchet II) and Jaquelyn Fabian. It's written and directed by newcomer Alex DiVincenzo.

"The premiere of The Horrors of AutoCorrect is a long time coming," says DiVincenzo. "I owe everything to my dedicatd cast and crew for helping to make it happen. I cannot thank Crypt TV enough for believing in the project. As an admirer of Eli Roth's work, it's an honor to be working with him." DiVincenzo is currently working on his next short, a '50s throwback titled Trouser Snake.

In The Horrors of AutoCorrect, Jenny's quiet evening at home watching a scary movie is interrupted by a stalker who can't quite master the art of text messaging. The result is a "sidesplitting, clever commentary on contemporary communication" (All Things Horror) that pays homage to such genre favorites as Scream and A Nightmare on Elm Street 2.

For more information, visit Crypt TV and Grimbridge Productions on Facebook.

Horror Veteran Bill Oberst Jr. Takes to the Stage with Ray Bradbury's Pillar of Fire

Los Angeles, CA (May 28, 2015): Once upon a time, when Americans burned their horror comics, a young man named Ray Bradbury fought back with his typewriter...and a story about a living corpse.

Actor Bill Oberst Jr.'s theatrical reading of Ray Bradbury's Pillar Of Fire opens in Los Angeles on June 5, the anniversary of the author's death. It runs through June 25 at two Hollywood area theaters. Details and ticket information on the performance are at www.hollywoodfringe.org/projects/2496.

Pillar Of Fire is set in the year 2349 on an Earth cleansed of all superstition - a place where Halloween, dark literature and burials are banned. Bodies are burned without ceremony in massive towers of cremation; the ashes of the forgotten dead blown into the wind. As Bradbury's tale opens, the last cemetery on the planet is nearly emptied when the last dead man in the world wakes up. William Lantry is a 400 year-old walking corpse filled with hate for the living and determined to teach this sterile and sensible world the meaning of fear.

Oberst, a rabid Bradbury fan, says he hopes to tour with Pillar Of Fire and other Bradbury stories. “Vincent Price used to tour the world with living renditions of Poe's works that delighted fans. I'd like to do the same with Ray Bradbury” he says. “These LA shows are a test. I want to prove that fans will respond to great horror and fantasy literature done live.” Oberst says he especially hopes to make a tour of American libraries as a way of honoring Bradbury's lifelong love affair with books.

Bradbury wrote the story in 1948 as comics like Tales From The Crypt, The Vault Of Horror and The Haunt Of Fear were being thrown into bonfires after a psychiatrist attacked them as morally corrupt in a best-selling book. “The campaign to cleanse young minds caught fire” says Oberst “and that's the atmosphere in which Bradbury created Pillar Of Fire, which makes the case that we need the dark in order to to balance the light. It's a passionate defense of Halloween and things that go bump in the night. I hope fans will support it if they are in Los Angeles in June. We who work in the darker genres still take heat from those who look down on us, but Ray Bradbury wasn't ashamed to have his name associated with horror, neither am I.”

Fright-Rags Creates New Garbage Pail Kids Characters Based on Horror Favorites

Last year, Fright-Rags teamed with famed Garbage Pail Kids artist Brent Engstrom to create their own Garbage Pail Kid: "Fright Rag Freddy." They're back with four new GPK characters inspired by such horror favorites as "The Exorcist" and "It."

Say hello to "Plungin' Penny," "Wretchin' Regan," "Howlin' Howard" and "Krampin' Kevin." Although they'd feel right at home in a pack of Topps' beloved trading cards, you can get these designs on super soft 60/40 heather shirts.

Collect them all at Fright-Rags.com. These items are limited and may sell out during the pre-order period. Order are expected to ship in late June.

Fright-Rags is also taking pre-orders on Grzegorz Domaradzki's new The Texas Chainsaw Massacre design.

A Tricky Treat to Premiere at Fantasia International Film Festival

Los Angeles (CA), June 1st, 2015 – The horror-comedy short that Fangoria Magazine calls “Deliciously Vile,” A TRICKY TREAT (directed by award-winning filmmaker Patricia Chica) will have its World Premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal, Canada. The director and her team will be in attendance.

“Fantasia is one of my favorite film festivals, and now that I live in Los Angeles, it is a great honour for me to return to my hometown Montreal to premiere A Tricky Treat,” says director Patricia Chica.

“We’re thrilled to screen our little film amidst the giants in contemporary genre movie making,” states the writer Kamal John Iskander.

This shocking tale of the unexpected tells the story of a man (Leonard Waldner), held hostage by a very strange family whose fate rests in the hands of two kids. The family is played by Steve Brewster, Andrea Fletcher, Keira McCarthy, and newcomer Marco Reilly.

After a successful market screening at the Short Film Corner in Cannes, A Tricky Treat will go on to play at Scream Queen Film Fest in Tokyo, RIP Horror Film Festival in Hollywood, and the 21st San Giò Verona Video Festival in Italy. More festival screenings will be announced soon.

A Tricky Treat is the first collaboration of creative duo Patricia Chica (director) and Kamal John Iskander (writer) who have been called the “Gruesome Twosome” by popular online cinema blog, The Movie Guys. Shot in Los Angeles earlier this year, the film is executive produced by Tara Kurtz (Los Angeles), and produced by Patricia Chica (Montreal), Grace Santos (Los Angeles), as well as Byron A. Martin (Toronto). Co-Executive producers are Adonai Interiano of HNI Productions (Los Angeles) and Morris Umali (Australia).

Originally from Montreal, Patricia Chica (@PatriciaChica) is a multiple award-winning director-producer who has built a loyal audience and cult following internationally. Dread Central put her on the list of “Rising Female Filmmakers” to watch. She specializes in auteur driven films that have won critics over world-wide and depict strong characters with striking visuals. This is the third year in a row Patricia Chica premieres her work at the Fantasia Film Festival. (www.PatriciaChica.com)

After traveling the world with his multiple award winning dark comedy short, Jesus Comes To Town, writer/director Kamal John Iskander has gone on to win Best International Screenplay at the Oaxaca Film Festival in 2014 for his feature script, The Gospel According to Charlie. His work has been called “a delight to behold” by Film Threat. His short script, A Tricky Treat, has been reviewed in indieWIRE, Film Classics Virgins, Fangoria, and Starburst Magazine. His feature screenplay, Montréal Girls, is going into production in 2015 with award winning director, Patricia Chica at the helm. (www.JesusComesToTown.com)

Originally from the West Coast, Tara Kurtz (@Kurtz_Tara) has worked in all facets of film development including production, location management, casting, and distribution. In addition to producing, Tara has extensive experience in talent management as one of the partners of Hummel Entertainment in Los Angeles. Her feature credits include Something About Her and Blue Weekend for Cineville Productions. A Tricky Treat is Tara’s first collaboration with Patricia Chica, one of many to come.

Grace Santos (@Grace_S_Feeney) is an award winning producer and actress known for Spun (Honorable Mention - Producers Guild of America’s Weekend Shorts Challenge) and Silk (starring Oscar nominee Shohreh Aghdashloo of House of Sand and Fog). This year, she had three short films at the Short Film Corner at Cannes: Odessa (directed by Sean Michael Turrell), A Tricky Treat (directed by Patricia Chica) and Election Night (directed by Tessa Blake). The latter was screened at the American Pavilion. (www.gracefeeney.com)

Byron A. Martin (@ByronAMartin) is an award-winning Canadian producer that develops independent film, television and documentary projects. To date he has produced over 70 hours of television, filming projects in over twelve countries. He has produced projects for Disney, Sony, Universal and managed productions for some of Hollywood’s leading producers. Byron A. Martin is the producer of Wolverine Hotel, an edgy dark thriller that recently won the Gold Remi Award for Best Screenplay at the Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival. (www.ByronMartin.com)

To know more about A TRICKY TREAT, please like our Facebook page.

Guy Henry and DONE IN Enter Eli Roth's Crypt TV

Dark Art Films' award-winning and critically-acclaimed short DONE IN starring Guy Henry will be released digitally on Sunday, June 14 through Hollywood filmmaker and actor Eli Roth's (HOSTEL) network Crypt TV, and will be available for free worldwide.

Dark and touching, DONE IN tells the story of a man writing a goodbye to the world while recalling memories of life in a country manor house.

Written and directed by Adam Stephen Kelly and produced by SJ Evans (DEAD OF THE NITE), the film had its world premiere as part of the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in 2014, which kick-started a highly successful big-screen tour at festivals around the world. The dark drama most recently screened at Cardiff Independent Film Festival, where it won the inaugural Brian Hibbard Award, in addition to receiving a nomination for Best Actor.

Guy Henry is best known for his roles as Henrik Hanssen in the BBC's long-running, BAFTA-winning series HOLBY CITY, and as Pius Thicknesse in HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS.

What the press are saying:

“It's no understatement to say Done In is a chilling piece of work handled brilliantly by Kelly with an impressive turn from Henry in the lead role.” - Daily Record

“Done In is absolutely one of the best short films I have seen.” - The London Film Review

“There are rare occasions when script and actor come together in such a succinctly perfect way. Such is Done In.” - Nerdly

Launched in 2014, Crypt TV specialises in delivering free short-form, horror-based content across social media, and has already racked up 2.5 million views across its network.

An online screener is available for review purposes ahead of release, as well as assets including production notes and high-resolution posters.

Writer/director Adam Stephen Kelly is available for interviews. He most recently directed the feature crime thriller KILL KANE starring Vinnie Jones.

21 May 2015

Zombeavers 2014 - REVIEW

I could not have been more excited to see this made it to netflix so quickly.  I have been wanting to see Zombeavers ever since I heard about it  a few months ago.  Seriously how could you not have fun watching killer beavers, not to mention all the plays on the work "beaver" that can be made.

Two dumbasses driving down the road with some sort of radioactive canisters on their truck hit a dear and one comes loose and goes into the water.  Meanwhile, Mary (Rachel Melvin), Zoe (Cortney Palm), and Jenn (Lexi Atkins) are on their way to a cabin for the weekend to help Jenn get over her cheating boyfriend.  Little do they know all three of their boyfriends are about to crash their weekend alone and all hell breaks loose with some really pissed off beavers.  Pun intended :)

I was not disappointed at all with Zombeavers.  This is nothing but a good fun horror movie that isn't intended to be taken seriously.  It's the perfect mix of comedy and horror.  Now the comedy in it didn't really make me laugh out loud but it is extremely entertaining. The acting isn't great by any means but it really didn't need to be.  Each actor and actress played their roles perfect in my opinion.  No big names here but you will recognize a few from some recent films.  Zombeavers is nothing special but you owe it to yourself  to watch it at least once.  Specially if you have a netflix acct.  I would watch this over Sharknado any day.  The worst actor/actress in this film is 100 times better than Tara Reid!

I give Zombeavers 8 out of 10 stars simply for the fact that it is original, corny as shit but at the same time you find yourself really enjoying watching it.  The writers didn't really try hard with this one and they didn't have to.  Besides everyone loves a good beaver. Stay twisted everyone!

14 May 2015

Jack T. Smith Returns with In The Dark

Fox Trail Productions announces the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise the startup capital for writer, producer, and director Jack Thomas Smith’s action/horror film “In The Dark.” The campaign plans to raise $185,000, which will cover deposits for named stars as well as the deposit for a specific casting director, who has cast a number of major films. The start-up capital will also be used to begin Pre-Production, which includes storyboards, location scouting, legal fees, publicity, and the hiring of essential crew and effects personnel. Numerous perks are being offered based on the level of contribution, including the opportunity to be in the film as a zombie/vampire creature extra in full make-up as well as tickets to the premiere and after party.

Once the stars are attached, Fox Trail Productions plans to raise the complete budget of the film by securing additional investment, foreign pre-sales, and the monetization of state tax credits.

“In The Dark” is set on a small island in Michigan that has been overrun by zombie/vampire creatures, leaving a small group of survivors, armed with guns, to fight for their lives as they try to escape to the mainland.

“The zombie/vampire creatures in “In The Dark” are vicious and their need to feed is equivalent to an insane drug addiction,” says award- winning filmmaker Jack Thomas Smith. “There’s an underlying theme to the story that is consistent throughout with the protagonists and antagonists. There will be imagery in certain places in relation to the characters’ specific flaws.”

Smith’s previous films include the psychological thriller “Disorder”, which was released by Universal/Vivendi and Warner Brothers, and the psychodrama “Infliction”, which was released by Virgil Films.

To contribute please go to http://igg.me/p/in-the-dark--6/x/9801149. Follow “In The Dark” on Twitter at @inthedarkJTS.
Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/InTheDarkMovie.

Follow Jack Thomas Smith on Twitter at @JackTSmith1 and for updates go to www.foxtrailproductions.com

Trailer & Poster for THE TOXIC AVENGER Mockumentary TOXIC TUTU

Long before theaters were littered with superhero films, Troma Entertainment introduced viewers to New Jersey's first superhuman hero: The Toxic Avenger! The 1984 B-movie has gone on to become a beloved cult classic - but its star, Mark Torgl, has rarely been heard from in the 30+ years since... until now.

Toxic Tutu is a mockumentary that pays tribute to The Toxic Avenger and its legacy. The almost-true story follows Mark Torgl - who played the 98-pound weakling Melvin Junko the "Mop Boy" - on a two-year journey to monster and horror conventions. For the first time ever, the actor candidly discusses his experiences on the set of the cult-classic film, including his exposure to toxic waste, and the true purpose of his recent public appearances.

Toxic Tutu also documents Torgl's long-awaited reunion with Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger. Guest appearances include Survivor reality TV icon Jonny FairPlay, pro wrestling superstars Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Jimmy Valiant, indie horror staple Shawn C. Phillips (Ghost Shark), kung-fu great Mel Novak (Bruce Lee's Game of Death) and The Toxic Avenger cast members D.J. Calvitto and Sarabel Levinson.

Check out the trailer: 
Toxic Tutu Trailer 4-15-15 from Joe Nardelli on Vimeo.

Toxic Tutu is currently in post-production. A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to raise the funds necessary to complete the process. Perks include lunch with the stars of the film, limited edition autographed posters, on-screen credits and more. Contributions can be made on Indiegogo: http://bit.ly/toxictutuigg

Director/producer Joe Nardelli aims to launch a college campus anti-bullying initiative to accompany the film. He explains, "At its core, Toxic Tutu is about celebrating the differences. This film intends to serve the generations of fans who have experienced The Toxic Avenger - self-professed nerds, geeks, counter-culture individuals; members of a community who dare to be different!"

"This is a very important historic, sociological film," adds the legendary Kaufman. "Please help Joe Nardelli." Kaufman is also reaching out to Toxic Avenger fans Quentin Tarantino and Kevin Smith on the filmmakers' behalf in an attempt to get them to appear in the movie.

For more information about Toxic Tutu, visit the official website, Facebook, Twitter and Indiegogo.

Troma at Cannes 2015

New York, N.Y., May 12, 2015 - Greetings from Tromaville! Once again, the Troma Team will be making headlines this week, May 13-24, as they arrive for the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. As always, Troma will be disrupting the otherwise beautiful and calm French Riviera with its particular brand of in-your-face DIY films. In addition to its 800+ catalog of money making titles, Troma will be pre-selling the nearly completed Return To Nuke'Em High: Volume 2 to buyers and granting interviews to International Press.

Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and creator of the Toxic Avenger, proudly announced that the Troma Team recently completed a "Learn How to be French" course at New York's prestigious College du Croissant, where "we have achieved a sense of superiority."

'Like' and 'Follow' Troma online at

'Subscribe' to Tromamovies YouTube Channel for hundreds of full length films, cartoons and shorts!

About Troma: Established in 1974 by Yale friends Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz, Troma Entertainment is one of the longest-running independent movie studios in United States history, and it's one of the best-known names in the industry. World famous for movie classics like Kaufman's "The Toxic Avenger", "Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead", "Class of Nuke 'em High", "Mother's Day" and "Tromeo & Juliet", Troma's seminal films are now being remade as big-budget mainstream productions by the likes of Brett Ratner, Richard Saperstein, Akiva Goldsman and Steven Pink. Among today's luminaries whose early work can be found in Troma's 800+ film library are Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Jenna Fischer, Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Costner, Fergie, Vincent D'Onofrio, Samuel L. Jackson, James Gunn and Eli Roth. Troma's latest productions are "Return to Nuke 'Em High: Volumes 1 & 2". Visit Troma at www.troma.com, www.lloydkaufman.com, www.twitter.com/lloydkaufman and www.tromapast.tumblr.com.

Fright-Rags Summons the Lord of Darkness for LEGEND Shirts

Of all the memorable imagery in 1985's Legend, none stand out more than Tim Curry's portrayal of the Lord of Darkness. Although the film turns 30 this year, Rob Bottin's special effects makeup still look fresh. Fright-Rags is paying tribute to Ridley Scott's cult classic with a collection of new shirts.

Three of the top names working in horror art today - Justin Osbourn, Christopher Lovell and Nathan Thomas Milliner - each offer a unique take on the iconic devil. All three designs are available on unisex tees or girls shirts.

The Legend collection is available for pre-order from Fright-Rags. The first run may sell out during the pre-order period. Orders will ship in mid-June.

In addition to Legend, The Twilight Zone collection is still up for pre-order at Fright-Rags.com. You'll also find dozens of shirts inspired by classic horror films and more.

03 May 2015

Amityville: It's About Time 1992 - REVIEW

This one is an old one but it's one that I have never seen.  I have the first 4 Amityville movies and I love those but it's hard to track down anything past part 4 because they have been out of print for so long.  When you do find them they usually bring in a pretty hefty price tag for a used DVD that is nearly 10 yrs old.  On Ebay recently I found this one for 17.00.  I thought that wasn't too high and good enough for me to own it.  Now the only question is will it be a let down or will I love it like the rest.

Jacob Sterling (Stephen Macht), just home from work walks into his living room and gathers his family for the addition to their house.  What is in the box he is carrying is an antique clock that is from the haunted Amityville house, which he is not aware of.  Starting the day it enters the house weird and terrible things begin to happen.  Will they figure it out before it's too late?

What an absolute fucking mess this movie is!!  I didn't have high expectations but I expected more than the shit they put on the screen.  The story is fucking terrible, the acting is subpar and there is nothing really interesting that happens to keep the viewer from getting bored.  I nearly fell asleep on this one but trucked through it so I could see the end.  Honestly after they should have just stopped after this installment.  I am really hesitant to see the rest of the Amityville sequels now unless they are super cheap and I literally have nothing else to watch.

From the review above you can pretty much guess that I am not giving this one a rave review.  I would rate this Amityville sequel 2 out of 10 stars.  It really does not deserve any more than that.  It is recommended that you save your money on this one and get something else.  Maybe if I would have seen this movie when it came out in 1992 it would have held some nostalgia like some 90's horror films do for me.  That's not the case unfortunately.  Stay twisted everyone!