03 May 2015

Amityville: It's About Time 1992 - REVIEW

This one is an old one but it's one that I have never seen.  I have the first 4 Amityville movies and I love those but it's hard to track down anything past part 4 because they have been out of print for so long.  When you do find them they usually bring in a pretty hefty price tag for a used DVD that is nearly 10 yrs old.  On Ebay recently I found this one for 17.00.  I thought that wasn't too high and good enough for me to own it.  Now the only question is will it be a let down or will I love it like the rest.

Jacob Sterling (Stephen Macht), just home from work walks into his living room and gathers his family for the addition to their house.  What is in the box he is carrying is an antique clock that is from the haunted Amityville house, which he is not aware of.  Starting the day it enters the house weird and terrible things begin to happen.  Will they figure it out before it's too late?

What an absolute fucking mess this movie is!!  I didn't have high expectations but I expected more than the shit they put on the screen.  The story is fucking terrible, the acting is subpar and there is nothing really interesting that happens to keep the viewer from getting bored.  I nearly fell asleep on this one but trucked through it so I could see the end.  Honestly after they should have just stopped after this installment.  I am really hesitant to see the rest of the Amityville sequels now unless they are super cheap and I literally have nothing else to watch.

From the review above you can pretty much guess that I am not giving this one a rave review.  I would rate this Amityville sequel 2 out of 10 stars.  It really does not deserve any more than that.  It is recommended that you save your money on this one and get something else.  Maybe if I would have seen this movie when it came out in 1992 it would have held some nostalgia like some 90's horror films do for me.  That's not the case unfortunately.  Stay twisted everyone!

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