21 May 2015

Zombeavers 2014 - REVIEW

I could not have been more excited to see this made it to netflix so quickly.  I have been wanting to see Zombeavers ever since I heard about it  a few months ago.  Seriously how could you not have fun watching killer beavers, not to mention all the plays on the work "beaver" that can be made.

Two dumbasses driving down the road with some sort of radioactive canisters on their truck hit a dear and one comes loose and goes into the water.  Meanwhile, Mary (Rachel Melvin), Zoe (Cortney Palm), and Jenn (Lexi Atkins) are on their way to a cabin for the weekend to help Jenn get over her cheating boyfriend.  Little do they know all three of their boyfriends are about to crash their weekend alone and all hell breaks loose with some really pissed off beavers.  Pun intended :)

I was not disappointed at all with Zombeavers.  This is nothing but a good fun horror movie that isn't intended to be taken seriously.  It's the perfect mix of comedy and horror.  Now the comedy in it didn't really make me laugh out loud but it is extremely entertaining. The acting isn't great by any means but it really didn't need to be.  Each actor and actress played their roles perfect in my opinion.  No big names here but you will recognize a few from some recent films.  Zombeavers is nothing special but you owe it to yourself  to watch it at least once.  Specially if you have a netflix acct.  I would watch this over Sharknado any day.  The worst actor/actress in this film is 100 times better than Tara Reid!

I give Zombeavers 8 out of 10 stars simply for the fact that it is original, corny as shit but at the same time you find yourself really enjoying watching it.  The writers didn't really try hard with this one and they didn't have to.  Besides everyone loves a good beaver. Stay twisted everyone!

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