28 June 2012

Bill Oberst Jr. Film Gets New Name: Deadly Revisions

Gregory Blair’s mystery/thriller starring international sensation Bill Oberst, Jr. takes it up a notch with a new title: “DEADLY REVISIONS”

PIX/SEE Productions announces that writer/director Gregory Blair’s mystery/thriller starring international sensation Bill Oberst, Jr. has gotten an upgrade; a new and improved title.

“While we liked the old title, which was the title of the screenplay, we wanted something totally fresh and more specific to the story we are telling,” Blair explains.

In DEADLY REVISIONS, horror film writer Grafton Torn finds hypnotherapy and nightmares reveal memories that might or might not be real…and that might or might not be deadly.

Star Bill Oberst, Jr. endorses the change. “The new title really has more intrinsic meaning,” he says. “I mean: yes, I’m a writer and I was in the process of making script revisions when I had my accident, but now it seems like it’s my life that’s getting revised. I have these horrific visions that keep changing…and I don’t know which versions are reality. If any of them are.”

Bill Oberst Jr.’s iconic screen presence has haunted dozens of films and his role in the Emmy nominated “Take This Lollipop”-- the most popular application in Facebook history--has made him an international phenomenon. He’s very excited about his role in DEADLY REVISIONS.

“The script twists so much the audience has to keep reevaluating the information they get,” Bill explains. “And my character is a totally unreliable narrator!”

“And a nice little twist on top of everything,” Blair adds, “is that the title itself is a revision. How perfect is that?”

DEADLY REVISIONS begins shooting later this year. For updates, visit:

The official DEADLY REVISIONS website: 

27 June 2012

Witchboard 2: The Devils Doorway 1993 - REVIEW

Hot off the success from the original Witchboard that starred Tawney Kitaen and really was a pretty damn good movie.  Now the lead is played by little known actress Ami Dolenz.  Yes, that last name looks familiar and you are right she is the daughter for Mickey Dolenz from the Monkees.  Ami is still not a really known actress considering not many if any of her movies have made it to DVD in the United States.  She is still a pretty good actress non the less and not to bad on the eyes either.

We start as Paige (Ami Dolenz) is being shown an apartment, a loft to be more exact.  Its a perfect place for her to rekindle the artist in her.  She takes the loft being told the only catch is that the landlord, Elaine (Laraine Newman), is stuck in the 60's and is pretty eccentric.  Paige quickly moves in the next week and almost immediately finds an of Ouija Board in the closet.  Later that night after her bath she is intrigued by it and used it in her living room.  Right away she contacts a spirit by the name of Susan (Julie Michaels).  Paige starts using this regularly and Susan helps her with her promotion at work and her painting.  Meanwhile Susan is exacting revenge of her own.  The revenge of her death, but Elaine and her brother Russell (John Gatins) do not  believe Susan to be dead.  Paige then wonders who she is talking to and gets sucked in by this spirit.  She starts dressing differently, using profanity and other things she would never had done.  She realizes she is in trouble with this but it is too late to stop now.  Paige and her friends are in for a wild ride.

First of all let me say this is really not a great movie, but it does have some charm.  In the early 90's up until the original Scream came out in 1996 the Horror genre was on a downturn.  There are not a whole lot of good movies that came to us between those years. There are some, but they are few and far between.  I consider Witchboard 2 to be an exception to that.  The movie is fun, it keeps you glued to  the screen the entire movie.  Whether it be because you want to know what is going to happen next or you just want to keep watching Ami Dolenz prancing around in daisy duke shorts and cut off shirts.  The story itself could have been better but it does the trick and makes for an entertaining movie.  The acting I would give 3 out of 5 stars.  Ami is not the best actress and honestly her supporting cast did a far better job than she did, but thats ok.  The real shame about this movie is that if you live in the United States the only way you can watch this is on that ancient movie player called a VHS or a poor looking VHS transfer to DVD.  I had not seen the movie in years and had to settle for the latter of those choices, but I really did not care. 

Watching this movie takes me way back.  I wasn't even in high school yet when this was made back in 1993.  I guess I am dating myself a little bit there.  I am so bummed that we do not have an officially released DVD version of this yet.  I mean you have the really really bad movies like Return to Sleepaway Camp and Witchboard III a DVD release but not this!  Cmon now!  Thats really the only bad thing I have to say about this movie.  All in all this is one of the more fun Horror movies out there.  I would rank it right up there with Prom Night II and III which I hold near and dear to my heart.  I do wish they would have elaborated more off this storyline for perhaps another sequel starring Ami again, but instead they made Witchboard III a few years later and it was just fuckin awful.  All 3 movies have no continuity anyway but the third installment lacks everything the first 2 had going for it.  I will be waiting impatiently for someone to release this on DVD, but until then stay twisted everyone!

Screaming In High Heels Coming to DVD

Philadelphia, PA - Breaking Glass Pictures is proud to announce the August 28 DVD Release of "Screaming in High Heels: The Rise & Fall of the Scream Queen Era" (SRP $19.99).  Edited for its TV debut earlier this year, the unrated DVD of "Screaming in High Heels" chronicles the careers of the original girls of terror as they show that cannibalism, demonic possession, flesh eating, and even chainsaw hookering is all in a days work.

Three girls living in Los Angeles, CA, in the 1980s found cult fame when they "accidentally" transitioned from models to B-movie actresses, coinciding with the major direct-to-video horror film boom of the era. Known as "The Terrifying Trio", Linnea Quigley "The Return of the Living Dead", Brinke Stevens "The Slumber Party Massacre" and Michelle Bauer "The Tomb", headlined upwards of ten films per year, fending off men in rubber monster suits, pubescent teenage boys, and deadly showers.

They joined together in campy cult films like "Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama" (1988) and "Nightmare Sisters" (1987). They traveled all over the world, met President Reagan, and built mini-empires of trading cards, comic books, and model kits. Then it all came crashing down. This documentary remembers these actresses - and their most common collaborators - on how smart they were to play stupid.

Featuring iconic directors of the time including David DeCoteau (Creepozoids), Richard Gabai (Nightmare Sisters), Fred Olen Ray (The Tomb), "Screaming in High Heels: The Rise & Fall of the Scream Queen Era" takes viewers through the prime of the "Trio" as they rule the screen with their sex appeal and vocal cords, and ultimately, into their very real demise from the genre that made them blood covered stars.

The unrated DVD release will come with chilling extras to die for, including: bonus interview footage with Linnea, Brinke, and Michelle; and footage from the Flashback Weekend of Horror Q&A session.

25 June 2012

Horror / Thriller The Meat Puppet in Production

Currently filming in New Jersey is this year’s new bone chilling horror/thriller “The Meat Puppet”. From the mind of Award Winning Actor Keith Collins, along with Silver Phoenix Entertainment, Valenti Vision Films and the pen of NY Emmy Award Winning writer Joseph Pepitone and Billy Pepitone (“Stuck in the Middle”) comes a sadistic thrill fest, full of twists and turns, that is sure to give movie goers the fright of their lives.

1.) meat puppet; (noun): person(s) that have no will of their own; somebody that lets others control them. Another name for a human being, especially one who doesn't think for him/herself, has no soul and is therefore controlled by others.

A vain, successful playboy tortures and kills beautiful girls and uses them to make the perfect meal for his lavish dinner parties. Body parts, blood, torture, cannibalism and NO escape are a few ways to describe this clever new terrifying and psychologically damaging creep show.

“The Meat Puppet” tells the story of Andrew “Drew” Shelton who has it all – looks, money, women and an insatiable taste for human flesh. His vanity is only surpassed by his obsession with finding the perfect tasting meal and it has fueled his appetite for killing, preparing and cooking beautiful women. He throws lavish dinner parties and serves his guests his latest victim and one unlucky guest becomes the main course of his next get together. When a no-nonsense detective starts putting the pieces together, it leads to a game of cat and mouse that only increases the stakes. But is Drew the soul-less, cold-blooded killer that he appears to be? Or is he just the Meat Puppet for a more sadistic mind?

Directed by Joe Valenti (“Echelon 8”). Produced by Keith Collins. Produced & Executive Produced by Blaze Kelly Coyle and Joe Valenti. Written by Joseph & Billy Pepitone. With a well-rounded cast including many special appearances and STARRING: Gregg Valentino (TLC’s “The Man Whose Arms Exploded”), Billy Sample (“Former NY Yankee”), Brandon Ruckdashel (“Co-ed Confidential”), Geri Reischl (“Gunsmoke”,“The Brady Bunch Variety Hour” aka Fake Jan), Jason Prager (“Beauty and the Geek”), Billy Garcia (“Survivor”), Gary Garver (“formerly from the Howard Stern Show”), Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (“Guns N Roses”), Erick Chopin (Winner of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”), Keith Collins (“Stuck in the Middle”, “BIdentity Crisis”), Jamie Reed-Kovac (Fury – “American Gladiators”), April Hunter (“WCW”, ”TNA”), Doug Bollinger (“Waltzing Anna”, “Mail Order Bride”),Theresa Galeani (“Cross the Line”, “I am Legend”), John Fields (“A-List DJ Unique”), Anastasia Smith (“NY Majesty Lingerie Football League”) and Faith Stanek (“Star Trek Phase 2 Web Series”).

Take This Lollipop Wins Emmy

Director Jason Zada's spooky Facebook application TakeThis Lollipop, starring actor Bill Oberst Jr., won a Daytime Emmy Award this weekend.

In a rare win for a horror-themed project, the interactive short film, in which Oberst portrays a stalker accessing viewer's Facebook profiles for an intense two minutes of cyber-stalking, won the Emmy for "Outstanding New Approaches In Daytime Entertainment" This project beat competitors: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Today Show and The Bold And The Beautiful for top honors in the category.

In his acceptance speech, director Zada thanked Oberst and the more than 100 million viewers worldwide who he said have seen the interactive film at www.takethislollipop.com. The National Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences announced the winners of the 39th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards Saturday night in a televised ceremony at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles.

Take This Lollipop Credits:
Jason Zada, Executive Producer, Director
Brian Latt, Executive Producer
Oliver Fuselier, Executive Producer
Dustin Callif, Executive Producer
Jason Nickel, Developer
Bill Oberst Jr., Actor

18 June 2012

Gut 2012 - REVIEW

There is always that friend from High School or your childhood that never really grew up.  You have moved on with life, gotten married have a family, but your best friend is still stuck in High School.  How would you handle that?  Would you deal with it?  Avoid it?  Friends drift apart sometimes and it's just how it goes.  Some people just can't handle it.

Tom (Jason Vail) sits at his brainless job recognizably unhappy at the moment.  Tom's best friend Dan (Nicholas Wilder) sits at the desk located across from his and is making faces trying to cheer his friend up.  They go to lunch and Dan invites Tom over for a night of old Horror movies and just chillin.  Tom explains he can't.  He has to go home to his wife and daughter and watch the latest Pixar movie.  Their friendship has drifted apart and its apparent.  Dan has a hard time dealing with this and finds out Tom took a day off work to look for houses upstate and out of the city.  This upsets Dan.  He finds something to try and give them something new to talk about.  Dan invites Tom over for a new Horror movie he just got in the mail from the Internet.  When they view the movie they are both shocked to see that the movie is a woman who is bound to a table being opened up from the stomach and the man runs his hand inside her stomach.  Tom is visibly disturbed by this and leaves right away.  They both do not like what they saw but are both intrigued and have to see more video's like this.  The more they see the more they believe it to be real.  What happens next you will never believe!

Gut is a very intense pshycological Horror.  The acting in this movie was great.  I have never seen any of these actors or actresses in anything else before, but they all did a very good job in this. The film contained very key elements.  Plenty of tense moments, nudity, and fantastic character development.  The production of this movie was very good as well.  The only complaint I have in this whole movie is the sound effects not really being up to par.  There is one scene in particular that the sound effects were non existent.  Sound is very important to a movie but its not the whole movie and the storyline is good enough to keep you glued to the TV for the entire movie.  There is not a moment were the story slows down and starts to get boring.  I was constantly wanting to see what was going to happen next

I did very much enjoy this movie, as you can probably tell.  It was a stormy Sunday afternoon which is perfect for a good Horror movie.  Especially one that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat.  The thing that most impressed me what the way the characters were drawn up and also the actors that portrayed them.  Namely Nicholas Wilder who played Dan.  I was really feeling sorry for him halfway throughout the movie.  He makes you feel what his character is going through.  Make no mistake about it this is not a cheery or cheesy movie at all.  If you are looking for that you need to look somewhere else.  When this is available on dvd I highly recommend picking this up and giving it a view.  You won't regret it.  Stay twisted everyone!

Huff Blows Horror Fans Away

HOLLYWOOD, CA (June17, 2012)—Initial test screenings indicate indie horror/thriller HUFF will be a huge hit with genre fans. Screened exclusively at Texas Frightmare Weekend (May 5, 2012) and Philadelphia Comic Con (June 1, 2012), HUFF is receiving rave reviews and is already experiencing a cult-like following.

HUFF is a twisted adaptation of the classic bedtime story “The Three Little Pigs.” It stars Charlie O’Connell (The Bachelor, Dude Where’s My Car?, Sliders) in the unlikely role of asexually abusive, asthma-stricken stepfather (the “big bad wolf”). When Huff’s three stepdaughters (the “three little piggies”) flee with his stash of drug money, Huff “huffs and puffs” his way through a rage-induced killing spree in pursuit of the girls.

O’Connell, typically cast as the all-American jock, has definitely crossed over to the dark side as the sick, disturbed villain. Scott Shoyer of AnythingHorror.com says O’Connell gives“one of the most brutal, savage, and powerful performances I’ve seen in a long time.”

“Response has been phenomenal!” says Executive Producer Cort Howell of Windchaser Pictures. “One of the benefits of doing these early screenings is that HUFF is already developing a cult-like following.”

With no affiliation or compensation, New England-based podcasters PixelatedDimensions.com has become the unofficial fan club for HUFF, working tirelessly to promote what they describe as “a breath of fresh air in the film business. Their motivation? “We just love the film!” says co-host Phil MacManus.

HUFF also includes standout performances by scream queen Elina Madison (Creepshow 3, Chop) as the “momma pig,” Playboy cover model Natasha Alam as Huff’s sexy mistress, and Marie Bollinger as the eldest step-daughter who is forced to do battle with Huff to protect herself and her sisters. Genre fan-favorite Clint Howard (The Lords of Salem, Apollo 13, Evilspeak) makes a compelling cameo appearance as an unwitting hay deliveryman.

HUFF will next embark on a short festival circuit in preparation for a worldwide release in late 2012.

About Windchaser Pictures: Windchaser Pictures is a privately held independent feature film company in Santa Clarita, CA. HUFF is Windchaser’s first feature film. Additional films are in development.

You can check out my review of Huff here.

17 June 2012

Jacob 2011 - REVIEW by Scott Shoyer with Anything Horror

Here’s a film I’ve been waiting to see since I first heard about it at the 2011 Texas Frightmare Weekend. So when I saw JACOB made the line-up of screeners at this year’s TFW, it pretty much shot to the top of my “must-see” list. JACOB is written, directed, and stars Larry Wade Carrell, a Texas indie horror filmmaker who is part of what I like to call the Dallas-Austin horror connection. This is a group of really talented horror filmmakers, actors, f/x artists, etc ... who all help each other out and work on each other’s films. There’s no competitiveness or pettiness; it’s a bunch of talented people who love horror and who love making horror films, helping each other out. This time they all came together to support Larry Wade Carrell and JACOB.

JACOB is told from the present-day perspective of the sheriff, Billy (Carrell). The story that unfolds from his flashback is one of tragedy, domestic violence, murder, and bloody carnage. Jacob is the oldest son of Edith and Lawrence Kell (Krystn Caldwell and Michael Biehn, respectively). Even at a young age there was something obviously wrong with Jacob. Autism, a form of retardation, or something along those lines afflicted little Jacob. We first meet Jacob, though, in his early twenties and he’s a menacing looking guy who has pretty much retreated inside himself and only responds to his sister, Sissy (Grace Powell). Jacob loves his little sister and would never do her any harm ... and God forbid if anyone else were to harm her!! We learn through flashbacks within the flashback that Jacob’s dad (Biehn) died in a very dramatic and violent fashion and now Otis (also played by Carrell) has stepped in as step dad to these kids. Only problem is Otis is a violent drunk who gets rather punchy after a few drinks. One night after a day-long binge, Otis kills Sissy and sets Jacob off on a long night of bloody, savage vengeance. Throw in a subplot about a cursed book that adds in an interesting supernatural element, and you’ve got yourself a story!!

JACOB is, for sure, a slow burn movie. Carrell takes his time setting up the characters and setting the stage for the bloody and violent final act. Otis couldn’t be a more disgusting, despicable, and deplorable human being, beating his wife and always ready to raise a hand at his step kids. He’s out every day getting shit-faced, trying to pick up anything with two legs, a hole, and a heartbeat while his wife is busting her ass at the local diner. Carrell does a pretty nice job in the role of Otis. He plays Otis with a certain level of restraint and only occasionally lets the role get away from him. There’s a few times where Carrell’s Otis overacts, but in all he does a nice job.

Unfortunately some of the other cast members don’t fare as well. The mother, Edith (Caldwell), overacts most of her time on camera and comes across as one of the lesser experienced in the cast. She doesn’t always look comfortable on film and this comes through in her performance. On the other hand, Grace Powell (Sissy) does a nice job in her role as the younger sister of Jacob. This is her first feature-length film and she pulls off her role like a seasoned pro. Powell has an inherent innocence that shines through but also manages to convey a sense of strength beyond her years, not having led an easy life with an abusive step father and mentally crippled older brother.

Carrell really shines with the way he developed the tension in JACOB. You know from the opening scenes that the story is going to end in violence and blood, and Carrell takes his time creating a tension-rich tone to get us there. The tension begins with the actions of one asshole step father and Carrell manipulates and increases the intensity of the tension as the film unfolds. The addition of the mysterious book, which ends up playing more than a marginal part in the motivations of some of the actors, could have come off gimmicky, but Carrell expertly handled this element. He didn’t over-explain it or drive it in the ground, but left it as one of the mysterious aspects in the film. This worked for me.

No doubt, though, the film gets really fun once Jacob goes on his killing spree. Carrell doesn’t leave too much to the imagination as we watch Jacob literally tear people apart, bury sharp objects in them, and in general go ‘medieval on their asses.’ The special f/x are really well done and will satisfy your blood lust that you’ve come to expect from the indie horror scene here in Texas.

JACOB is another film made by a collaborative of Texas filmmakers and actors who love horror films. Texas filmmakers like Stacy Davidson (director of SWEATSHOP, my review) and Jeremy Sumrall (director of POSSUM WALK) came together to help Carrell put his vision on film, and the passion Carrell has for filmmaking shines through. JACOB is a solid full-length feature debut that only suffers from a few pacing problems and some inconsistent acting. But people who love slow burn flicks with explosive endings will appreciate what Carrell does with the story here ... and gore hounds will be rewarded as well. JACOB is worth checking out.

My Summary:
Director: Larry Wade Carrell (writer and actor)
Plot: 3 out of 5 stars
Gore: 7.5 out of 10 skulls
Zombie Mayhem: 0 out of 5 brains
Reviewed by Scott Shoyer (Anything Horror) from the Texas Frightmare Weekend 2012

Scooby Doo Gets Dark in Saturday Morning Massacre

Let's be honest... most horror lovers probably started out with our asses planted in front of the TV on a Saturday morning watching Scooby Doo and the gang solve one mystery after another. And since we're being honest we should all just go ahead and admit that we STILL love Scooby Doo. It actually does my old heart good to see that the cartoons I grew up with are now being enjoyed by my kiddos.

Film makers have been struggling for years to come up with new concepts and ideas. There's been tons of horror films that play off of one fairy tale or another and I'm sure if I think hard enough I'll come up with one that's based of a cartoon but it's still early and I haven't had enough coffee yet so I'll just leave you with this upcoming Indie film from director Spencer Parsons.

The film stars Ashley Spillers, Josephine Decker, Jonny Mars, Adam Tate and Paul Gordon.

In Saturday Morning Massacre, a team of amateur paranormal investigators struggle to make ends meet by debunking reports of supernatural incidents. With the group on the verge of bankruptcy, Nancy takes on a case involving rumors of suspicious disappearances and violent deaths linked with the abandoned Kyser schoolhouse. Discounting rumors of satanic practices the team proceeds, desperately chasing cash and the opportunity to encounter their lives’ work – to catch a real ghost.

On a tour guided by the local sheriff, the team learns of the schoolhouse’s gruesome past. Despite his advice to spend the night in a hotel, the team decides to stay; they set up their gear and prepare for nightfall. When the sun goes down, the truth comes out: the Kyser house isn’t haunted – it’s inhabited by a sadistic feral family with an insatiable appetite for torture.

Saturday Morning Massacre is a bloody parody of mystery cartoons and the consequences of meddling with the supernatural.

Be sure to check out the Saturday Morning Massacre Facebook page here.

16 June 2012

Top 10 Movie Dads

For Father's Day Twisted Central is paying tribute to the top 10 Horror movie dads. Enjoy and Happy Father's day to all the Dad's out there!

Terry O'Quinn - The Stepfather

Billy Connolly - The Boondock Saints

Alice Cooper - Freddy's Dead

Guy Rolfe - Puppetmaster III

Royal Dano - House II

Kane Hodder - Hatchet II

Lance Henriksen - Pumkinhead

Marlon Brando - The Godfather

Lawrence Hecht - Scream

James Hampton - Teen Wolf

15 June 2012

Indie Horror Team Branches into Drama

While the beginnings of the “Dry Spell” story are tied to Rockford, Illinois, the film is set to have wide ranging talent and scope. Although romantic comedies are common, a truly independent romantic comedy is a rarity and a bold adventure for Aegis Studios. Although they’ve been told it can’t be done, the film-makers at Aegis have chosen (in true DIY fashion) to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the film and plan to ignore the skeptics.

Kickstarter is a website devoted to helping independent creators raise capital to fund their projects. Groups like Aegis can set a goal and a timeline and offer incentives for investors. Then Kickstarter processes the pledges which aren’t finalized unless the goal is reached. In a way, it’s a method for all interested parties to invest in an artistic project and essentially become a part owner in its success. In the case of this project, the goal is just $23,000 – a very small amount for a film production budget.

While the concept of doing a romantic comedy in such an independent way is novel, the selling points of the project certainly don’t end there. For one thing, the cast is exceptional for an independent film of this magnitude. East Coast native Suzi Lorraine is set to star alongside co-writer Kyle Hoskins. While Lorraine is often seen in horror films, her highest profile role was in “Music and Lyrics” with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. Debbie Rochon will also be featured in the film. Rochon is best known for her work in Troma Films productions.

While the creative process that spawned “Dry Spell” started in the Midwestern burg of Rockford, Illinois (home of its film-maker and co-writer Travis Legge), the movie is set to film on location in New York City, adding another layer of interest to the production.

According to the writers, “Dry Spell” is to be a feature length romantic comedy about a woman who is going through a divorce and preparing to enter the dating world. One night she discovers that her ability to become aroused has left her. In short, she's dried up. Believing that this is caused by guilt about moving on before her ex-husband has, she embarks on a quest to get him laid.

To learn more about the project (and previous work from Aegis), stop by www.aegisstudios.com.
Backers can get involved at kickstarter.com.

Feel free to contact us at raymonddidit@gmail.com for more information, still photos or other materials or to arrange interviews with the film-makers.

Someone's Knocking at the Door Director Chad Ferrin Needs Your Help!

 Spread the word about Chad Ferrin's Horse

Horse is an action packed Western written and directed by Chad Ferrin (Unspeakable, The Ghouls, Someone's Knocking at the Door). In the Old West, a man relies on two things to survive - his gun and his horse. And Luther Cobb just lost one of those, his beloved horse, Bud. Cobb is a man of true grit, having fought in the Civil War and skirmishes in the American Indian Wars. He has seen plenty of blood shed and is now on the trail of those responsible for killing his friend.

The film is a collaborative effort by producers Mike Leahy (Pulse, Feast, Drive) and Jeff Olan (Rock of Ages, John Dies at the End) to fund a project outside of the studio system. Ferrin is partly financing the bulk of the film in order to maintain complete creative control of the project. According to Ferrin, “I believe in "Horse" heart and soul, and I'm willing to put everything on the line for it".

The Horse team realized that Kickstarter is an amazing new tool for the independent filmmaker, and is seeking to connect with fans, cinefiles, artists and art lovers with this campaign. Raising money will help in the production of the film in addition to increasing awareness of it. There is a distinct value in having an intimate relationship to those who care about art, and we are grateful to Kickstarter for helping these relationships grow.
Thank You for your support!

Horse on Facebook

Donate to Chad Ferrin's Horse

12 June 2012

Laid To Rest 2009 - REVIEW

I finally ordered this through Amazon.  I always see it when I am looking for movies, but have never pulled the trigger on buying it.  I have always heard mixed reviews of this movie.  It is good, its bad, it sucks.  That usually does not stop me from watching a movie permanently, but it does delay it a bit.  I had a whole day off to do nothing but watch Horror movies and this was first on the list.  I did not have really high expectations on Laid To Rest. 

A girl (Bobbi Sue Luther) wakes up and is living what some people might consider their worst nightmare.  She is trapped in a coffin and fighting to free herself, or better yet figure out how she got in it to begin with.  She has a head injury and cannot remember anything, even the simplest thing of who she is.  Once she is free from the coffin she comes to find that she is being stalked by a man (Nick Principe) with a chrome skull over his face equipt with knives and a  video camera attached to his shoulder.  He is out to kill her and presumably the person who put her in the coffin.  The girl is picked up on the road by a man named Tucker (Kevin Gage) who is willing to help her.  He takes her to his house were she can get cleaned up and contact the authorities.  Little does Tucker know that picking her up now means he is also being staked by the Chromeskull serial killer.  They are in for a night they will never forget, or might not even live to tell about.

Laid To Rest was not a film that was sent to the big screen and had its day in the theatre.  It was a direct to video release that since has a nice cult following.  The quality of the movie was quite good considering most direct to video releases do lack in quality and good acting.  This did not in either category.  I enjoyed the acting and the character development of the main girl in the movie.  By the end of the movie the audience knows what her back story is, as it's revealed little by little as the movie goes on.  I think Robert Hall did a fantastic job with direction of the movie as well.  The death scenes are gruesome and creative.  If you are a true Horror fan that is important.  The more creative and complex death scenes, the more people want to watch.  The key is to do something no one as seen before or at least something that is not done often.  It's also worth mentioning the minor role by a film and  Horror genre legend Richard Lynch.  He does not really do anything of importance in the movie but is none the less effective.

I was surprised by how much I did like Laid to Rest.  Go figure J.R. likes a slasher.  It had everything I like about Horror movies.  Good characters, a creepy looking killer, and tons of blood.  It even added another factor that I like, and that is one of my worst fears being lived in this movie.  Being trapped in a coffin alive is something that freaks me out.  Not that its ever happened to me, but the thought terrifies me.  Finding a movie that truly has a terrifying element makes it even better.  Because lets face it Horror movies are really not that scary.  There are the few that can pull it off, but I am not one to scare easy.  Unless you have a needle by my arm, but lets not go there.  Laid To Rest 2 is definitely next on my list to pick up.  Hopefully I will not wait as long as I did with this one to watch it.  I kind of wish I would have met the cast now at a convention I was at and skipped over them because I did not know anything about the movie.  Stay twisted everyone!

Inside the Whore Poster Revealed

The official poster for Norweigian director Reinert Kiil's "Hora" ("The Whore") sequel "Inside The Whore" has finally been revealed. The film is scheduled for release in the fall 2012 by Scandinavian distributor Another World Entertainment who also released the original "Hora" in 2010. It is a very different film starring the director Reinert Kiil in the lead role surrounding himself with various Scandinavian actors such as Jørgen Langhelle ("The Thing", "Arn: The Knight Templar"), Vegar Hoel ("Dead Snow", "Tomme Tønner"), Viktoria Winge ("Cold Prey" and "Cold Prey 2"), Kim Sønderholm ("Blood Fare", "Toro Loco"), Dagrun Anholt, Big Brother-star Anette Young and adult stars Caroline Andersen and Isabel Vibe who also played the lead character in the original "Hora" film.

During the shooting of the sequel to Reinert Kiil's feature film HORA aka THE WHORE a lot of mysterious things happened on the set. This is the story that SHOULD have been told…

While shooting the sequel to THE WHORE, director Reinert Kiil and the director of photography join forces in an effort to make the ugliest and most grotesque film ever made. During production outside Kvam in Bergen, the crew and actors notice that there is something weird and strange going on when friends and colleagues begin to die in brutal ways. The question is whether it is the Whore who has come to life looking for revenge or whether it's actually the director who gets his dream come true about making the most horrible movie ever.

Inside The Whore IMDb page: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1705790/

Official movie website: http://insidethewhore.com/

Twisted Central's Best Horror Remakes

Regardless of whether you love or hate them, everybody has their own opinion of remakes. Hollywood is continuously assaulting us with one horror "reboot" after another, the most recent being Maniac starring *cough, cough, gag* Elijah Wood. So... with this controversial flick coming our way, we decided to give you a peek into the remakes that we hold near and dear.

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