12 June 2012

Laid To Rest 2009 - REVIEW

I finally ordered this through Amazon.  I always see it when I am looking for movies, but have never pulled the trigger on buying it.  I have always heard mixed reviews of this movie.  It is good, its bad, it sucks.  That usually does not stop me from watching a movie permanently, but it does delay it a bit.  I had a whole day off to do nothing but watch Horror movies and this was first on the list.  I did not have really high expectations on Laid To Rest. 

A girl (Bobbi Sue Luther) wakes up and is living what some people might consider their worst nightmare.  She is trapped in a coffin and fighting to free herself, or better yet figure out how she got in it to begin with.  She has a head injury and cannot remember anything, even the simplest thing of who she is.  Once she is free from the coffin she comes to find that she is being stalked by a man (Nick Principe) with a chrome skull over his face equipt with knives and a  video camera attached to his shoulder.  He is out to kill her and presumably the person who put her in the coffin.  The girl is picked up on the road by a man named Tucker (Kevin Gage) who is willing to help her.  He takes her to his house were she can get cleaned up and contact the authorities.  Little does Tucker know that picking her up now means he is also being staked by the Chromeskull serial killer.  They are in for a night they will never forget, or might not even live to tell about.

Laid To Rest was not a film that was sent to the big screen and had its day in the theatre.  It was a direct to video release that since has a nice cult following.  The quality of the movie was quite good considering most direct to video releases do lack in quality and good acting.  This did not in either category.  I enjoyed the acting and the character development of the main girl in the movie.  By the end of the movie the audience knows what her back story is, as it's revealed little by little as the movie goes on.  I think Robert Hall did a fantastic job with direction of the movie as well.  The death scenes are gruesome and creative.  If you are a true Horror fan that is important.  The more creative and complex death scenes, the more people want to watch.  The key is to do something no one as seen before or at least something that is not done often.  It's also worth mentioning the minor role by a film and  Horror genre legend Richard Lynch.  He does not really do anything of importance in the movie but is none the less effective.

I was surprised by how much I did like Laid to Rest.  Go figure J.R. likes a slasher.  It had everything I like about Horror movies.  Good characters, a creepy looking killer, and tons of blood.  It even added another factor that I like, and that is one of my worst fears being lived in this movie.  Being trapped in a coffin alive is something that freaks me out.  Not that its ever happened to me, but the thought terrifies me.  Finding a movie that truly has a terrifying element makes it even better.  Because lets face it Horror movies are really not that scary.  There are the few that can pull it off, but I am not one to scare easy.  Unless you have a needle by my arm, but lets not go there.  Laid To Rest 2 is definitely next on my list to pick up.  Hopefully I will not wait as long as I did with this one to watch it.  I kind of wish I would have met the cast now at a convention I was at and skipped over them because I did not know anything about the movie.  Stay twisted everyone!

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  1. I enjoyed "Laid to Rest" too. I really like Bobbi Sue Luther though so I'm biased. The sequel "Chromeskull" was a terrible mess but reunited a couple more people from "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" which was nice. I don't think you'll like it as much. If you are looking for more by Robert Hall, "Lightning Bug" is great.