18 June 2012

Gut 2012 - REVIEW

There is always that friend from High School or your childhood that never really grew up.  You have moved on with life, gotten married have a family, but your best friend is still stuck in High School.  How would you handle that?  Would you deal with it?  Avoid it?  Friends drift apart sometimes and it's just how it goes.  Some people just can't handle it.

Tom (Jason Vail) sits at his brainless job recognizably unhappy at the moment.  Tom's best friend Dan (Nicholas Wilder) sits at the desk located across from his and is making faces trying to cheer his friend up.  They go to lunch and Dan invites Tom over for a night of old Horror movies and just chillin.  Tom explains he can't.  He has to go home to his wife and daughter and watch the latest Pixar movie.  Their friendship has drifted apart and its apparent.  Dan has a hard time dealing with this and finds out Tom took a day off work to look for houses upstate and out of the city.  This upsets Dan.  He finds something to try and give them something new to talk about.  Dan invites Tom over for a new Horror movie he just got in the mail from the Internet.  When they view the movie they are both shocked to see that the movie is a woman who is bound to a table being opened up from the stomach and the man runs his hand inside her stomach.  Tom is visibly disturbed by this and leaves right away.  They both do not like what they saw but are both intrigued and have to see more video's like this.  The more they see the more they believe it to be real.  What happens next you will never believe!

Gut is a very intense pshycological Horror.  The acting in this movie was great.  I have never seen any of these actors or actresses in anything else before, but they all did a very good job in this. The film contained very key elements.  Plenty of tense moments, nudity, and fantastic character development.  The production of this movie was very good as well.  The only complaint I have in this whole movie is the sound effects not really being up to par.  There is one scene in particular that the sound effects were non existent.  Sound is very important to a movie but its not the whole movie and the storyline is good enough to keep you glued to the TV for the entire movie.  There is not a moment were the story slows down and starts to get boring.  I was constantly wanting to see what was going to happen next

I did very much enjoy this movie, as you can probably tell.  It was a stormy Sunday afternoon which is perfect for a good Horror movie.  Especially one that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat.  The thing that most impressed me what the way the characters were drawn up and also the actors that portrayed them.  Namely Nicholas Wilder who played Dan.  I was really feeling sorry for him halfway throughout the movie.  He makes you feel what his character is going through.  Make no mistake about it this is not a cheery or cheesy movie at all.  If you are looking for that you need to look somewhere else.  When this is available on dvd I highly recommend picking this up and giving it a view.  You won't regret it.  Stay twisted everyone!

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