18 June 2012

Huff Blows Horror Fans Away

HOLLYWOOD, CA (June17, 2012)—Initial test screenings indicate indie horror/thriller HUFF will be a huge hit with genre fans. Screened exclusively at Texas Frightmare Weekend (May 5, 2012) and Philadelphia Comic Con (June 1, 2012), HUFF is receiving rave reviews and is already experiencing a cult-like following.

HUFF is a twisted adaptation of the classic bedtime story “The Three Little Pigs.” It stars Charlie O’Connell (The Bachelor, Dude Where’s My Car?, Sliders) in the unlikely role of asexually abusive, asthma-stricken stepfather (the “big bad wolf”). When Huff’s three stepdaughters (the “three little piggies”) flee with his stash of drug money, Huff “huffs and puffs” his way through a rage-induced killing spree in pursuit of the girls.

O’Connell, typically cast as the all-American jock, has definitely crossed over to the dark side as the sick, disturbed villain. Scott Shoyer of AnythingHorror.com says O’Connell gives“one of the most brutal, savage, and powerful performances I’ve seen in a long time.”

“Response has been phenomenal!” says Executive Producer Cort Howell of Windchaser Pictures. “One of the benefits of doing these early screenings is that HUFF is already developing a cult-like following.”

With no affiliation or compensation, New England-based podcasters PixelatedDimensions.com has become the unofficial fan club for HUFF, working tirelessly to promote what they describe as “a breath of fresh air in the film business. Their motivation? “We just love the film!” says co-host Phil MacManus.

HUFF also includes standout performances by scream queen Elina Madison (Creepshow 3, Chop) as the “momma pig,” Playboy cover model Natasha Alam as Huff’s sexy mistress, and Marie Bollinger as the eldest step-daughter who is forced to do battle with Huff to protect herself and her sisters. Genre fan-favorite Clint Howard (The Lords of Salem, Apollo 13, Evilspeak) makes a compelling cameo appearance as an unwitting hay deliveryman.

HUFF will next embark on a short festival circuit in preparation for a worldwide release in late 2012.

About Windchaser Pictures: Windchaser Pictures is a privately held independent feature film company in Santa Clarita, CA. HUFF is Windchaser’s first feature film. Additional films are in development.

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