30 March 2012

Full Moon Features Announces VIP Package for the Production of Zombie VS Strippers - PRESS RELEASE

Full Moon Features is coming out with a new horror comedy entitled Zombie Vs Strippers this year.  To celebrate they are offering fans a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a VIP visitor to the set as the movie is being shot and meet Charles Band and the whole crew!

Zombies vs. Strippers goes into production in April 9th thru 17th 2012 and YOU can have the Ultimate Zombie Set Experience!

March 29, 2012, Los Angeles, CA – Full Moon is going into production on what is sure to be an instant cult classic: Zombies Vs. Strippers. The sheer mayhem that comes with a set full of zombies and strippers has to be seen in person to be believed… And that’s exactly what Full Moon is offering fans right now! This is your chance to BE onset during the shooting of Zombies Vs. Strippers! With the Zombie VIP Set Experience, you’ll get to immerse yourself in a Full Moon movie like no fan ever has before!
The Zombie VIP Set Experience includes:
  • an all-access pass to the Zombies Vs. Strippers movie set for ONE day
  • an all-expense-paid trip to Los Angeles, CA, which will include roundtrip airfare*, 4 star hotel**, and transportation to and from the set
  • unprecedented behind the scenes access to the movie making process, including meeting Charles Band, eating meals with the cast and crew on set, and watching the shooting of the movie from off camera
  • photo ops with the cast and crew by Full Moon’s professional onset photographer
  • a special Zombies Vs. Strippers prize pack including a grab bag of Full Moon merchandise, a copy of Zombies Vs. Strippers when it is available on DVD, and a copy of the Zombies Vs. Strippers script signed by Charles Band
*Airfare is included for U.S. residents.  Any international purchasers will be billed additional charges for travel, including Canada or Mexico.
**Filming will take place from 4/9-4/18. Hotel stay will be for two nights.  Exact travel dates will be scheduled to coincide with the most exciting days of filming.
After purchasing, arrangements will be made with you regarding what works best for your schedule and ours during the production dates (April 9th-16th). Please include accurate contact info.
The Zombie VIP Set Experience is available in two different packages:
  • $2500 for one person
  • $3900 for two people
Because of the unique and exclusive nature of this deal, there are only TEN packages available.  Not TEN one person packages and TEN two person packages; TEN packages total and then it’s gone!
The Zombie VIP Set Experience is available right now!  Get in on it and be a part of Full Moon film making history!

And thats not all Full Moon Features is also releasing 3 pages of the script as a sneak preview for fans.  Click on the link to read the 3 pages of this script. http://fullmoonhorror.com/2012/03/13/zombies-vs-strippers-3-fun-pages-from-the-script/.

27 March 2012

Twisted Central Interviews BAPart Films About Their Film The Taking

Recently I had the pleasure to interview Lydelle Jackson and Cezil Reed for BAPart Films about their upcoming movie The Taking.

TC: How did your film company come to form?
Cezil : I'd come back and forth from film school and I'd share with Lydelle some of the ideas I was working on. One day he approached me about an idea of an 80 year-old man who believes he's a superhero but he's suffering from a mental illness. It was a 1 part comedy 2 parts sadness type of an idea. And I was like, "Word, we should write that together!" And we did. Few years later, we were thinking about a name for our company. I had the name TCT Pictures in my head but it was stupid. Lydelle came up with BAPart Films.

TC: I understand your first feature film is coming out.  Could you tell us a little about that?
Lydelle: Yep, well, going into this film we knew that we wanted to turn the horror genre on its head. So we decided to make an "art-house horror" film. It may sound pretentious to say, but we believe that there's a lot of potential in the horror genre that has not been tapped into yet. What we've created, hopefully, can appeal to the classic horror fan, as well as someone who's into 'artsy' films...you know, the kind of dudes who do anything in their power to avoid pop culture, and refer to movies as "film"... people like ourselves, the BAPartists, haha. Anyways, the film's dark...real dark. Very serious and brooding, nothing campy about this film at all. Just hardness, through and through.

TC: What is The Taking about?
Cezil: Some hard shit...j/k  It's about two people living in heartache, who must find solace if they are to escape the clutches of a demonic cult before their souls are taken.

TC: Who do you have starring in The Taking?
Lydelle: Our film is lead by John Halas. He's a phenomenal actor, he's got a lot of conviction, and he's almost as handsome as us. This is his first feature film but he's been on television, shows like Cinemax's Girls Guide to Depravity . We've also got Alana Jackler playing the female lead as well, she's an amazing actress. Great camera presence, she takes it to the next level with her performance. Horror fans may be familiar with Gordon Price, he was the villain in The Watermen, a horror film that came out last year with Jason Mewes, he's also recently been in Tyler Perry's Good Deeds, if you check that out he'll be the homeless dude getting beat up by Thandie Newton. Last but not least, we've got Lynn Mastio Rice playing a villianous role, she'd previously played a hell of a bad guy in "Children of Invention" she was so good at being sinister that she got a standing ovation at Sundance. Glad to have these guys and all the others with us. Everyone who worked on this film is amazing and the world will see that fact soon...I hope!

TC: What gave you guys the idea for The Taking?
Cezil: I (Cezil) have been terrified of demons entering my body and taking my soul since the age of 11 (when I watched "The Exorcist"). Having a demon inside of me has always frightened me. Throughout my teens I had numerous night terrors where I believed a demonic presence had entered my room and was wanting to claim my soul. Sometimes I thought it was Satan. FYI, one time I was in a 400mm race with Satan, this was a dream of course (I'm not that weird), and I beat him and so he choked me for it. That's when the night terrors began:( Anyway, I was like, "We should do a demonic possession film...the rest was history." 

TC: How did you first get involved in the Horror genre?
Lydelle: We wrote our first horror story back in 2007 or so. It's called the Dark Maze, we'd originally hoped to find half a million dollars to make it with...I don't know what we were thinking! As first time filmmakers who don't come from money, that's just not going to happen...either way, we finished the script and, hey, it's for sale to anyone interested in it! You can find some info about it on our website...ahem... Anyways, the Dark Maze was simply too big for our modest means. So we began writing comedies and dramas. However, when we finally worked up the nerve to do our own film, I mean write, direct, produce, finance, etc, we came back to horror. What I personally like about horror is that it's a genre that has great potential for creators. The horror crowd is very supportive, and the most willing to experiment, I think. So, for two dudes who like to test waters...Horror was a great place for us to kick off our film making careers.

TC: When is The Taking going to be released?
Cezil: It will be done Summer 2012 and we will do a festival run across the country and world wide for 2012 & part of 2013. Expect it to be out on DVD/Blue-Ray late 2013.

TC: Is there anything else you would like to say to the fans of Twisted Central?
Lydelle: Yes, check us out on Facebook and Twitter. We're also working on other projects like music videos and maybe a few smaller pieces. We're friends with some big porn stars too and so we may do some experimental stuff with them, as well.   Facebook: The BAPartists twitter: @bapartists
You can also check out our website: 

25 March 2012

The Puzzle 2008 (Short Film) Review

When i was young one of my favorite things to do was sit down put a puzzle together.  I probably have not done that in over 20 years.  Some people put them together as a hobby, or just to relax.  This is not the kind puzzle i would want to play with!

Its a nice sunny day when we see a lady (Cachito Noguera) answer her phone.  Its her son on the other line and she is very upset almost immediately.  He would like to borrow money and she is adamant not to do it.  She hangs up and is so upset that she sits down to relax herself with a puzzle.  The only problem is this puzzle does not relax her at all.  It suddenly becomes clear she is putting together the a piece of her life.  You will never believe what happens next.

The Puzzle is directed by the Italian director Davide Melini.  The short film is a mear 5 minutes long but does put together a good storyline.  There is really only one person in the film and that is the Mother.  The 30 seconds she is on the phone with her son is all the dialogue in the film.  The rest of the film is silent, but it does deliver a pretty solid ending.  I would comment on the actual acting but there is really not much of it so I don't have that much to say honestly.

I did not totally dislike this movie.  At the end of the day i would say its not too bad but I have seen plenty of shorts that were much better.  The lack of dialogue and some of the camera work makes it a little boring.  I enjoyed the ending which i am not going to give away and spoil it for you.  You will have to click below on the You Tube link and see for yourself.  Stay twisted everyone!

Horrorhound Weekend Columbus Convention - Review

One of the best things about being a horror movie fan is attending the conventions that occur all over the country.  Meeting all the vendors in the industry along with some of the actors and actresses that appear in the movies you love.  While not all fun and games you do have to deal with the crowds and stand in sometimes very long lines, but if your a big enough fan its all well worth it.  It also depends on how well organizer for the event handles all the obstacles as well.  Horrorhound always does a great job of this.  There are always going to be complaints about the crowds and how large the facility is, but its a convention no matter how large the venue is its going to be crowded.  Horrorhound puts together one of the best cons twice a year every year since 2007 and this year in Columbus is no different.

This years theme was Women in Horror honoring some of the women who have made this genre great.  What Horrorhound has also done is pair some of the women up with their stalker or killer.  Example: Amy Steel was there and next to her was Steve Dash who played Jason in Friday the 13th Part 2. Clelebrity guests included: Adrienne BarbeauScout Taylor Compton, Danielle Harris, Lisa Wilcox, Cerina Vincent, Tyler Mane, Cassandra Peterson, Norman Reedus and many more.  The big name to me on this ballot was Pam Grier.  She had her own room to sign in, a very large conference table to hold her massive assortment of photos and also her book.

There were a few reunions such as From Beyond which included: Barbara Crampton, Carolyn Purdy-Gordon, and director Stuart Gordon.  Its also worth mentioning that all three were also in Re-Animator with Ian Patrick Williams who was also in attendance.  Another mini reunion was Rob Zombie's Halloween with Scout Taylor Compton, Danielle Harris and Tyler Mane.  Who is even larger in person than he looks in Halloween.  The big reunion was Day of the Dead.  Appearing from the movie was: Lori Cardille, Taso Stavrakis, Anthony Dileo, Mark Tierno, Debra Gordon, and John Vulich.

As i have said above Horrorhound has one of the best guest lineups around.  When you are there you can do nothing but have fun.  A few of the lines were long namely Norman Reedus's, Cassandra Peterson's and Pam Grier's.  I toughed it out through two of the lines and skipped meeting Cassandra Peterson which i may regret later but you can't meet them all i guess.  Well you can but that costs allot to do that.  I did have the pleasure of meeting majority of who was there. Even an added bonus i got to meet the actress I interviewed a couple months ago, Pretty Poison.  She is an absolute doll and cannot wait to see her in more films.  To wrap it up, it was an awesome weekend and i can't wait to do it again in September in Indy.  Stay twisted everyone!

21 March 2012

Go Go Girls vs. The Nazis - Press Release

Ron Purtee, director of The Social Media Massacre has been taped to direct
the soon to be cult classic, Go Go Girls vs The Nazis, to be filmed this
June in Racine, Wisconsin.

Mr. Purtee, like Mr. Clingman, got his start doing cable access television
in Racine, Wisconsin, and soon was enjoying film production. On filming in
Racine: "I love that we are filming it in Racine, WI., which is my
hometown. It really is a great place with so much to offer to the film
community if folks would just open their eyes and take advantage of it."

Mr. Purtee, when asked about the film itself said, "I really wanted this
to be my first feature, because who doesn't want to see a movie that has
guns, girls and dead Nazis?"

Mr. Wayne Clingman, executive producer of Go Go Girls vs the Nazis, said,
"I can think of anyone I'd rather have help bring this film to life other
than Ron Purtee. His love of film and understanding of all the various
levels of entertainment this film has to offer is simply fantastic."

Wayne has also brought Ross Bigly (Petty Cash) on board as the
screenwriter for the project and Melantha Blackthorne (Sinners and Saints)
as associate producer. Blackthorne will also star in the film along side
Ted Alderman (Vampyre Tales), Elvis Thao (Gran Torino), Melanie Robel(Bikini Monsters), and several other great actors and actresses who you
can view on the cast page of the website.

Blackthorne is Wayne Clingman's dark muse for Go Go Girls vs. The Nazis
Long known for his mad crushes on Lindsay Lohan and Erica Rhodes, Wayne
has admitted that scream queen Melantha Blackthorne is his muse for this
upcoming Russ Meyer tribute film.

"In the past I just followed her career in indy horror, but now working
with Ms. Blackthorne on Go Go Girls vs. The Nazis has brought a new
understanding on how great and creative she is on both sides of the
camera. In fact, to me Melantha is the new face of exploitation film."
Yes, only time will tell if Lindsey will get over the end of Wayne's crush
but one thing is sure exploitation film will never be the same.

For more information,visit the website at

18 March 2012

Cast Announced for Zombie Plantation - PRESS RELEASE

Huze Media Group is pleased to announce Jake McLaughlin, star of NBC’s The Frontier pilot, has joined the cast of Zombie Plantation. McLaughlin (Oliver Stone’s Savages, Warrior, In the Valley of Elah, and Crash) will star as Mike Stone. Mike became the default leader of a group of survivors at the age of nine following his father's death and has earned their respect and gratitude over the past twenty years. Together with his wife, Summer, he has carved out a life for their son and every other resident of Stone Compound.
Genre fans are familiar with multiple award winning actor Gerald Webb (Zombie Apocalypse, Battle of Los Angeles, Air Collision) who also stars as Lee, a dedicated family man whose quick wit is only matched by his quicker temper.

Sean Huze (The Next Three Days, Green Zone, In the Valley of Elah) rounds out the starring cast as Andy, Mike’s right hand man who wrestles with loneliness in this post apocalyptic world.

Synopsis: More than a quarter century has passed since humanity lost the war to the undead. A ragged group of families have managed to survive within the walls of Stone Compound, a make shift safe-haven for survivors led by Mike Stone (Jake McLaughlin). This growing community was never meant to be permanent, and is now on the verge of collapse. Resources are low and for the first time in over two decades, Mike leads a team to scavenge beyond the protection of the compound. He is joined by Lee (Gerald Webb) and Andy (Sean Huze). Unknowingly, they trespass on the property of Curtis Strong, the plantation boss of Rosewood. Strong has embraced the new world and the residents of Rosewood are slaves that live in fear of being fed to their late family and friends that have been turned into flesh-eating ghouls. Curtis senses they are not mere drifters and is eager to add to his group of unwilling subjects. Through fear, torture and manipulation he tries to find out the location of Stone Compound. Can Mike do what's necessary to save his people from becoming Curtis' slaves, or even worse, joining the ranks of the undead?

In the film’s first concept poster, Mike can be seen protecting his son while trying to make his way through the treachery of Strong’s Rosewood Plantation. As the undead rise, blood red runs through the grounds and sky symbolizing death looming in every shadow. Will the undead rule the day or does Rosewood Plantation hold more secrets than are revealed here? This previously unreleased, fear-inducing art beckons moviegoers to approach a world in chaos, where every step forward could be the last for Mike, his son, the families of Stone Compound, and maybe all of mankind.

Zombie Plantation was written by the critically acclaimed Sean Huze, whose recent efforts include penning the screenplay for The Tell Tale Heart starring Rose McGowan, the screenplay for The Wolf, and the stage play The Sand Storm.

Director: Sonny Marler
Producers: Tom Bhramayana (Mysterious Island) and Matt Keith (Mutants, Mysterious Island, The Tell Tale Heart)
Production start: Spring 2012 in St. Amant, Louisiana.

Zombie Plantation sneak peek location reel is here.

Zombie Plantation Facebook fan page or official Twitter @ZomBplantation

Teaser Trailer for Scare Tactics Released - PRESS RELEASE

Last month we posted the press release about an upcoming horror film starring the brilliant and creepily handsome Bill Oberst Jr. called Scare Tactics. The film is in pre-production and is slated to start filming in autumn. They've just released the teaser trailer over on their indiegogo page. Check it out and donate if you can. It's sure to be a mind bender.

For more information check out their Twitter and Facebook pages.

Sunday Best 2011 (Short Film) Review

Short films may not be the most popular movies to watch or may not get the attention that some of them deserve.  That doesn't mean that some of them are not great, fun and entertaining to watch.  It doesn't matter how much money is spent on the film if the audience is bored and disinterested.  The key to a good movie whether it is full length or 5 minutes long is keeping the audience interested till the credits roll.  Sunday Best does just that.

"A woman's thighbone has just been found" comes across the radio.  A serial killer is on the loose being tagged as the bonestripper.  Meanwhile a man comes to the doorstep of total strangers looking for some help for his broken down car.  Its evident he has been in an accident by the dirt and blood that covers him.  The man in the house decides to let this stranger in.  He introduces his wheelchair ridden and pretty much out of it wife to be Gladys (Valerie Shields) and himself Albert (Bill Fellows).  The strangers introduces himself as well, Kane (Andrew Squires).  Kane would like just to use the telephone but Albert insists he stays for dinner.  Kane cleans up and puts on the suit hanging in the bathroom.  You will never believe what will happen next!

This 5 minute short film has a great storyline.  Its almost amazing how much information can be packed in that amount of time.  The quality of the movie and the soundtrack looked and sounded great.  I believe that the quality of the movie has to do with the tone that is set and the atmosphere.  Some movies need to have that grainy look to appreciate it.  I think this looks just the way it should.  Sunday Best only has 3 actors in it and they all do a fine job.  Nothing spectacular but not terrible either.

I would definitely put this up against some of the top short films out there.  I enjoyed this movie from start to finish and was surprised by the story twists involved.  If anyone has a chance to take 5 minutes to sit down and watch this film I would highly recommend doing just that. You can check out the website for Sunday Best here: http://sundaybest.moonfruit.com. Stay twisted everyone!

16 March 2012

Upcoming Film Profane Exhibit - Press Release

Profane Exhibit is an anthology of 13 International short films of extreme horror.  It will be released by Harbinger International Films and produced by David Bond and Manda Manuel.  Controversial Horror director Uwe Boll has completed his segment for the collection of short films with a creepy and very dark short entitled Basement.  It will be starring Caroline Williams (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2), Tara Cardinal (Delivery) and Horror icon Clint Howard ( Ice Cream Man).

Clint Howard and Caroline Williams play a married couple who live a normal life except for the fact they keep their daughter locked in a room in the basement starved and abused.  The young daughter played by Tara Cardinal wants nothing more than just to go outside in the sun but instead she is kept in the dark and dingy room were she must suffer the cruleties her parents put her through.  This is a tale of sexual deprevity, and pychological torture and is definately not for the faint of heart.

Other directors that will be contributing  to the anthology are  Marain DoraYoshihiro Nishimura, and Andrey Iskanov along with many more. You can also follow Profane Exhibit on Facebook at at www.facebook.com/profaneexhibit.  Stay Twisted Everyone!

11 March 2012

Familiar 2012 (Short Film) Review

It seems like just when you think you have everything you want in life is when the urge to want more creeps up on ya.  Some people just can't be content with what they have.  That's when life starts to take a turn for the worse.  Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!

It's another monotonous morning in the life of John Dodd (Robert Nolan).  Robert gets up and gets ready for work while his wife Charlotte (Astirda Auza) makes breakfast.  Robert is telling himself that when his daughter Jordan (Cathryn Hostick) leaves for College he is going to pull out his savings and buy a new truck and just leave. That night Roberts wife tells him she is pregnant and now he thinks he is stuck again.  Looking on the Internet for a way to have an abortion without her knowing.  He finds a pill that will cause an abortion.  Will the voice in Roberts head tell him to abort this baby?  Or will Robert take over for himself and do the right thing.

Familiar is a 20 minute short film that is very well written.  There is not much dialogue between the characters, but the entire film is narrated by the main character Robert.  This adds to the creepiness of the film.  Most of the narration is almost in a whisper.  The acting is not what you would expect from a short.  It seems that all three characters in the film are experienced actors and do a fine job displaying their talents.  The film does have some twist and turns that keeps you interested to what will happen next.  I found myself glued to my Tablet not able to look up till it was over.

I was very impressed with Familiar.  From the acting, to the storyline, and the twists.  It all was very appealing to my horror appetite.  The main character played by Robert Nolan was so dark and creepy that i could not get over the fact that I have never seen him in any other movie before.  He does have a resume that is building and I would not be surprised to see him in some major motion pictures in the future.  This is more of a psychological and methodical horror movie than say your traditional slasher movie.  Its good to give the brain an exercise every once in a while.  Stay twisted everyone!

09 March 2012

Re-Release of Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

Anchorbay Entertainment in conjunction with  Glen Echo Entertainment Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon will be re-released theatrically and will be available for the theatrical requests March 7th.  In addition there will be a special screening with a cast reunion and an interactive Q&A will take place coordinated by GathrFilms.  There will also be a limited edition retro poster (limited to 425) that is available right now at the Behind the Mask fundraising web store  http://bit.ly/zLHtpA.  Be sure to check out GathrFilms on Twitter at www.twitter.com/gathrfilms and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/gathrfilms.

In a world where supernatural killers like Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger are real, journalist Taylor Gentry (Angela Goethals) and her crew have been given the opportunity to join the next great slasher, Leslie Vernon (Nathan Baesel), as he plans to seek his revenge on the town of Glen Echo. The legend of Leslie Vernon is this... There once was a boy, spawned from a vicious rape, who murdered his parents. The angry townspeople, thinking the boy was evil, cast him over the falls and into the icy river never to be heard from again. Well sorta. Taylor and her crew film Leslie, documentary style, as he meticulously plans his murder spree. When the big night comes, things take a sinister, dark turn, and their documentary becomes much less important when the tables are turned.

Baesel's character is so well written and he does a spot on performance transitioning in and out of his dual personas. He said in an interview that he got inspiration from the Silence of the Lambs character Dr. Hannibal Lecter and I could see that. I read reviews that said he seemed too cartoonish but I didn't get that at all. To me he came off as likeable and funny and charasmatic. Goethals also brings her A game to the screen. The chemistry between their characters is solid and at times heartfelt. Even the teens gave an impressive performance

This is not the only news to come from Director Scott Glosserman.  He has also announced a crowd funding project for a sequel to Behind the Mask that will be entitled Before the Mask: The Return of Leslie Vernon.  The deadline for the crowd funding is June 1st 2012.  The amount that needs to be raised is 500,000.00 for the films production, and all the money that is earned from the re-release of Behind The Mask will go towards this sequel as well.  This should please all the fans of this great movie who have been itching for a sequel to Behind The Mask.  I for one am very excited for the news of a sequel.  I am a big sequel fan and I dont believe they will dissappoint on this installment.

06 March 2012

The Fields Coming to Home Video in April

Academy Award winner Cloris Leachman’s (Fox’s “Raising Hope”) thriller The Fields is coming to Blu-Ray (SRP $29.99) and DVD (SRP $24.99) from Breaking Glass Pictures (5 Star Day, Cropsey, The Living Wake). Written by Harrison Smith (Six Degrees of Hell) and directed by Tom Mattera and David Mazzoni (cult favorite The 4th Dimension), the film also stars Tara Reid (American Reunion) and newcomer Joshua Ormond (Sundance hit Robot and Frank).

Based on actual events, The Fields follows a young boy named Steven during the summer of 1973. Steven (Ormond) is sent to live in the Pennsylvania countryside with his grandparents while his mother (Reid) and father (Faust Checho) work through their marital troubles. Though his grandmother (Leachman) and grandfather (Bev Appleton) are happy to host him, they warn Steven not to enter the cornfields next to their house.

Meanwhile, Steven hears news of the notorious Manson Family and their gruesome killing spree. He develops a morbid fascination with the murderous cult and at the same time he can't help but be drawn into the mysterious cornfields. Eventually he enters the fields, where he makes a terrible discovery. Then, menacing noises begin haunting the family from outside at night and soon turn to violence. Though Steven's family tries to protect him, whatever's lurking in the fields is about to make their lives a living nightmare.

The Fields enjoyed critical acclaim and audience approval on the festival circuit. Among its awards are: Erie Film Festival (Winner Best Directors, Best Actress for Leachman), Terror Film Festival (Best Feature, Best Actress for Leachman, Best Emerging Actor for Ormond), Philadelphia Terror Film Festival (Best Picture, Sound Design, Score, Emerging Actor for Ormond), and the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival (Best Picture).

Film Threat gave The Fields four stars and called it “American gothic suspense at its subtle best.” The Blunt Film Review called it “brilliant,” promising “this film is gonna scare the b’jesus out of you,” and The Independent Critic hailed it as “a heady and complex thriller.”

The DVD and Blu-Ray will hit shelves on April 24, loaded with special features including a making-of documentary, behind-the-scenes footage, hilarious Leachman outtakes, interviews with the real people involved, and clips from the world premiere.

For more information on The Fields including interviews and final DVD copies, please contact justine@bgpics.com


03 March 2012

Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest 1995 - Review

The third installment in the Children of the Corn series that has spawned a total of 9 films including a remake of the original.  The original story was written by Stephen King, and as most of his work it falls nothing short of creepy and downright frightening.  All of the sequels do lack the writing and sheer terror that Stephen King was able to deliver but that does not mean they are not good movies. 

In Gatlin, Nebraska Joshua (Ron Melendez) is running from his drunken father through the corn field.  By the scarecrow he finds his brother Eli (Daniel Cerney) who tells him to go ahead and he will be right behind him, he was going to handle their Father.  Eli puts his bible in the ground and calls upon “he who walks behind the rose” to protect them.  Their Father is overtaken by Eli’s powers and is turned in to the new scarecrow for the corn field.  Without a Father now the boys are adopted by a couple in Chicago William (Jim Metzler) and Amanda (Nancy Lee Grahn) Porter who have no idea what they are in for.  Immediately Amanda takes a liking to Joshua and William takes a liking to Eli.  Joshua is the more naive kind while Eli knows exactly what he is doing and is very evil.  Shortly after moving in Eli plants his corn seeds in an abandoned factory that is almost connected to the backyard of the Porters.  Within 6 weeks the cornfield is fully grown and is time to harvest.  Meanwhile, at school Eli has alienated almost the whole school and made the students his followers.  Joshua has started to put everything together by now and is not interested in being associated with Eli.  Eli needs to be stopped before he takes over all of urban Chicago and his corn gets exported all over the world through William and is trading deals he has set up.
This was the last movie in the Children of the Corn series to be released in the theaters.  Having said that it was not in the theaters that long at all.  Urban Harvest did receive negative reactions from the critics.  The acting is not terrible, but is not the best either.  This is a slasher film made in the 90’s, a decade when slashers were few and far between.  The plot of the film and is put together well and it does a good job of carrying on the storyline from the original film with the flashback scenes that links Eli to the first one.  The only terrible thing about the movie was the ending.  I am not going to spoil it but it is laughable and will leave you thinking, did the really just happen.   This is also the film debut of Charlize Theron who plays one of the followers of Eli.  She does not get a whole lot of screen time but it is more than a few scenes.  Urban Harvest premiered theatrically on September 12th, 1995 with a limited run.
Out of all the sequels I think this one the best.  Aside from the ending Urban Harvest is a fun horror movie that is loaded with great death scenes, lots of blood and a very evil undertone.  I really liked the characters and their development.  Joshua’s character was na├»ve and did not have a clue what was going on at the beginning of the movie but by the end he realized what an evil bastard Eli is and how to take care of himself.  If the ending was not such a joke I would say this whole movie was great as it is I can only say most of the movie is great.  Stephen King may not have written the sequels but for the most part they did not let down in keeping with the original storyline.  Stay twisted everyone!