18 March 2012

Sunday Best 2011 (Short Film) Review

Short films may not be the most popular movies to watch or may not get the attention that some of them deserve.  That doesn't mean that some of them are not great, fun and entertaining to watch.  It doesn't matter how much money is spent on the film if the audience is bored and disinterested.  The key to a good movie whether it is full length or 5 minutes long is keeping the audience interested till the credits roll.  Sunday Best does just that.

"A woman's thighbone has just been found" comes across the radio.  A serial killer is on the loose being tagged as the bonestripper.  Meanwhile a man comes to the doorstep of total strangers looking for some help for his broken down car.  Its evident he has been in an accident by the dirt and blood that covers him.  The man in the house decides to let this stranger in.  He introduces his wheelchair ridden and pretty much out of it wife to be Gladys (Valerie Shields) and himself Albert (Bill Fellows).  The strangers introduces himself as well, Kane (Andrew Squires).  Kane would like just to use the telephone but Albert insists he stays for dinner.  Kane cleans up and puts on the suit hanging in the bathroom.  You will never believe what will happen next!

This 5 minute short film has a great storyline.  Its almost amazing how much information can be packed in that amount of time.  The quality of the movie and the soundtrack looked and sounded great.  I believe that the quality of the movie has to do with the tone that is set and the atmosphere.  Some movies need to have that grainy look to appreciate it.  I think this looks just the way it should.  Sunday Best only has 3 actors in it and they all do a fine job.  Nothing spectacular but not terrible either.

I would definitely put this up against some of the top short films out there.  I enjoyed this movie from start to finish and was surprised by the story twists involved.  If anyone has a chance to take 5 minutes to sit down and watch this film I would highly recommend doing just that. You can check out the website for Sunday Best here: http://sundaybest.moonfruit.com. Stay twisted everyone!

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