16 March 2012

Upcoming Film Profane Exhibit - Press Release

Profane Exhibit is an anthology of 13 International short films of extreme horror.  It will be released by Harbinger International Films and produced by David Bond and Manda Manuel.  Controversial Horror director Uwe Boll has completed his segment for the collection of short films with a creepy and very dark short entitled Basement.  It will be starring Caroline Williams (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2), Tara Cardinal (Delivery) and Horror icon Clint Howard ( Ice Cream Man).

Clint Howard and Caroline Williams play a married couple who live a normal life except for the fact they keep their daughter locked in a room in the basement starved and abused.  The young daughter played by Tara Cardinal wants nothing more than just to go outside in the sun but instead she is kept in the dark and dingy room were she must suffer the cruleties her parents put her through.  This is a tale of sexual deprevity, and pychological torture and is definately not for the faint of heart.

Other directors that will be contributing  to the anthology are  Marain DoraYoshihiro Nishimura, and Andrey Iskanov along with many more. You can also follow Profane Exhibit on Facebook at at www.facebook.com/profaneexhibit.  Stay Twisted Everyone!

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