25 March 2012

Horrorhound Weekend Columbus Convention - Review

One of the best things about being a horror movie fan is attending the conventions that occur all over the country.  Meeting all the vendors in the industry along with some of the actors and actresses that appear in the movies you love.  While not all fun and games you do have to deal with the crowds and stand in sometimes very long lines, but if your a big enough fan its all well worth it.  It also depends on how well organizer for the event handles all the obstacles as well.  Horrorhound always does a great job of this.  There are always going to be complaints about the crowds and how large the facility is, but its a convention no matter how large the venue is its going to be crowded.  Horrorhound puts together one of the best cons twice a year every year since 2007 and this year in Columbus is no different.

This years theme was Women in Horror honoring some of the women who have made this genre great.  What Horrorhound has also done is pair some of the women up with their stalker or killer.  Example: Amy Steel was there and next to her was Steve Dash who played Jason in Friday the 13th Part 2. Clelebrity guests included: Adrienne BarbeauScout Taylor Compton, Danielle Harris, Lisa Wilcox, Cerina Vincent, Tyler Mane, Cassandra Peterson, Norman Reedus and many more.  The big name to me on this ballot was Pam Grier.  She had her own room to sign in, a very large conference table to hold her massive assortment of photos and also her book.

There were a few reunions such as From Beyond which included: Barbara Crampton, Carolyn Purdy-Gordon, and director Stuart Gordon.  Its also worth mentioning that all three were also in Re-Animator with Ian Patrick Williams who was also in attendance.  Another mini reunion was Rob Zombie's Halloween with Scout Taylor Compton, Danielle Harris and Tyler Mane.  Who is even larger in person than he looks in Halloween.  The big reunion was Day of the Dead.  Appearing from the movie was: Lori Cardille, Taso Stavrakis, Anthony Dileo, Mark Tierno, Debra Gordon, and John Vulich.

As i have said above Horrorhound has one of the best guest lineups around.  When you are there you can do nothing but have fun.  A few of the lines were long namely Norman Reedus's, Cassandra Peterson's and Pam Grier's.  I toughed it out through two of the lines and skipped meeting Cassandra Peterson which i may regret later but you can't meet them all i guess.  Well you can but that costs allot to do that.  I did have the pleasure of meeting majority of who was there. Even an added bonus i got to meet the actress I interviewed a couple months ago, Pretty Poison.  She is an absolute doll and cannot wait to see her in more films.  To wrap it up, it was an awesome weekend and i can't wait to do it again in September in Indy.  Stay twisted everyone!

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