21 March 2012

Go Go Girls vs. The Nazis - Press Release

Ron Purtee, director of The Social Media Massacre has been taped to direct
the soon to be cult classic, Go Go Girls vs The Nazis, to be filmed this
June in Racine, Wisconsin.

Mr. Purtee, like Mr. Clingman, got his start doing cable access television
in Racine, Wisconsin, and soon was enjoying film production. On filming in
Racine: "I love that we are filming it in Racine, WI., which is my
hometown. It really is a great place with so much to offer to the film
community if folks would just open their eyes and take advantage of it."

Mr. Purtee, when asked about the film itself said, "I really wanted this
to be my first feature, because who doesn't want to see a movie that has
guns, girls and dead Nazis?"

Mr. Wayne Clingman, executive producer of Go Go Girls vs the Nazis, said,
"I can think of anyone I'd rather have help bring this film to life other
than Ron Purtee. His love of film and understanding of all the various
levels of entertainment this film has to offer is simply fantastic."

Wayne has also brought Ross Bigly (Petty Cash) on board as the
screenwriter for the project and Melantha Blackthorne (Sinners and Saints)
as associate producer. Blackthorne will also star in the film along side
Ted Alderman (Vampyre Tales), Elvis Thao (Gran Torino), Melanie Robel(Bikini Monsters), and several other great actors and actresses who you
can view on the cast page of the website.

Blackthorne is Wayne Clingman's dark muse for Go Go Girls vs. The Nazis
Long known for his mad crushes on Lindsay Lohan and Erica Rhodes, Wayne
has admitted that scream queen Melantha Blackthorne is his muse for this
upcoming Russ Meyer tribute film.

"In the past I just followed her career in indy horror, but now working
with Ms. Blackthorne on Go Go Girls vs. The Nazis has brought a new
understanding on how great and creative she is on both sides of the
camera. In fact, to me Melantha is the new face of exploitation film."
Yes, only time will tell if Lindsey will get over the end of Wayne's crush
but one thing is sure exploitation film will never be the same.

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  1. As a huge fan of Meyer and the 'Ilsa' movies, I sooooooo wanna play a Nazi in this :)