29 September 2015

The Green Inferno - 2015 REVIEW

Like most horror fans I went on opening weekend to see the long anticipated film from the twisted mind of Eli Roth called The Green Inferno.  The film was supposed to come out last year but ran into some financial troubles and finally in Sept of 2015 we see this movie released.  The hype has been building for over a year and being tagged as Eli's homage to Cannibal Holocaust.  Horror fans have been in a frenzy to see what greatness he has put on the screen this time, or is it total garbage and a huge let down?

Justine (Lorenza Izzo) is a freshman in college and is asked to join an activists group on campus called ACT.  She joins a meeting and makes a smartass remark and in turn is asked to leave by the leader of the group Alejandro (Ariel Levy).  She convinces him to let her back in the group, he agrees and she is now back on the trip to the Amazon to try and save a rainforest.  They do succeed in stopping the bulldozers but on the way back their plane crashes in the rainforest and they are all quickly captured by a nearby cannibal tribe.  What happens after their capture is something from your worst nightmare.

The Green Inferno in my opinion was waaaaay over hyped due to the delay to theaters and the anticipation was killing me.  I did enjoy most of the film but there are a couple things that I didn't really enjoy.  First, Eli laid down too much story before anything exciting happened.  It was a bit slow for the first 45 mins of the film or so.  It isn't till around the 45 min mark that the movie finally starts to unfold and pick up.  The second thing that bothered me a bit were the deaths.  Aside from one of them the rest weren't really worthy of Eli's imagination and talent for gruesome deaths. 

If you are looking for anything close to a movie to be raised up next to Cannibal Holocaust then you will be severely disappointed.  The average movie goer that is not really into the horror genre will probably think the guts and gore are a bit much but the hardcore horror fan will leave wanting more.  Overall I did like the film just think it had the potential to be much better than it was.  I would rate this one 6 out of 10 stars.

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