31 December 2015

The Final Girls 2015 - REVIEW

I figured I could get in one more review for 2015 before we reign in 2016.  Being a huge slasher fan I was really excited for a new slasher movie to sink my teeth into.  This one has kind of a plot that I was not expecting and still is a slasher film in a way but is a little bit more than that.

Sitting in the car waiting for her mom  to come out of an audition is Max (Taissa Farmiga).  Nancy (Malin Akerman) comes out from the audition hoping it would be a success and regretting that the only film people remember her for is the cult slasher hit "Camp Bloodbath".  Distracted from the road ahead of her Nancy has an auto accident.  Max is ok but Nancy dies.  Shortly after  Max and her friends go to a screening of her moms movie.  Someone in the audience is after them and sends terror throughout the theater, as well as a fire.  Max cuts through the screen to get out of the theater but instead her and her friends are now in the movie with her mom!!

Like I said I was not expecting a plot that put real people into a movie.  Really cool the way they incorporated all the characters.  It's a little like Last Action Hero except it's actually a good movie.  The movie they are in is a ripoff of Friday the 13th but for slasher fans you will feel right at home.  I really don't have any big complaints about this movie in fact I loved it.  I loved the originality and trying something different.  Taissa Farmiga really stands out in this one for me.  She has come a long way since American Horror Story season 1 where I really did not like her at all.  Although, I loved her in Season 3.

The cast is rounded out nicely and all performances were pretty tip top in my book.  There wasn't any performance I really didn't like and if you can guess I am going to recommend that all horror fans watch this film immediately.  Which is why I am going to rate this one 9/10 stars.  Not too shabby for a direct to dvd/blu ray release.  Stay twisted everyone and have a Happy New Year. 

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