23 February 2014

Night Train To Terror (1985) - REVIEW

If you have been surfing the horror movies on Blu ray and DVD on Amazon.com lately you will have surely stumbled across the recently released Blu Ray/DVD combo of Night Train To Terror.  I recently looked this up and saw it was an 80's slasher movie that slipped through my plain sight and I have never even heard of.  After reading the description I saw it was Anthology horror and ordered this one immediately.  What could go wrong with Anthology horror from the 80's?

This film contains 3 separate stories with a wrap around.  The Wrap around is God (Ferdie Mayne) and Satan (Tony Giorgio) are on a train reviewing 3 cases of events and deciding which people got to heaven and which to hell.  On this said train is a local du wop 80's band (to best describe it) that is continuously dancing and playing the same song over, and over and over and over again.

I know that is not much of a description but that's really all there is to the movie.  I could get descriptive about each story and would not mind to do so if all of them were not such a piece of shit.  The wrap around story is not really bad and sadly is probably the most interesting thing about the whole film.  The only one of the stories I care to mention is the first one entitled "Case of Harry Billings".  What makes this one a little unique is that it's actually a movie that never got released that was cut down to be one of the stories in this film.  You can definitely tell too!  This one was edited in a way that jumps all over the place to the fact you have no  clue what the fuck is going on.  The acting was horrible and the effects were as laughable as the acting.

My other big gripe about this was the Blu Ray transfer is probably the most awful and horrific that I have seen to date.  I have seen some pretty fuzzy ones and not so good transfers but this is fucking awful.  On the second segment blue dots keep flashing on the screen and I don't just mean one or two I mean they fill the entire screen.  It's really fuckin annoying.  I only finished the movie because I sat through it already I may as well see how it ends.  So in closing I say save you money it costs 16 bucks for the Blu Ray combo and honestly to me its not work 5 bucks.  As always stay twisted everyone!

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