14 February 2014

Founders Day Concept Trailer Premieres Online - PRESS RELEASES

Founders Day’ Concept Trailer Premieres Online

Hartford, CT - MainFrame Pictures is proud to announce the release of the official concept trailer for their forthcoming feature film Founders Day. Principal photography on the trailer took place entirely in the state of Connecticut from August 14-18, 2013. Production included 18 actors, 20 crew members, and dozens of extras from across the northeast.

The trailer is viewable at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xx6CX4eP6vw

In Founders Day, the quaint, suburban town of Fairfield is shaken by the shocking murder of high school student, Melissa Thompson. The prime suspect is jailed, and the residents look to the town's bicentennial celebration to provide a sense of strength and normalcy. When more bodies turn up, however, the citizens of Fairfield grow increasingly suspicious of one another. With no clear motive, everyone is a suspect.

Founders Day is written, directed and produced by Erik C. Bloomquist, a Connecticut-based actor and filmmaker. His recent film Midnight Brew, starring Kyle Edward Cranston and Greta Quezada, recently played the Trinity Film Festival and took home the Screener’s Choice Award. Another project, Laundry Night, will soon enter its third year on international television on ShortsHD TV.

Bloomquist and his team expect to shoot Founders Day in Connecticut in Autumn 2014 and release the film in Autumn 2015.

External Links

Official Website: www.FoundersDayMovie.com
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/FoundersDayMovie
Twitter: www.Twitter.com/FoundersDayFilm
Instagram: www.Instagram.com/FoundersDayMovie
YouTube: www.YouTube.com/FoundersDay

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