06 February 2014

Chainsaw Sally Gets Animated

Horror’s anti-heroine, CHAINSAW SALLY, to be the center of a brand new animated television series. The series will be a spinoff of THE CHAINSAW SALLY SHOW starring April Monique Burril and created by JimmyO Burril. The Burrils are directly involved with the show.

“As life long Looney Tunes, Jonny Quest and Ren & Stimpy fans, bringing Sally to the animated world is like coming home.” JimmyO and April Burril

“Chainsaw Sally is lovable and brutal; the epitome of what a vigilante should be in the horror realm. Bloody Bombshell Entertainment and Fatality Films are elated to make this dream a reality in the coming months. Horror fans watch out- we’re determined to change the way you think about horror programming.” Andrea A. Albin

· Struggling with the trauma of her parents’ brutal murder, a poor farm girl turns into a homicidal vigilante to protect her hometown.

· They took her home. They took her family. They took her sanity. But they could never take her SAW.

· She’s 5’3” of F%$% You! 

As an exclusive to the horror outlets, Bloody Bombshell Entertainment/Fatality Films is releasing two pieces of artwork from the series for publication. 

Bloody Bombshell Entertainment and its subsidiary, Fatality Films, are owned in part by Andrea A. Albin and Scott Spiegel. Albin will helm CHAINSAW SALLY: THE ANIMATED SERIES as Executive Producer.

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