16 February 2014

Top 5 Horror Sequels

Anyone who knows me and my taste for movies knows I absolutely love a good sequel.  I could make this list probably about 20 movies long but I decided to narrow it down to my top 5.  My choices by no means are predictable and only one is part of a major franchise.  It's not really about how good the movie is, it's the fun factor that matters the most.

There is a new sheriff in town named Sean Braddock (Andrew Robinson) and he is looking for a new start for his family witch some small town living opposed to the big city of New York.  His daughter Jenny (Ami Dolenz) gets mixed up with the wrong crowd and they conjure up the Pumpkinhead demon that is now out for revenge.

The 1994 follow up to Night of the Demons with only one returning cast member Amelia Kinkade to reprise her role of the demon Angela Franklin.  More kids look to have a little Halloween party at Hull House and discover that all the stories are true.  Angela still haunts the house and no one is going to get out alive if she has something to do with it.

This installment of the Puppet Master franchise is the first of many prequel's in the series of movies.  This one follows Andre Toulon (Guy Rolfe) as he and his wife Elsa (Sarah Douglas) run a children's puppet show with their magic puppets.  Only problem is they live in Nazi Germany and he has made an enemy out of Major Kraus (Richard Lynch) who burns down his place and captures Andre Toulon.  Andre takes his revenge and wages war on the Nazi's.

Angela Baker (Pamela Springsteen) is back again after her failed stint at Camp Rolling Hills as a counselor.  Now she goes back to the same camp under new ownership as a camper this time.  There are plenty of naughty kids there to keep her occupied for the weekend at least.  Will Angela get away with it again?
Last but certainly not least we have Jason Lives.  Jason comes back for the first time from 6 feet under as he is dug up by Tommy Jarvis (Thom Matthews).  Jason is back again and he is now a zombie and harder to stop than ever as he strikes terror back in what is now called Camp Forest Green.  Tommy is looking to put an end to his rampage once and for all but it may be too late.

Well there you go my top 5 and like I said before there are so many I could have used in this list but these are my favorites.  It's worth mentioning the two movies that were really close to making this list but didn't are Halloween II and Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3.  Stay twisted everyone!

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  1. This is an awesome top 5 horror sequels...Thanks for writing it!!!

    WAHM Shelley... :)