21 February 2014

Extreme Film Auteur Andrey Iskanov Seeks Funding

If you do a Google search on something like “Most Disturbing Films Ever” or “100 Most Brutal Films” or “List of Most Extreme Films” you will inevitably find a list that has the film “Philosophy of A Knife” as the Number One film. If not number one, it will surely be in the top 20. Russian director Andrey Iskanov made a four-hour epic true story of the Japanese atrocities committed against Chinese citizens in what were the equivalent of Japanese Concentration Camps. His film captured all of the brutality of this, and for this reason “POAK” is considered the most brutal, extreme, violent, and sick film ever made.

For the past 6 years, Andrey has been working on his latest epic film, “INGRESSION”. Several years ago he unleashed an unfinished version of the film to the world under the title “The Tourist”. Despite the fact that Andrey felt it was incomplete, the film played at many European Film Festivals and won awards. It is a brilliant, but incomplete film. Andrey first needs to upgrade the quality by remastering the film, and then he needs to film more scenes to make the film the complete and epic masterpiece it was meant to be.

Unfortunately, Andrey Iskanov is such an uncompromising film-maker that he has difficulty getting financial backing, and currently does not have the funds to finish shooting his masterpiece.

That is why Andrey Iskanov is asking for your help.

After midnight tonight on Friday February 29, 2014, Andrey’s indiegogo campaign goes live. He is not asking for $100,000. Or $50,000. Or even half of that. Andrey simply needs $15,000 to finish the film. He needs to pay the dedicated actors in his films who are forced to undergo extreme and unpleasant experiences. He needs to pay for the film and the processing of the film. Very simple things. The film is already so close to complete.

To see a preview of the indiegogo campaign, please go here: http://www.indiegogo.com/project/preview/c1e6b326

To see a preview of the video on youtube go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVLnudJC2Xk

The campaign is being managed by David L Tamarin, an entertainment attorney, producer, and writer.

Andrey Iskanov and the film-loving community of the world thank you for your support.

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