12 March 2014

TheEvil Easter III 2013 (Short Film) - Review

The world of horror has many followers and many film makers alike.  Not all of the film makers are able to break into the business with a feature film right away.  Short films are a good way for any future film maker to get into the business and get their name out there.  You never know if you're short will be turned into a feature film or if it will lead to bigger things.  There are so many great short films that are produced every year.  It is virtually impossible to catch them all but I am lucky enough to catch a few that always impress me.

Alice (Adelin Jonasson) becomes the unwilling instrument in a 70-year old Nazi-plot to take over the world and usurp Christianity with obscure Germanic Gods. (Courtesy of IMDB.com)

I really did not want to give too much away from this one with a long synopsis, after all it is a short film. The Evil Easter III is a bit longer than most shorts.  It runs a little over 40 minutes from start to finish which is almost too long for a short but is not near long enough to be considered a feature film.  Really what I think is the most amazing thing about this is it was shot for what translates to $200.00 in the United States (it was shot in Sweden).  Having said that, the way they made this you would never know that it was such a small budget.  You can definitely tell that it is low budget but I have seen movies that cost 10 times that amount not be able to pull off some of the stuff these guys were able to.  

As far as the story goes I assume you all are wondering what the other 2 movies are about.  Well I would like to know that too.  You see they made this before they made the original 2 which I think is kind of a unique approach, almost something you would expect from Quentin Tarrantino.  Being pretty impressed with this film I would have to rate it 6 out of 10 stars.  I know I can be a little bit stingy on my star giving but you guys will just have to deal with that.  Stay twisted everyone!

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