20 March 2014

Top 5 Horror Films of 1983

I figure before Horrorhound Weekend starts and I am running all around Sharonville convention center I would share my picks for 1983.  This was not a hard year to choose from at all.  There are plenty of choices don't get me wrong the quality of horror in this year is just not great.  It is also one of the few years that Friday The 13th did not have an entry in the 80's.

There is a lot of criticism about this movie but I actually think it's pretty solid.  Not near what the first 2 installments were but really not a bad movie.  I mean really how can you go wrong with a movie with Lea Thompson in it ?

 I was never a big fan of the actual TV show of The Twilight Zone but I do enjoy the movie a lot.  It's loaded with stars of the early eighties and just a fun movie to watch.  I guess you could argue that this is not really horror but more of sci fi but it's close enough.

Yet another gem by John Carpenter and one of my favorite films of his.  I admit I actually just watched this movie last night.  It really is one of those movies that never gets old to watch.

The sequel to Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece.  Anthony Perkins reprises his role as Norman Bates and is released from the mental hospital.  He seems better at first but things start to go back to "normal" very shortly.

I can't have a list of movies in 1983 without Sleepaway Camp.  The sleeper hit of 1983 with one of the most shocking endings in cinema history.  Also happens to be one of my favorite movies

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