12 March 2014

Comedia A Go-Go Announce Online Distribution of Blood Cousins

The award winning comedy troupe and band of filmmakers, Comedia A Go-Go, are proud to announce the online distribution of their first feature movie, Blood Cousins. After select theatrical and film festival screenings filled with laughs and gasps, Comedia A Go-Go is excited to expand their audience for their comedic horror/revenge film. Blood Cousins will be available for instant streaming and HD downloads at www.bloodcousinsmovie.com on March 14th, 2014.
On the anniversary of their grandmother's death, four cousins, as close as brothers, reconnect on a road trip to the Texas Rio Grande Valley to pay respects to the woman who helped raise them. Hidden beneath their friendship, the truth of their childhood surfaces to reveal a darkness in the family that won't stop until the cousin's lives are changed forever.

Blending comedy, Mexican folklore and terror, Blood Cousins puts a new spin on revenge films and defines the word,'retribution'.

Comedia A Go-Go got their start doing live and video sketch comedy, and after years of award winning short projects, they have finally ventured into feature films with Blood Cousins. Developed by key CAGG members Regan Arevalos, Jess Castro and Larry Garza and co-produced by cinematographer, Brent W. Graham, Blood Cousins serves as the team's deranged love letter to their hometown of San Antonio and South Texas - all while blending comedy, drama and horror.

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Cine Las Americas (Austin)
San Antonio Film Festival
South Texas Underground Film Festival (Corpus Christi)

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