12 March 2014

Diabolique Magazine Launches Petition for Classic Hammer Films

Diabolique Magazine has started a petition to ask Warner Bros to release their Hammer Horror titles on blu-ray, fully restored for optimal quality. WB’s Hammer titles represent the British company’s very best output, and for many reasons, including cultural and historical, we believe these films should be restored and released in the new digital medium without delay.

Unfortunately, the trend for big studios is to release the same small group of films that they deem big moneymakers, over and over again, instead of releasing their classic film library. Supporting this petition is a vote for classic films in general, because it is getting harder and harder to get these films out, properly restored to High-Def. Classic cinema needs all the help it can get!

Our goal is 10,000 signatures by April 30th, 2014! So far, we’ve gotten tremendous support from fans all over the world and from genre media. In just the first 4 days, we passed the 2,000 signature mark, and we’ve been informed that WB has already taken notice. We believe this is a very important petition and we are asking you to cover it as a feature story. We are, or course, available for interviews.

Click here to sign the petition.

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