06 March 2014

Top 5 Horror Movies of 1981

1981 was a great year for horror movies.  There are so many great ones it really is hard pressed to pick just 5 of them.  I could probably do 10 or 15 but I like the challenge of narrowing down just 5.  I do really wish I was old enough at the time to see some of these great movies on the big screen but at 1 year old I guess it wasn't appropriate subject matter.

One of the many great slasher films to come out of the 80's and one that I watch regularly, especially around my birthday.  While I do love this film the reason that it is #5 is that I think the story is really good but there is a little bit too much of it and it drags at times.  Still it's always a fun watch with tons of great death scenes.

This one I really was not crazy about the first time I watched it.  I decided to give it another chance and really took a liking to it.  It really is not a good movie by any rights but is a good slasher for any die hard slasher movie fans.

The last 3 here really were difficult to put in order.  I love The Prowler and the main reason is the realistic effects and death scenes done by none other than the great Tom Savini.  The first time I ever saw this movie I really was amazed how real every death scene looked.

Instead of working on this movie Tom Savini decided to go another route and work on another slasher from 1981 that just missed this list entitled The Burning.  Still this is a stand out sequel and is the first introduction to Jason Vorhees as a killer wandering the woods of Crystal Lake avenging his mother's death.

John Carpenter the master comes back to direct the sequel that in my opinion is the best in the franchise.  After being shot 6 times by Dr Loomis (Donald Pleasence) Michael is still on the loose in Haddonfield hellbent to find his sister and kill her.

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