02 March 2014

Missing 2014 (Short Film) - REVIEW

Back in the early 2000's there was a craze that hit the horror screen started by what was originally a short film and made into a feature called Saw.  Saw spurred a slew of torture movies that later went on to be catergorized as "torture porn".  These movies are not for the faint of heart or anyone who has a weak stomach for that matter.  While these movies do have a fairly large audience they have been losing steam over the past few years and even the latest Hostel sequel was a pretty big flop.  Maybe this short film called Missing could be the jolt the torture porn fans are looking for.

Herschel (Ron Swallow) sits down to eat his breakfast that his grandmother (Jean Lohof) has made for him.  As he eats the new on the TV is talking about the missing women in their town.  Hershel finishes his breakfast kisses his grandma and is off to work.  He goes to the other room to work and we find 2 of the missing girls.  Let the torture begin!

I have to say at first I wasn't really into this movie.  I thought it was kind of goofy and the story wasn't very original but as the story itself developed I was starting to change my opinion.  Missing is filmed in black and white which I kind of like and the only color in it is the red blood.  I thought this effect was brilliant and really added something unique.  I won't spoil it for anyone but the ending of the film really is the best part of the movie and is a very nice twist to a short that is filled with torture and gore.  The acting in itself was really not all that bad.  Ron Swallow who plays the main character did a decent job.  He adds sort of a goofiness to the movie, someone who really isn't all there and kind of a backwards grandma's boy.  The only part I could not get past was all the fucking screaming the woman were doing.  I realize it was necessary for what was being done to them but it got kind of annoying.

I don't mind the gore so much but I am not much for just watching people being tortured on screen.  It really doesn't keep my interest.  Not that I can't take it, it just doesn't entertain me at all.  If it wasn't for the great ending and the unique use of color I really would not be giving this a favorable review.  That's not to say whoever reading this would not love this kind of film.  I would have to rate this one 5 out of 10 stars.  As always stay twisted everyone!

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