10 May 2013

The Garden of Sin Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Like reading, you say?? Like reading horror even more?? Well then The Garden of Sin is a book for you!!

From the press release:

The Garden of Sin is a brand new Horror themed book that just launched this week on Kickstarter! Its a Fully Illustrated, poetic, story book, inspired by the seven deadly sins, very dark, and very scary! It is as elegant as it is grotesque! And could be veiwed as a re-telling of Dante's Inferno.

Heres a direct link to the video Teaser Trailer below, Its pretty darn creepy!!!! Definitely worth watching!!!


And here is a direct link to the Kickstarter campaign, where you will find all the information/photos/anything you may want to know in regards to "The Garden of Sin"


Over 3 years of hard work has gone into making this project happen so check it out and give them hand!!

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