07 May 2013

Simple Mind 2012 - REVIEW

This is probably gonna be my one and only chance to write the synopsis this way so here goes... Bob (Timothy J. Cox) is not happy. Bob has fantasies of traumatizing and murdering women. Bob goes to see a therapist. Bob tells his therapist about a woman named Samantha (Kristi McCarson). Bob wants to kill Samantha. Bob is one sick fucker. Okay, okay... even I'm annoyed now.

Director Phil Newsom managed to pull quite a few rabbits out of his hat with this one. He plays off the tired story of a depraved individual talking things out with his therapist but is able to add a little something something to it that makes you sit up and pay attention. A nice little twist at the end puts a giant bow on this little gem.

Cox did a fantastic job with his role as the sadistic Bob who I'm still not sure knows quite where he's at in life. The sound was bit echoey for me... maybe not echoey but hollow and since the film is mostly "told" to the audience that's kind of a major part. However, it wasn't distracting enough to take away from the rest of the film. Newsom definitely knows how to tell a complete story which is not easy to do in 7:23. Check it out and you'll see what I mean.

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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to watch SIMPLE MIND.