05 May 2013

Somebody To Love 2013 - REVIEW

Sure everyone wants to be with someone that that love.  But what if that is not what you thought it would be?  What would you do?  Leave, maybe stay and be miserable or even just throw everything away like a piece of garbage.  Get ready for a review of a short film mindfuck!  Note that none of the actors will be tagged because this evidentially has not made it's way into IMDB yet.

A man (Alex Hughes) brings his lovely girlfriend (Natasha Staples) home carrying her into their home, the woman is very grateful that they found each other and they are both extremely happy.  With the drop of a hat so to speak things start to look bleak for our couple.  The man is no longer interested and she seems to be bossy and a little bit of a bitch.  Things are starting to unravel in record time.  Something is not right though, something seems to be very wrong here.  Goes to show you things may not always appear to be what they seem.

I really did not mind this movie at all, not my favorite by any means but it was enjoyable to watch.  The story was better than I thought it was going to be just by the title.  I did not figure it would be a romance since we are a horror website but you never know.
  It would not be the first time someone has sent us a movie to watch that had nothing to do with horror.  I really can't go into detail about the story without spoiling the entire film.  If I did that The Gore Whore may just put my head on a platter. 

I enjoyed the acting quite a bit.  This only consisted of 2 people but both of them did a stand out job, well for the 9 minutes the movie lasted anyway.  It's not a bad thing, it's a short, but I think this story could have been elaborated on.  The look of the film was excellent.  I believe I watched it in HD if it wasn't then it was just a pretty damn good looking film.  I would give this 3 out of 5 stars, which means I suggest if you are a psychological horror fan you should seek this out and give it a view.  Stay twisted everyone!

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