31 May 2013

Strangehouse Books Releasing Strange Versus Lovecraft July 1st

Strange Vs Lovecraft synopsis:
"What happens when a group of the rowdiest authors of cult horror fiction take on one of the most iconic figures in the entire genre? STRANGE VERSUS LOVECRAFT features eleven of the absolute weirdest short stories set in the Cthulhu mythos you’re likely to ever read. From fish-mouthed prostitutes to undersea fast food restaurants and the house raping spawn of Yog-Sothoth, you've never read Lovecraft done quite like this. Next generation authors Kevin Strange, D.F. Noble, Jason Wayne Allen, and Jesse wheeler lead this shambling pack of pervert writers toward untold lows as they defile the sacred name of H.P. Lovecraft in this loving send up to the man who brought tentacles into the main stream.

Kevin Strange's Kindle single MCHUMANS drops June 15th with an EXCLUSIVE extra scene not found in SvL, while the full anthology rears its tentacly head piece on July 1st. 12.99 for paperback, 2.99 for eBook. Check out www.StrangeHouseBooks.com for more info!"

Stories compiled by:
Kevin Strange, D.F. Noble, Sean Ferrari

Edited by:
Sean Ferrari

Cover art by:
Chris Hamer

StrangeHouse Books blurb:
"We are a publisher of the weird, the bizarre, the horrific and the Strange. Strangehouse Books is a small press publisher of horror and cult fiction. Our goal as a publishing house in the 21st century is to publish shit so deliriously fucked up, outrageous, and blindingly neurotic, that even a behemoth as large as the Hollywood machine couldn’t replicate our books. They can create enormous spectacle and spend hundreds of millions of dollars on special effects, so we as writers must work harder to create characters and worlds that force our readers’ imaginations to explode into overdrive, or be left as an obscure anachronistic afterthought in the footnotes of entertainment history."

Kevin Strange:
"Kevin Strange is a prolific underground filmmaker and author with six feature films, more than a dozen short films, as well as two full length books and many short stories to his credit. His second novel, VAMPIRE GUTS IN NUKETOWN was released in 2013."
Quick Facts:
-Kevin Strange's novella MCHUMANS exclusive kindle version released June 15th, 2013 with an extra scene for only 99 cents.

-Full anthology, STRANGE VS LOVECRAFT released in paperback and Kindle version July 1st, 2013 for only 12.99 in paperback and 2.99 on Kindle.

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