03 May 2013

Blackbags 2012 - REVIEW

Independent horror has always and will always hold a place in my heart.  The only problem with that statement is that not all independent horror is good.  Everybody is looking to get their name out there but when doing so it should be done right.  The review you are about to read is a film that did not do one thing right, especially catching the attention of the audience.

We start by seeing a young woman (at least I think it is I can't really tell) walking down the street when a man stops to ask her something.  The masked man (David Kolenski) pulls her into the car and appears to kill her while she is still hanging out of the drivers side window.  As the story unfolds we see a gang of masked killers that are also drug addicts, wreaking havoc on  this city.  A corrupt cop (Michael Adam) is on their side but things are getting too hot for them.  They need to dial it down a notch and if they don't they are going to get caught.

Wow, I really don't know were to start with this one.  The story is not terrible but if you put it with the acting, the dialogue and the look of the movie it does not really pan out.  It could be a really cool movie if the people making it actually knew what they were doing.

 The acting is about as bad as you can get.  All the dialogue is screamed for the most part in deep death metal like voices and half of what is being said you either can't understand or just doesn't make any sense.

The look of the movie is probably the worst I have ever seen.  I am all for a black and white grainy look but this takes on a different form.  The whole movie is pixilated and is really hard to see what is going on.  There are no effects worth mentioning and if there were I totally could not tell.  Half the movie I did not know what the fuck I was looking at.  Which brings me to the soundtrack.  It's some kind of techno mix that is horrible and almost annoying to listen to.  Thank God this movie was only 19 minutes long because I could not take much more of what I was watching.  If this was a feature film, I would have turned it off in minutes but since it was just a short I finished it.  The people who wrote and filmed this probably would have preferred I not finished it because there is really not one good thing I have or want to say about this piece of shit!  Stay twisted everyone!

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