20 May 2013

Gabriel Cushing at the Carnival of Sorrows Announces Kickstarter Campaign

David Curtis (Gabriel Cushing versus the Zombie Vampires, Terror of the Killer Carnivorous Coat) and Sam Herbert (Gabriel Cushing versus the Zombie Vampires , Loganwest’s stage production of Fame) return to battle evil forces in another action packed horror web series from The Great Escape!

Over eight parts, Gabriel Cushing (David Curtis) and his assistant Melanie (Sam Herbert) work to uncover the dark intentions of a cursed carnival troupe who prey on the souls of the living. Several unexplained disappearances draw them into an investigation, and as they delve deeper they reveal the carnival’s disturbing past and frightening portents of its future. Their every step hounded by demonic clowns, terrifying beasts, freakish living dolls and other twisted creatures, they must hurry to unlock the secret to stopping the troupe forever.

Following on from the web series’ Gabriel Cushing vs the Zombie Vampires (October 2012) and Gabriel Cushing: Strange Encounters (Autumn 2013), Carnival of Sorrows will be the third web series from producers The Great Escape. With a bigger cast, bigger budget and more ambitious story than ever before, this series will take the demon hunting duo of Gabriel and Melanie to new heights. Shooting will take place in and around Portishead, Bristol, during August 2013.

The project is currently featured on crowd funding service Kickstarter, where fans can get involved with the production of the series. The Kickstarter closes on 10th June.

Casting opens in June 2013 for a number of roles including major parts. Auditions will be held in Portishead, Bristol, or via video link.

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