17 May 2013

After Dark Films Announces Fourth Film in After Dark Originals 2 Series: Children of Sorrow

Los Angeles, CA (May 16th, 2013) ­ After Dark Films proudly announces the fourth film in its After Dark Originals 2 series (ADO2), CHILDREN OF SORROW. A film that delivers a petrifying look into a cult psyche. CHILDREN OF SORROW is directed by Jourdan McClure (Rogue River, Die Maniacs Die!), written by Ryan Finnerty (Rogue River, Smosh), starring Bill Oberst Jr (Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies, Take this Lollipop) and Hannah Levien (The Palace Players) .

"We are so excited to welcome Jourdan McClure into the After Dark Family. He's an incredible talent. Children of Sorrow is such a thought provoking and disturbing film. It sparked many debates and was the cause of endless sleepless nights." -Stephanie Caleb, EVP Creative Affairs


Simon Leach is a very, very sick man. Thriving on despair, pain, and panic, he unites a group of broken and desperate people in the middle of the desert. He showers them with the love and affection they're so desperate for, but Simon has a much greater plan for his followers.

"Belongingness can be a terrifying subject, even more so when acceptance is disingenuous. Children of Sorrow is the nightmare version of that." -Jourdan McClure, Director

About After Dark Films:

After Dark Films, an Independent motion picture studio, was formed in 2006 by director/filmmaker Courtney Solomon and Hong Kong based real estate magnate Allan Zeman. After Dark Films first motion picture film release was An American Haunting (2006) starring Sissy Spacek and Donald Sutherland. Co-founder and CEO Courtney Solomon wrote, produced, and directed this film under the newly formed After Dark Films banner. After the release of An American Haunting, partners Solomon and Zeman formed a multiyear marketing and distribution deal for Horrorfest "8 Films To Die For" between After Dark Films and Lionsgate Entertainment, with After Dark handling theatrical marketing & releases and Lionsgate handling the distribution of all ancillary forms of media (Home Video, Pay TV, Pay Per View). After DarkFilms released Horrorfest 4 in theaters on January 29, 2010.

Building on the success of Horrorfest, After Dark released the first 8 originally produced horror films in January 2011 under the moniker After Dark Originals. They are currently releasing the second series of films After Dark Originals 2 which is a combination of both originally produced and acquired films.

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  1. Gore Whore, thank you for this post! I'm so excited that After Dark Films has picked up Jourdan McClure's CHILDREN OF SORROW.

    I think it should be pointed out that this very site provided one of the first published reviews for the film after it won the top prize at Shockfest Film Festival last fall: http://www.twistedcentral.com/2012/11/children-of-sorrow-2013-review.html

    Twisted Central is the best and you are, too. Thank you for your kindness towards this film and this creepy actor!

    love, Bill

    Bill Oberst Jr.

  2. Aww Bill, Thanks so much for the kind words! You know you're a TC fave!!