11 May 2013

The First Poster is released for the Horror Thriller "A House is Not a Home" - PRESS RELEASE

                                                         A House Is Not A Home

                                                       “Leaving is Not an Option!”

DeInstitutionalized LLC has released the first poster for their horror thriller A House is Not a Home. This horror title was shot in Simi Valley, California during December of 2012. The film notably stars Gerald Webb (Layover, “True Blood”) Bill Cobbs (Night at the Museum), Eddie Steeples (“My Name is Earl”) and Richard Grieco (“21 Jump Street”). And, A House is Not a Home will complete post-production in June of this year.

The first graphic for the feature warns of an entity inside this new home. The Williams’ Family have recently moved into their residence, but something is not right. Shapes and shadows move in the home, late at night and a presence is stalking this family. That presence is hinted at, if viewers look closely at the movie poster for A House is Not a Home.

Horror fans will not have to wait long to see the film. Once production is complete, A House is Not a Home will seek distribution across multiple formats. Specific release details will be announced shortly through production houses DeInstitutionalized LLC, Transformation Films and Tiki Terrors LLC.

Director: Christopher Ray.

Cast: Gerald Webb, Bill Cobbs, Eddie Steeples, Diahnna Nicole Baxter, Aurora Perrineau, Melvin Gregg and Richard Grieco.

Producers: Gerald Webb and Christopher Ray

Co-producer: Richard Grieco.

The trailer for A House is Not a Home is available here on Youtube:


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