08 November 2012

The Killing Floor - BOOK REVIEW

The Killing Floor picks up right after the final battle from The Infection. Even though he is resigned to his fate, Ray refuses to allow Ann to put him out of his misery choosing, instead, to keep going as long as he can. So our story begins.

While the stinger of the baboon-like creature has proven torturous and fatal to all others, Ray manages to survive. Weakened and relieved, he begins his journey back to camp. Along the way he discovers that his survival may be worse than his death.

The remaining members of the tribe are separated and many new people join the fight. A scientist, who believes that the battle must be won in a laboratory, his companion who seems to hope the scientist’s mission fails just so he can kill him and a gallery owner and an art critic who find themselves forced to go to lengths they never thought possible in order to survive are just a few of the new and interesting characters who appear on the pages. Their struggle for survival continues as new and terrifying twists occur. They find themselves at odds with their own consciences as well as the infection as they push ever forward searching for an end to the madness.

After finishing The Infection, I was eagerly waiting for the opportunity to read the sequel, The Killing Floor. And, I must say, Craig DiLouie did not let me down.

I was placed face-to-face with a terror even more insidious than the original infection. Quickly evolving and mutating, I never knew how the disease would attack next. And to make matters worse, my love for the tribe was shaken as its members were forced to choose sides. It became impossible to tell which people could be trusted and which would stab their companions in the back in order to survive.

Through the twists, I began to feel some empathy for the once faceless infection. And, while I knew what must ultimately occur, I hoped for another twist to change the necessary outcome.

Once again, Craig DiLouie has succeeded in grabbing hold of my attention, and holding on tightly until the very end. Even after the end, I feel anxious to know the fate of the surviving tribe members and hope that any further endeavor they set upon succeeds in eradicating the menace that is devouring their planet.

Review by: Malinda McAteer

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