08 November 2012

Sylance Trailer

We here at Twisted Central love Texas Indie filmmakers and their films. I ran across the trailer this morning for writer/director David Ross' Sylance. The film stars Brandon Ross, Skai Dabney, Mark Edward Howel, Gary McDonald, Jordan Bateman and Michael Murray and is set to release soon.

Here is the tag line of the film: 
A Texas town is willing to KILL to cover its own sins.....Some folks live in SYLANCE...others die there.
The town of SYLANCE has been told by God that the next 200 visitors would be killed for the sins of the town. Its hunt or be hunted in a brutal show down between good and evil. We will be shooting just a trailer for SYLANCE II on the 12th. If you are in the trailer scenes you are likely to be used in SYLANCE II feature.

Be sure to visit the Sylance Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/weliveinsylance


  1. Interesting I was told I wouldn't get paid for editing the trailer because it was too bad to show people, but here I find it in an article. Good luck on your next scam, David.

    1. Ummm, this is not the terrible trailer you made and were PAID for. This was made by a professional and this one looks professional.