28 November 2012

Ninjas Vs. Monsters Screening Announced

New York, NY - The first Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival is pleased to announce that they will host the New York premiere of Justin Timpane's Ninjas vs. Monsters, the concluding chapter of the Ninjas trilogy. The film will screen on Saturday, December 8th at 11 pm at IndieScreen in Brooklyn. Ninjas vs. Monsters joins such esteemed films as Radio Free Albemuth, Juan of the Dead, The Last Push, and The Final Equation.

Tired of being thwarted by the heroic ninjas, Dracula hatches an evil scheme to erase them from existence. Aided by Frankenstein, the mummy, the wolf, and a trio of deadly, sexy witches, Dracula challenges the ninjas to combat for the right to have ever existed.

The ninjas, in their darkest hour, form alliances with former enemies and a band of Monster-Hunting Mercenaries led by the mysterious Masero and the beautiful Step. As simple combat erupts into all out war, the Ninjas battle monsters for the fate of the world in this smart, funny, bloody and exciting Action/Horror/Comedy from the creators of Ninjas vs Zombies and Ninjas vs. Vampires.

Ninjas vs. Monsters premiered this October in Silver Spring, Maryland at the 2012 International Spooky Movie Film Festival. Spooky Movie founder Curtis Prather said, "The highlight for the 2012 Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival was the World Premiere screening of the truly remarkable Ninjas vs. Monsters! Not since we premiered Tucker & Dale vs. Evil have I seen a sold out audience so thoroughly enjoy a movie from beginning to end. It is the kind of experience film festivals dream of programming!"

Named for the iconic novelist and short story writer whose work inspired the films Blade Runner, Total Recall and Minority Report, the three-day Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival aims to start a tradition of honoring films inspired by authors who have explored the metaphysical and eerie in all its manifestations.

Tickets for Ninjas vs. Monsters can be purchased here. A full calendar of events can be found here. Registration is $20 for a one day pass, $15 for a one day pass ordered in advance, $55 for a three day pass and $45 for a three day pass in advance. For more information on the Philip K Dick Film Festival, please visit us at:


Ninjas Vs Monsters (Official Trailer)

TRAILER - The Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival from Isaiah Everin on Vimeo.

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