13 November 2012

Daywalt Fear Factory Announces its Debut Horror Feature

After three years of creating dozens of the most terrifying short films in the world, Daywalt Fear Factory is producing its debut horror feature, The Passengers.

The Passengers tells the story of a young trucker and his wife who are terrorized by the tortured spirits attached to a load of antiques that the couple has been commissioned to haul cross country.

The film is being directed by Drew Daywalt ("Camera Obscura," "Death Valley"), who also wrote the screenplay. Edin Gali ("Mad Men," Hemingway & Gellhorn) stars with Courtney Halverson ("Death Valley," Red Clover). Jeff Farley is co-producing and has signed on to do the extensive physical f/x work.

"We've been waiting for this opportunity for a couple years now," says Daywalt, "and since we're being financed through private investors, my team and I have the creative control to tell an intelligent, terrifying story. We're finally getting to make the film we want to make, in the way we want to make it. The plan is simple: tell a good story that scares the hell out of everyone."

Filming will take place in Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Missouri, Utah, New Mexico, and California.

Source: Anything Horror

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