22 November 2012

"A Trick" Teaser Trailer Released

“A Trick” TEASER TRAILER Officially Released
Yakima, WA., November 19th, 2012 – The end of the wait has finally arrived! A Trick's teaser trailer has officially released.

The world premiere of the A Trick Official Full Length trailer will be announced at a future date.

The trailer can be viewed at: http://www.youtube.com/LightFilmProductions and http://www.lightfilmsproduction.webs.com/

Commenting on the announcement, A Trick's Creator, Cliff Goldsmith said, “I'm excited that we're nearing the next chapter in this enticing production, and now people all across the country will get the first look at the trailer.”

A Trick is a dramatic thriller about "A wolf in sheep's clothing." Valarie (Cassandra Henry) is your standard girl-next-door, whose car breaks down and she comes toe-to-toe with seemingly gentle do-gooder, Max (Cliff Goldsmith), but she quickly learns, there is more to her silent Savior than meets the eye! Filmed entirely in the Yakima Valley, the Production was Written by Cliff Goldsmith (Jackson Horn) and directed by Michael J. Mitchell (One of the Writers from The Man In The Maze). The producers are Zeferino Urbina, Verenice Mendez, Victoria Urbina, Josh Hodgins and Michael Mitchell.

TEASER TRAILER OFFICIAL LINK HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTMdsF_GCEU&list=UUMNSwe9MdAx8nS9hr3Hmj0A&index=2&feature=plcp
Light Productions Official Website >> http://www.lightproductions.webs.com

A Trick Official Facebook >> https://www.facebook.com/ATrickforValarie

A Trick Official Twitter >> https://www.indiegogo.com/ahtanumMovie

As always we thank you for your support!

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