08 November 2012

Kane Hodder and Tyler Mane to Star in Fan Driven Horror Film


LOS ANGELES, CA (November 7, 2012)—The actors who portrayed two of the most notorious serial killers in cinema are teaming up to do a feature-length film specifically for and with horror fans. It’s called “Casket County Massacre” (www.CasketCounty.com).

Kane Hodder ("Jason Voorhees" in Friday the 13th Parts 7-10, “Victor Crowley” in Hatchet 1-3) and Tyler Mane ("Michael Myers" in Rob Zombie’s Halloween movies, "Sabretooth" in X-Men) have joined deadly forces to play immortal outlaw brothers from the 1850s who terrorize a modern day all-girl rock band in a deserted ghost town.

In a new approach to filmmaking, the creative team will also involve fans by giving them behind-the-scenes access to the production via a "Filmmaker" website. Fans will have the opportunity to view auditions and help cast the film, decide key plot points, vote on who lives and who dies, and see special effects and other production crafts at work during the making of the movie, and much more.

“I wish something like this existed 20 years ago,” says Hodder who is a horror fan himself. “What better way to actually have a hand in making a horror film than to be a part of it from the beginning like we’re going to do with Casket County Massacre."

Director Paul Morrell ("Texas Chainsaw Musical," "Filth to Ashes," "Huff") and the stars of the film have all signed on pending fan-funding of the project through the popular Kickstarter website (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sumojack/casket-county-massacre). Supporters can pledge from $10 to $10,000 and receive rewards such astheir name in the credits, DVDs of the movie when it’s released in 2013, get slaughtered in the film by Hodder or Mane, become a co-producer of the movie with full access to the set, or even receive a major role complete with acting lessons and dialogue coach.

“This is a dream come true,” proclaims Mane who says he loved pretending he was Billy the Kid when he was a child. “We’re going to have a lot of fun and we’re going to kill a lot of people."

This is the first time Hodder and Mane will appear in the same film.

To view a welcome video featuring Hodder and Mane or donate to the project, visit www.CasketCounty.com.

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