30 November 2012

First Peek Inside Dark Cinema

The Dark Cinema releases first publicity photo of host Bill Oberst Jr.

Los Angeles, CA – After a successful shoot on Halloween day, The Dark Cinema – hosted by indie horror actor, Bill Oberst Jr (Take This Lollipop, Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies, Dismal, Scary or Die) – is now in post-production. Producer Cheryl Compton and Director of Photography George J. Toland III expect to have the project edited and ready for prospective buyers by the first of the year.

The Dark Cinema is a half-hour anthology show featuring short horror/thriller/sci-fi films from around the globe. The pilot episode, which centers around the theme “Evil Toys” boasts award-winning shorts from the United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal and the United States.

“Bill did a wonderful job of channeling his inner Rod Sterling. I can't wait until everyone gets to see what a great host he is.” Compton continues, “The look and feel of the footage and photographs George captured is exactly what I envisioned when I came up with the concept for the show. We like to call it crushed velvet with a hint of visual mildew. George, along with set decorator Maureen McGuire, brought what was inside my head to life.”

The concept for the production set is very simple, explains Compton, “McGuire (who has worked on such films as Iron Man, Ocean’s Thirteen and Cast Away, just to name a select few) found the beautiful theater seats in a Los Angeles area prop house. They have just the right patina and scuffs to make the set look like a vintage movie house.”

The Dark Cinema will be releasing preview trailers very soon – not only in English, but, in keeping with the international flair of the show, also in Spanish and German.

Anyone who contributed to The Dark Cinema’s IndieGoGo crowd funding campaign at the appropriate level will receive this official photograph, autographed by Oberst, as part of their incentive package.

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