01 October 2016

Breaking Glass Pictures Launches Classic Horror Titles on Amazon Prime

Breaking Glass Pictures is proud to announce the launch of eight classic BGP horror and thriller titles on Amazon Prime. Just in time for Halloween, these films feature a unique twist on a number of traditional horror tropes. From a haunted house to a tale of revenge, a ravenous alien to an unstoppable serial killer, fans of the horror genre will find these films both terrifying and enthralling this Halloween season. 

Alien Rising:

Synopsis: A savvy ex-homeland security agent and martial arts expert finds herself renditioned to a remote island to help the military unlock the secrets of an extra-terrestrial technology. She becomes an unwitting accomplice to the Colonel, who commands the facility. Discovering the nefarious purpose for his research, she must decide to escape or fight for the world's salvation.

This sci-fi thriller unfolds through breath-taking visuals, unique action sequences and a complex story with deeply political undertones.

Link: http://amzn.to/2cEDEyt

A Cry From Within:

Synopsis: After a devastating miscarriage, a family trades their city lifestyle for a quiet life in the country. Jonathan (Eric Roberts), Cecile (Deborah Twiss) and their two children Ariel and Morgan settle into a Long Island rental home that was vacated by a woman and her elderly mother. The family soon finds themselves at the mercy of a terrifying and violent manifestation that Ariel identifies as a young boy named Sebastien. In fear for their family, Jonathan and Cecile must unlock the secret that binds Sebastien's torment with the former occupants and the local priest.

Link: http://amzn.to/2dphlxs

Daddy's Little Girl:

Synopsis: After the police find Derek's daughter brutally murdered on the beach, he vows to make the culprit suffer for his actions, even if that person is 'part of the family.' With careful research into the history of torture, Derek prepares himself and his basement for a week of brutal tactics that will make his daughter's killer feel the pain that he has inflicted upon so many others. In a time when stranger danger is ever present, a single father learns that it's the ones you trust most who have to be watched the closest.

Link: http://amzn.to/2dHpa63


Synopsis: In 1996, nine college students headed off for a fun weekend at a lake house on Horse Creek. At the house, they uncovered the horrific story of Dorchester Stewart, also known as Crinoline Head, and his doll-maker mother, who once lived in the house. That weekend, six students were killed, two survived and one went missing. Now twenty years later, one of the survivors, Paul Donner, is teaching at the college he once attended. When his students discover an old newspaper article about the tragedy, they decide to visit the old lake house to learn more about Crinoline Head. While looking for answers, they discover something much more terrifying.
Link: http://amzn.to/2cEDCGH

Hoodies Vs. Hooligans:

Synopsis: After turning his back on a life of violence as the top boy of a legendary South East London firm, Mitch leads a peaceful existence with his family in suburban London. But beneath his aura of respectability are the echoes of a darker past. Echoes that erupt when a new generation of ruthless criminals, led by Adam, begin to wreak havoc on Mitch's old turf.

Link: http://amzn.to/2cEEmf1

House of the Witchdoctor:

Synopsis: Leslie Van Hooten (Stephens) is mourning the anniversary of her boyfriend’s murder. Her father (Moseley) and mother (Easterbrook) leave her at the family’s isolated estate with her fellow grad students. The weekend takes a turn for the worst when Cliff Rifton (Kayser), a recently released career criminal, and Buzz Schenk (Willis), his drug addict sidekick are hell bent on raging a torturous killing spree. The killers soon realize all is not as it seems in the house. As the body count begins to rise, it seems death is the only escape from the house.

Link: http://amzn.to/2dqDlvs

Riddle Room:

Synopsis: Emily Burns is being held captive in a room with no idea as to why or how she got there. Determined to escape and return to her daughter and husband, Emily discovers clues within the room that help explain what she's doing there. They even provide clues about who is is....but will they help her escape?

Link: http://amzn.to/2duEJdE

The Hours Till Daylight:

Synopsis: Generation after generation, the Vasquez family have been haunted by an evil entity that has caused their family tragedy and despair. Now that Marco Vasquez is about to start a family of his own, the paranormal activity has intensified. In order to stop the curse from passing onto his son, he must confront the demon and destroy it.

Link: http://amzn.to/2cOmvpf

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