03 October 2016

31 Days of Horror Day 3: Dark Seduction 2015 - REVIEW

October is every horror fan's we dream. We wait all year for stores to put up displays and start selling decorations. Some pretty rad movies (if they're not already in your collection) are sold as 10 disc, 20 movie collections for what really amounts to pennies. The weather cools off and angry people? Well, they get a little less angry when their ass crack doesn't start sweating as soon as they walk out the door. October is a time of celebrations, candy, dress up and movie releases. That's right! That badass movie you saw in February... that shit is on DVD now!

The indie world is a bit different though. Sometimes it takes a little longer. Sometimes, an independent film made in 1984 doesn't see the light of day till 2016. Like Dark Seduction, a throw back (even for the 80's) to the black and white film noir of the 40's that centers on a washed up, alcoholic private detective, Dic Jones (Tyler Horn) who's working a tough case. He's convinced a double murder was committed by vampires but of course, no one will believe him. During a wild night with a strange woman he just met, he's bitten on the neck and slowly starts changing. Can he find the mysterious woman who bit him, a cure AND catch the killer before time runs out?

For what it is and the budget it had, Dark Seduction does have a bit of charm to it. It's biggest down fall is execution and budget constraints. The story itself was good and done right, could've been a lot more successful. The ADR was terrible and the majority of the time, didn't match up well and I had a big issue with the vampires and their teeth and there were plot holes you could drive a truck through but it still had something endearing about it. The majority of the acting was pretty good and the overall concept of the film worked for me. I could see the vision that director Greg Travis had, even if it never quite got there. It's far from a perfect film and a lot of people won't like it but if you look past the flaws and down into the root of the film, you'll see what I'm talking about.

Dark Seduction will be available on DVD October 11, 2016.

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